Given the widespread use of AI, or artificial intelligence, jobs in the artificial intelligence sector for workers with a master’s degree are on the rise. Artificial intelligence is an intricate part of our everyday lives. It is used for things such as wearable health technology such as voice assistants, smartwatches, and more. Additionally, AI is also used for entertainment in various ways. For instance, smartphones are one of the most common forms of artificial intelligence. Most of them are equipped with virtual robots, such as Siri, which allow us to use artificial intelligence to do everything from performing Google searches to setting reminders and more. Therefore, jobs in AI are becoming increasingly more in demand.

Artificial Intelligence Careers

If you are interested in pursuing a job in AI, you have plenty of options. One option is data analytics, which will allow you to make approximately $59,614 per year. While data science is a vast field, data analysts’ positions are one of the most vital sectors with regard to artificial intelligence. This is because data analysts are responsible for storing, managing, and analyzing the data itself. This sector also has an impressive job outlook. There are approximately 700,000 job-related openings in this data analytics and it has an impressive potential to continue to grow.

Alternatively, machine learning careers are also on the rise and among the highest-paying jobs with a master’s degree. An ever-expanding field, machine learning involves things such as self-driving cars, weed-eradicating robots, computers that are able to tell the difference between benign moles and skin cancer, and more. Given that this sector is such a thriving sector, these jobs are on the rise with no sign of slowing down. In fact, there is actually a shortage of qualified workers, which means that a qualified candidate who has earned their degree will most likely be able to acquire gainful employment almost immediately. Despite the availability of artificial intelligence courses and degrees, there are still too few people who are graduating from the field.

If you are more interested in an entertainment-related position, you can become a video game programmer. These jobs are typically relatively fun as they allow you to continuously play with the games you are creating as a way to test and tweak them over time. Moreover, despite the fact that these positions are more or less considered entry-level jobs in artificial intelligence, they are very well paying and tend to have a lot of growth potential. The annual salary of the average video game programmer is around $75,000, but they can make as much as $125,000 per year.

Another potential artificial intelligence career is a robotics programmer. However, these positions often require a master’s degree. Robotics programmers are tasked with things such as programming the machines that are used for an array of industries. These positions pay around $90,000 annually.

If you are interested in working in the military, you may have an array of options in terms of a machine learning career path. AI professionals in the military are used to develop smart weaponry and cybersecurity. These positions pay a median salary of $73,000, as well as an impressive benefits package. Additionally, you may even be able to collect a pension if you remain employed for 20 years or more, which would start on the day you begin retirement.

If you are seeking entry-level artificial intelligence careers, a data mining analyst may be your best bet. These positions have a starting pay of $46,000 and have an average salary of $65,000, with a salary cap around $92,000 per year. Given that many industries are beginning to see the value in incorporating bid data into their businesses, these jobs are becoming increasingly available. Those who work as data mining analysts are typically involved in creating systems that are trained to look for things such as certain types of data, things such as potential fraud markets, and much more.

How to Work in Artificial Intelligence

Overall, there are plenty of artificial intelligence career paths to follow. No matter if you want to work in entertainment, or wish to help further medical advances, there are plenty of job opportunities for you. Given that AI is becoming increasingly useful in a vast array of sectors, pursuing a master’s degree in AI/machine learning can be one of the most fulfilling and lucrative things you have ever done. Nevertheless, if you are wondering how to get a machine learning job, this answer tends to vary. Either way, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and must be flexible and willing to learn a variety of skills as you continue to develop in your career.

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