best online graduate programNothing has had the impact on professional education as the rise of accredited online graduate programs. Just 20 years ago, online master’s degrees were a joke; even the best online master’s programs were extremely limited, and considered a little unsavory. What a difference a few years makes. Today, getting a master’s degree online is not only common, but widely considered a smart career decision for working professionals who want to advance in their careers.

A lot of things have changed, but what has made the biggest difference is regionally accredited, reputable colleges and universities getting into the online higher education space. The predatory for-profit diploma mills have been broken up, and they could never really compete with online degrees from real, trusted institutions. From small regional public colleges to elite private research universities, and everything in between, accredited online graduate programs have transformed higher education for the better.

Methodology: Ranking the Top Accredited Online Graduate Programs

To determine the Top 25 Best Online Master’s Programs 2019, BMP editors did a broad but targeted search for regionally accredited colleges and universities that have made online education a priority. That means not only searching out institutions with the most online programs and the most online students, but those that are actively innovating and driving the field. Programs were then ranked by three criteria:

  • Cost (IPEDS data)
  • Reputation (Niche rating)
  • Salary Potential (College Scorecard data)

The schools that scored the highest overall demonstrate a strong and promising intersection of affordability and value. That students the assurance that they’ll not only find a good selection of programs to choose from, but a measurable return on investment from whatever degree they choose.

1. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State University

Colorado State University-Global Campus’ online master’s programs represent the future of higher education, rooted in a long tradition of nontraditional education opportunities. Working professionals turn to CSU-Global for programs like the Master of Healthcare Administration, the Master of Information Technology Management, and the Master of International Management. Programs in Data Analytics, Finance, and Professional Accounting prepare students for some of the most in-demand and lucrative jobs today. Other programs, like Criminal Justice or Teaching and Learning, prepare professionals in the most critical occupations like teaching and law enforcement.

Founded in 2007, CSU-Global Campus is an independent institution in the Colorado State University system, and the first nonprofit, public online university in the US. CSU-Global Campus builds on CSU’s many years of outreach programs for adult students, using the most current technology to offer more than a dozen online degrees and concentrations. As a regionally-accredited institution, CSU-Global Campus is every bit the equal of its peers in the CSU system, and has been widely ranked for some of the best accredited online graduate programs in the US.

# of Online Programs: 13

2. University of Utah – UOnline

In recent years, the University of Utah’s best online master’s programs have earned the university a new reputation as a leader in online education for the west. Many of UU’s online master’s programs have earned accolades from numerous sources like U.S. News, Forbes, and Niche. The Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics degree, for example, is an online non-thesis program designed for remote students who want to tackle healthcare problems in Utah’s rural regions.

The University of Utah is the state’s flagship public university, older than the state itself, and UU has put the needs of Utah’s workers at its heart since 1850. With its large area and rural regions, UU has made outreach a priority, including a growing slate of fully online degrees. UU also offers a number of free, non-credit online courses that give students the flexibility to study at their own pace. Students can view lectures, discuss topics, read class material, research, and complete assignments for professional enrichment.

# of Online Programs: 7

3. Missouri University of Science & Technology – Distance Education

Missouri University of Science & Technology’s accredited online graduate programs are taking Missouri’s workforce head on. For example, the online master’s degree in finance from the Department of Business and Information Technology focuses on managerial and corporate finance, financial statement analysis and modeling, and investment finance. Graduates from this program are able to sharpen their skills in decision making, financial theory, investment underwriters, and risk management among others. Even better, S&T students who perform well in their undergraduate programs with a B and above can apply to a master’s program without taking the GRE or GMAT.

Missouri S&T began in 1870 as the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, the first technology-focused school west of the Mississippi River; today, it is one of the most prestigious public STEM research institutions in the Midwest, known for its engineering, business, and technology programs. In recent years, S&T has extended its reach with fully online programs, giving Missouri’s professionals access to some of the best online master’s programs in America.

# of Online Programs: 20

4. University of Colorado Denver – CU Online

The University of Colorado Denver’s best online master’s programs make it one of the nation’s leading online educators, with more than 50 exemplary programs such as the online MBA. An MBA from CU Denver gives students the option of taking dual degrees combining the MBA with a Master of Science degree, while the Health Administration MBA is meant for professionals in the health department who want to get to the managerial level. An accelerated MBA program takes one year to complete, but professionals can take between 16 months to five years to complete their programs to avoid complicating their schedules.

