best online masters in financeIf you’re interested in master’s of finance careers, you probably already know that you can make a great deal of money with a finance degree. When it comes to master’s in finance career options are myriad. You have many different paths from which you can choose. A master in finance online program can do a great job preparing you for the real world responsibilities of a finance career.

What Can I Do with a Master’s in Finance?

Many people embarking on a master of finance career choose to start in a financial analyst position. This is a great entry-level position with many finance companies, allowing you to learn the ins and outs of the business before taking on a role with more responsibility. As you gain more responsibility, you may choose to become a financial manager or a personal finance advisor. There are many different choices for your master of finance career. Some people with masters in finance careers choose to work for private organizations, while others work within the government. Masters in finance career options are numerous, and the field is ever-expanding, making it one of the best graduate degrees to pursue.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Master in Finance Programs

A career in finance may look like a license to print money, but that doesn’t mean every Master’s in Finance degree will ROI. For programs that provide the right balance of quality, reputation, and affordability to make a real return on investment, Best Master’s Programs editors ranked MS in Finance and Finance MBA programs by four criteria:

  • Alumni Salary
  • National Reputation
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Tuition Cost

Data was drawn from IPEDS, College Scorecard, Niche, and U.S. News & World Report.

1. Colorado State University Global

CSU Global’s Finance program builds on the foundation that you already have from your undergraduate experience. This program starts by honing the tools and skills that finance-focused students learned in their undergrad years. Then, it adds new skills to their toolboxes, making these students competitive and ready for advanced financial careers. This school prepares students to work with the latest financial technology and other innovations to become leaders in their field. That’s what makes CSU Global one of the best online Master in Finance options.

CSU Global excels in online learning. As a matter of fact, their global campus is designed entirely for online and distance learning. The teachers here are fully trained and experienced in the online learning platform. They fully understand how to make their material accessible and engaging for online students. In some schools, online classes can take a backseat to their on-campus counterparts. That’s not how it works at the CSU Global. In this program, you’ll know that your education matters, and you’ll always have access to the resources that you need. The tuition rates at CSU Global are lower than many other online schools. Those who want a cost-effective education should look into this program.

Degree: Master’s in Finance

2. Northeastern University

Northeastern’s MA in Finance program is perfect for those who have already started a financial career. If you’re ready for career advancement and the potential for a higher salary, this program can help you reach your goals. It builds on current knowledge and instills leadership skills. This program recognizes that the financial industry is changing all the time. Therefore, it prepares students for a flexible and adaptable career. For many students, Northeastern has the best online Master’s degree in Finance.

Northeastern University combines theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world skills. As a result, students can feel confident and prepared for their careers and new leadership positions. They can get the job done and hold engaging conversations with their colleagues. As a research university, Northeastern also makes new discoveries that enhance student learning and provide a competitive edge. Northeastern is a good place to forge connections. It has thousands of corporate partners in over 90 countries.

Degree: MS in Finance

3. Georgetown University

Georgetown University offers a great MS in Finance program for motivated students. Situated in Washington DC, this school provides a unique view of how business and politics interact with each other. This program provides ethical, leadership-focused business education so that students can make a positive impact in the business world as a whole. Georgetown alumni learn to advance their own careers while learning how to make a difference for others. For a business degree with a broader focus, Georgetown may be the best online Master’s degree in finance.

Georgetown is a challenging school with a thriving online community. This school blends academics, practical applications, and a focus on social justice. Students here gain a global focus and learn how to find their place in a bigger world. These students learn with a mission in mind, and they’re passionate about seeing how they can change the world for the better. Activism and social justice are deeply ingrained in the Georgetown culture. If you’re passionate about a cause, you’ll fit in here.