The University of Colorado Denver has been the key player in Colorado’s distance-based professional education since it began as CU’s extension and correspondence campus in 1912. CU Denver specializes in educating professionals in their online programs and allows students to learn at their own pace from a professional faculty that is recognized for their topical, innovative, and timely research. The University of Colorado offers other graduate degrees in the School of Public Affairs, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and the College of Architecture and Planning among others.

# of Online Programs: 50+

5. University of California, Berkeley

The highest-ranked public university in the US, the University of California, Berkeley’s accredited online graduate programs also make it a top-ranked online institution. Berkeley’s MBA program, for example, offers students a unique learning experience that concentrates on the “how” and not the “what.” The program is challenging and competitive but also collaborative and encourages students to learn from each other. The executive MBA program, on the other hand, is meant for high-level professionals seeking the most relevant learning experience that they can apply on day to day decisions in their organizations.

UC Berkeley is often regarded as the gold standard for public education – the flagship public research university in a state known for the finest public higher education system in the nation. Named a Public Ivy, Berkeley is also model of online education, combining the highest level of academic excellence with accessibility and affordability. That includes award-winning programs in public health, cybersecurity, business, and more. UC BerkeleyX also offers many free online courses, MOOCs, and certificates besides some of the best online master’s programs in the world.

# of Online Programs: 22

6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – UNC Online

The University of North Carolina’s best online master’s programs are synonymous with excellence, like the university itself. For instance, the Online MBA is a rigorous, top-tier online program from the UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business, recognized as one of the most respected schools in the country. Students learn to become leaders not only in their organization but also in the community. Students at the UNC Kenan-Flagler business school are provided with personal training and every resource necessary for them to achieve and exceed their goals. They offer live online classes to help students hone their analytical skills, give personal career guidance, and emphasize on leadership development.

The first public university founded in the US, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has literally set the standard for public higher education for more than two centuries. In its third century, that means developing accredited online graduate programs that earn national recognition. Other accredited graduate programs at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill are Master of Public Administration, Master of Arts in Technology and Communication, Certificate in Core Public Health Concepts, Certificate in Field Epidemiology, Master’s in Health Administration in Public Health Policy and Management, and Masters in Digital Communication among many others.

# of Online Programs: 10

7. University of Florida – UF Online

Few flagship public research universities have embraced online education as fully as the University of Florida’s accredited online graduate programs. For just one example, UF’s online MS in Biostatistics degree prepares students to pursue a doctorate and a career in biostatistics. Upon completion, students can work at universities, research institutions, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and in the public health sector. The online program was featured by the Fortune Magazine as a #1 best graduate degree, honored for long-term outlook for job growth, job satisfaction scores, and median salaries.

The University of Florida is one of the state’s preeminent universities (along with its sibling Florida State University) and dates back to 1853, when it began as the state’s first public university. But UF has never faltered in its mission to provide opportunity to the state’s people, which today means providing accessible online degrees. The university has more than 45 accredited online graduate programs. One of the most acclaimed universities in the US, UF is also one of the most affordable, including its best online master’s programs.

# of Online Programs: 45

8. Texas Tech University Worldwide eLearning

Texas Tech University’s best online master’s programs demonstrate what a major public university can accomplish when it takes on online education. Texas Tech offers online master’s degrees in areas such as technical communication, education, horticulture, and software engineering. Its online MBA from the Rawls College of Business Administration provides working adults with an accredited online master’s degree from a top-ranked business school. With accelerated courses, the MBA can be done in as little as a year, and GRE/GMAT waivers are available for qualified students.

From its beginning in 1923, Texas Tech University has grown into a four-member higher education system and one of the state’s highest-performing public research institutions. TTU’s original purpose was providing opportunity for the people in the sprawling ranchland of West Texas, and today the university does that job not just through extension campuses, but a large and highly-ranked slate of accredited online graduate programs. Students can also pursue doctoral degrees in agricultural education, systems and engineering management, higher education, and technical communication and rhetoric. The university also offers a host of graduate certificates, undergraduate minors and concentrations, and graduate certificate preparation programs.

# of Online Programs: 32

9. University of Georgia – UGA Online

The University of Georgia’s accredited online graduate programs are bringing UGA’s excellence to more students than ever. To highlight just one, the Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development is a fully online program that explores the impact of human motivational, developmental, and cognitive processes in education and practice, including learning across the lifespan, learning with technology, development of high intellectual capability, or qualitative approaches to education depending on the student’s personal interest.

The University of Georgia has helped define higher education in the South since 1785, when it was the second public university founded in the US. UGA has remained central to research, professional education, and culture for more than two centuries, and today the university is building on that heritage with some of the best online master’s programs in the South. UGA’s online graduate programs ranked in the top 10 nationwide by U.S. News and World Report in 2017.

# of Online Programs: 17

10. James Madison University – JMU Online

James Madison University’s best online master’s programs offer proven JMU quality to a population of students who would not otherwise get to go to campus. For instance, the MS in Information Security is one of the best information security programs in the nation, providing research opportunities and a cutting-edge, distance-accessible cyber crime lab. Being one of the first graduate information security programs, established in 1997, graduates are sought after by top industry agencies and are quickly promoted

Originally a women’s teacher training school in 1908, James Madison University today is one of Virginia’s largest and most respected institutions. While JMU doesn’t have as many accredited online graduate programs as some of its peers, the university is steadily adding degrees, and those it has are some of the highest-ranked in the nation. For top-tier, accredited online graduate programs, JMU is a clear best choice.

# of Online Programs: 7

11. University of Wyoming – UW at a Distance

The University of Wyoming’s best online master’s programs are crucial to higher education in the state, and its education degree programs are a perfect example. MA in Higher Education Administration provides critical skills in organization, planning, and budgeting skills for students who hope to work as administrators in colleges and universities. The Master of Education in Special Education, in turn, prepares teachers with instructional and behavioral strategies for students with special needs.

As Wyoming’s only major public research institution, the University of Wyoming is responsible for making educational opportunities available all over the state. That’s become a lot easier in the 21st century, with the development of fully online degree programs. The University of Wyoming offers more than a dozen accredited online graduate programs, including the MBA, MS in Human Development & Family Sciences, MS in Kinesiology and Health, MSN, Master in Public Administration, and MS in Health Services Administration.

# of Online Programs: 14

12. Clemson University – Clemson Online

Clemson University’s online master’s programs demonstrate why Clemson is ranked as one of the top public research universities in the South. Clemson’s online MS in Biological Sciences degree at Clemson University is a non-thesis, fully online program designed specifically for K-12 teachers. Available round the clock, Clemson’s MS, like its other online programs, enables students to learn at their convenient times and continue with their regular jobs. Clemson also offers blended programs that allow students to interact online.

South Carolina’s R1 public research institution, Clemson University began 1889 as a land-grant agricultural college, but today it is one of the finest, most respected universities in the nation. In recent years, Clemson has used accredited online graduate programs to extend its service and reach the most students possible, just as its original mission demanded. Online degree programs from Clemson University are developed by committed instructors who are dedicated to providing the highest quality learning experience through cutting-edge technologies. That commitment to excellence gives Clemson some of the best online master’s programs anywhere.

# of Online Programs: 10

13. Virginia Tech Online

Virginia Tech is one of the nation’s most trusted STEM-focused public universities, so it should come as no surprise that Tech also offers some of the best online master’s programs. The MA in Political Science, for instance, provides students with the same MA degree program as is offered in Blacksburg. Fully online courses give students the skills to analyze economic crisis, international trade, the problems affecting a society, and more.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is one of the foremost institutions of its kind in the South, rooted in an agriculture and mechanics college founded in 1872. Its main campus is in Blacksburg, VA, and in addition to educational facilities in six regions in the state, Virginia Tech serves a diverse population of thousands of students online. Virginia Tech ranks in the top 25 public universities U.S News & World Report’s for the best colleges in 2018, and many of its technology and professional programs are at the top nationally. Top-ranked accredited online graduate programs make Virginia Tech a university for the future.

# of Online Programs: 12

14. University of Nebraska Online

University of Nebraska’s online master’s programs are some of the most comprehensive and expansive offered by any public university, with more than 55 options. That includes the online MS in Agronomy, one of the university’s signature programs – UNL revolutionized farming with its scientific methods in the 19th century, and remains a leader in agricultural ecology. Students learn about weed control, molecular biology, breeding, biotechnology, and more. The online MS in Agronomy equips students with both practical and theoretical skills that can be applied in various industries.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln also referred to as Nebraska or UNL is focused on building a better future using education. The public university is the oldest one in the State of Nebraska and the biggest in the University of Nebraska System. It has offered distance education courses for more than a century, creating a strong foundation its accredited online graduate programs. Online students can easily access the faculty, library services, and chat groups – all of the same services as on-campus students.

# of Online Programs: 55

15. University of Maryland University College – UMUC Global Campus

The University of Maryland University College’s online master’s programs are a model of online education for working adults. To cite the most obvious example, UMUC’s online MBA is an award-winning program that uses high quality resources to train students in teamwork, business ethics, fluency in various technologies, problem-solving skills, developing market plans, and more. It equips a student with the knowledge they need to take up managerial positions. The course is designed following the advice of scholars, experts in the industry, and other important stakeholders.

The University Of Maryland University College was founded in 1947 as an innovative institutino for adult and continuing education students. Today, building on that foundation, UMUC is one of the largest online educators in the US, providing higher education for more than 90,000 students. Ranked as one of the top military-friendly institutions in the US, UMUC has helped define quality for accredited online graduate programs.

# of Online Programs: 18

16. University at Buffalo – Open SUNY

The University at Buffalo’s accredited online graduate programs are central to the university’s mission. For example, SUNY Buffalo’s many online EdM degree programs demonstrate how the University at Buffalo serves the state’s job market needs. The Education and Technology EdM, for instance helps teachers who wish to expand their existing technological and pedagogical knowledge, while the Science and the Public EdM is a unique and innovative program preparing science teachers to act as public advocates for science education.

University at Buffalo was founded in 1846, originally as a private medical school, but since joining the State University of New York system in 1966 UB has grown into the biggest and most comprehensive public research university in New York. SUNY Buffalo ranks as one of the top national public universities, as well as a best value, according to diverse publications including U.S. News, Forbes, and the Princeton Review. The university’s faculty has been recognized by various awards including the National Book Award, the Nobel Peace Prize, the National Medal of Technology, and the National Medal of Science, and that same faculty teaches UB’s best online master’s programs.

# of Online Programs: 15

17. Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s online master’s programs have made the university a force in STEM education worldwide. Incredibly, Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers an MS in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for students entering the profession, and for experience engineers who wish to expand their skills and advance in their career. The curriculum used is the same as the one used in Daytona Beach Campus. It is one of the most sought-after degrees in this profession and one of the best accredited online graduate programs offered by the university.

Embry Riddle Worldwide builds on almost a century of excellence, coming from the biggest fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace. The university’s motto, ‘Real education. Above all’ is their driving force. Thanks to its excellence in STEM education and its influential online programs, U.S News & World Report has ranked ERAU a top 10 most innovative school. Embry-Riddle has over 22, 000 students studying online, making some of the world’s best accredited online graduate programs.

# of Online Programs: 20

18. University of Arkansas – U of A Online

The University of Arkansas has made online education one of its priorities in the 21st century, and U of A’s online MS in Engineering is the perfect example. The online MS is designed for working professionals in engineering who want to advance and specialize in the field. The program draws on expertise in transportation, chemical, civil, computer systems, and other types of engineering for a broad, generalist engineering degree. This program is one of the best online master’s engineering programs according to U.S News & World Report.

The University of Arkansas is a public, land-grant university in Arkansas. It is the biggest and most popular university in the state, and one of the leading research universities in the Deep South. U of A’s commitment to opportunity has led it to grow into a recognized, top-tier university ranked one of the top 100 public institutions with doctoral programs. U of A’s ABET-accredited engineering programs have trained skilled and professional engineers for over a century.

# of Online Programs: 20

19. George Mason University – Mason Online

George Mason University’s online master’s programs are developed to strengthen the state’s professional workforce. For example, George Mason offers many online MEd programs, including a cutting-edge in Curriculum And Instruction – Assistive Technology Concentration. This equips educators with knowledge on assistive technology which makes it possible for them to help persons with disabilities lead more independent lives. Graduates work in schools, community centers, rehabilitation centers, and group homes.

George Mason University has been a force in Virginia’s public higher education system since it became an independent institution in 1972. It was established as a UVA branch campus in 1949, when the huge numbers of returning veterans on the GI Bill made a new college a necessity, and ever since GMU has served nontraditional students with distinction. With their motto, “Freedom and Learning,” GMU’s accredited online graduate programs provide both.

# of Online Programs: 17

20. University of Central Florida – UCF Online

The University of Central Florida’s accredited online graduate programs – more than two dozen of them – are showing other colleges how online education is done. UCF’s online Master’s in Digital Forensics, to name just one, is offered in collaboration with various academic departments in the university, including Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. It equips students with the skills they need to pursue digital evidence investigations and careers in security and forensics administration, computer forensic analysis, digital forensics examination, and more. The National Center for Forensic Science (NCFS) is based at UCF, making the university a reliable center for forensic science research.

The University of Central Florida, a public university in Orlando, is the biggest college by enrollment in the state of Florida and one of the largest in the nation. Founded in 1963, UCF was initially intended to prepare engineers and other professionals for the Space Coast, and today UCF remains one of the nation’s top STEM-focused universities. UCF is exceptionally diverse and the online programs have offered even more opportunity, with some of the best online master’s programs anywhere.

# of Online Programs: 26

21. Indiana University-Bloomington – IU Online

Indiana University-Bloomington’s online master’s programs demonstrate why IU is one of the Midwest’s prime universities. Indiana University’s MBA is one of the best accredited online graduate programs for students who have completed their bachelor’s degree program and professionals who need both practical and theoretical skills to manage complex business operations. It includes training in strategic marketing, quantitative analysis, operations management, global business, and more.

Indiana University is the flagship institution for Indiana University System, considered one of the Public Ivies and regularly ranked as one of the top public research universities by U.S. News, the Princeton Review, and others. With as many as 30 fully online programs, IU is also a leading online educator for the Midwest, closing critical gaps in the job market and preparing professionals in business, education, healthcare, and much more with some of the best online master’s programs in the nation.

# of Online Programs: 30

22. Auburn University – Auburn Online

With an incredible 53 online master’s programs, Auburn University is one of the South’s most prolific online educators. Auburn’s Harbart Business School is one of the most prominent business schools in the nation, and its accredited online graduate programs are some of the most intensive and unique in the field. The Physicians Executive MBA, for instance, prepares medical doctors for the complex and rapidly-changing modern healthcare system with health-focused business theory and skills. Other MBA programs include the Executive Master of Real Estate Development and a dual MBA/MS in Industrial Systems Engineering.

Auburn University is a public university that was established in 1856 in Auburn, AL, before becoming the state’s land-grant agricultural and engineering school in 1872. With that foundation, Auburn has been a dominant force in professional and STEM education in the Deep South, earning a reputation to rival any university of its class. Auburn is one of the flagship public universities in the state, and has been consistently ranked one of U.S. News’ top public universities for more than 20 years of rankings.

# of Online Programs: 53

23. Washington State University – Global Campus

Like other public universities in the big Western states, Washington State University’s online master’s programs provide a way to reach its booming population. WSU’s online executive MBA gives students the chance to acquire theoretical skills along with real-world experience. It connects students to a group of reputable business leaders who may help take their career to the next level. Ranked the #12 online MBA program in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, WSU is also top-ranked for business programs in general, and known as a best value.

Washington State University began in 1890 as the new state’s land-grant agricultural and mechanical college. Those roots kept Wazzu, as fans call it, focused on the practical, applied needs of Washington’s people, from agriculture and engineering to business, education, and technology. With the incredible explosion of the tech industry in the Pacific Northwest, WSU is leaning hard into online education with a growing slate of accredited online graduate programs.

# of Online Programs: 9

24. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Illinois Online

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s best online master’s programs live up to its heritage of practical learning. For example, the Master’s of Food Science and Human Nutrition gives professionals in food-related industries better understanding of chemicals used in food processing and storage. Some of the job options include working as a food technologist, technical brewer, and nutritional therapist; the many career options promise fast employment and job security.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was founded in 1867 as a land-grant university, bringing modern agriculture and science to what was still largely remote frontier. That heritage lives on in its motto, “Learning and Labor,” encouraging hard work and lifelong learning. The university’s nearly three dozen fully online degree programs bring those values to cyberspace, meeting students’ needs wherever they are. U.S News & World Report ranks UIUC in the top 20 public universities.

# of Online Programs: 34

25. University of North Texas – Online.UNT.Edu

The University of North Texas’ online master’s degree programs fill a crucial need for professional education in North Texas. Most crucially, online programs in education, health administration, and public service helps educate the people who do the most critical jobs in the public sector. Programs like the MEd in Education Psychology, the online MS in Criminal Justice, and the MS in Health Services Administration are valuable options for working adults who want to advance in their careers. Programs like these accredited online graduate programs are the reason UNT is noted as a top online educator.

The University of North Texas began in 1890 as a private teacher training school, but for most of its century-plus history it has been a public institution. As a regional public university, UNT’s mission focuses on meeting the needs of North Texans, but just a few years ago the university reached the highest level of Carnegie Foundation Classification. With two dozen fully online master’s programs, UNT is one of Texas’ finest sources of best online master’s programs.

# of Online Programs: 24

Why Should I Get My Master’s Degree Online?

Over the last decade, prospective students have been receiving more and more opportunities to experience higher education thanks to technological advances and the Internet. Because it’s convenient to place vast amounts of information at their fingertips at a moment’s notice, students can learn about most anything online. Therefore, prestigious universities are designing accredited online graduate programs. That way, they can continue working full-time while advancing their education. In doing so, students have an opportunity to attend the best online master’s programs offered by the best educational institutions.

For those who are working demanding schedules or who live in an area where they would not like to move from, an online Master’s degree program is optimal. The main reason is that it’s possible to participate in these programs from anywhere, on your schedule, and through any university of your choosing. So, if you have your eyes on a university that’s 3,000 miles away, there’s no need to move to participate. Instead, you can enroll in the best Online Master’s Programs to advance your education and further your career.

Are Online Master’s Degrees Accepted By Employers?

Are online master’s degree respected? They didn’t used to be – not long ago, an online master’s degree was viewed by employers as fake at worst, and less than reputable at best. However, as these programs began evolving, so have the attitudes of employers. Now, most employers would view an online master’s degree program as one that’s just as trustworthy as any other. The main reason is that accredited online graduate programs must go through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they’re providing adequate course offerings, meeting standards, and that their staff meet the qualifications for teaching.

Therefore, when asking, “Are online master’s degrees respected?” it’s essential to look for accreditation where you’d like to attend. If an accreditation agency such as The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) provides accreditation, then the college, university, or educational institute is reputable.

Do Online Master’s Degrees Pay Off?

It isn’t uncommon for prospective students who have an interest in advancing their degree to wonder how much does a master’s degree increase your salary. It’s a valid question considering the cost of a college education. According to Payscale, the median master degree average salary is $71,000 annually. According to U.S. News, those who advance their education could receive a pay raise after master’s degree that will bring their incomes over $100,000.

For example, a Computer Information System Manager’s master’s degree salary could be as much as $139,220. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, those working in this field could experience a 12% job growth rate between 2016 and 2026.

There are a lot of factors, of course. A master degree average salary for someone in finance will obviously be higher than the pay raise after master’s degree for a teacher – just like it would be for a traditional program. So the field matters. But in general, a master’s degree salary is going to be higher than someone with a bachelor’s, and that holds true in every field, whether the degree is traditional or online.

Are Online Master’s Programs Easier than Traditional?

While many students may be hoping for the easiest online masters degree, online programs are often just as rigorous as a traditional classroom course. While there are certainly advantages to an online program – like more convenient scheduling – there is no such thing as an “easiest master’s degree to get online”: at least, not if you expect that degree to teach you anything, or help you get a job. The easiest online master’s degree is still just as hard as a traditional on-campus program.

When looking for the easiest masters degree to get online, the criteria should include schedule flexibility, convenience, and the ability to further education while still working full-time. That way, it’s still possible to achieve educational goals and career objectives simultaneously. That’s why the easiest master’s degree to get online is any online master’s degree, as long as it fits your needs.

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