Degree: MS in Finance

4. University of Scranton

The University of Scranton’s online MS in Finance program lets students earn their MS in as little as 12 months. The program is designed to let students learn at their own pace. Its flexibility rivals even that of other online programs. There are no required login times. The program emphasizes key financial knowledge such as security, risk management, and financial strategy. For self-starters and students who need lots of flexibility, Scranton is one of the best online Master in Finance programs.

The University of Scranton is a Jesuit university that welcomes students of all faiths. It focuses on holistic education, respect for the self and for others, and serving the global community. This school makes a great choice, both for Catholics and for students who simply want to pursue a deeper knowledge of themselves. The US News and World Report has ranked Scranton as one of the top 10 Master’s universities.

Degree: MS in Finance

5. University of Houston-Clear Lake

The University of Houston-Clear Lake’s MS in Finance is a great choice for online learners. It combines flexibility with a challenging and worthwhile education. The program lets students adjust their learning schedules to fit their needs and lifestyles. Within the program, students build on their current financial skills while also developing their leadership potential. As a result, UHCL is one of the Best online Master in Finance choices for busy adults who want career advancement.

As part of the University of Houston system, UHCL offers lots of resources and looks great on a resume. Students make lots of connections here, and they never have a shortage of research options. This consistently growing university helps students gain critical thinking skills and confidence in their career abilities. UHCL has the most affordable Finance MS program in Houston.

Degree: MS in Finance

6. Pennsylvania State University

Penn State’s Master’s in Finance program covers the subject of finance from all different angles. Students expand their knowledge and their problem-solving skills. Not only do students gain financial knowledge, they also gain the leadership and teambuilding skills that they’ll need to succeed in the financial world. For those who prefer a cohort model and a balanced perspective, Penn State offers the best online Master’s degree in Finance.

Penn State has seen a lot of success with its online programs. The World Campus has existed since 1998 and has steadily grown and improved since then. Students here enjoy the benefits of challenging academics and important connections. World Campus students get the same academic benefits that their on-campus peers get. This program provides students with everything that Penn State has to offer, plus an added layer of flexibility. Military members and veterans should look into Penn State. This school has a lot of military support options.

Degree: Master of Finance

7. University of South Carolina-Aiken

The University of South Carolina Aiken has a dynamic MBA in Finance option for career-seeking students. This challenging program helps students who want to become the best in their fields. These courses prepare students for all levels of business leadership and all sorts of business environments. Alumni from this program feel comfortable in small businesses and big corporations alike. For a rigorous study in wealth management and other financial topics, many consider USC Aiken the best online Master in Finance.

USC Aiken provides all the benefits of a large school with the personalization of a smaller environment. It’s part of the broader USC system, so students have plenty of resources at their fingertips. USC Aiken’s online programs are challenging and worthwhile, and they encourage critical thinking. This school is dedicated to helping students find the tools they’ll need for success. US News and World Report ranked USC Aiken as the #1 public regional college in the south.

Degree: MBA in Finance

8. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware’s MBA in finance helps students pursue specialized skills. Students learn how to maximize a business’s earning potential. They also learn how to think in creative and innovative ways so that they can find solutions to complex problems. The program lets students tailor their educations to fit their needs and goals. For many students, especially those who specifically want an MBA, it’s the best online Master’s degree in finance.

The University of Delaware prides itself on its nurturing environment. It helps students find the path that works best for them and the tools that they’ll need to get there. In this positive environment, students can thrive and rise to meet their academic challenges head-on. UD is ranked among the top public universities in the United States.

Degree: MBA in Finance

9. Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University’s online Finance MBA program helps students take their careers to the next level. The program is challenging and prepares students to tackle the fast-paced environment of the financial world. This streamlined program eliminates any academic fluff, so students only get what they need and nothing that they don’t. For many, this fact makes Seton Hall the best online Master in finance choice.

Seton Hall University is a small school with a big impact. As one of America’s leading Catholic universities, this school takes a whole-person approach to education. Students learn how to advance their own careers while improving the world around them. This school combines challenging academics with a conscious social focus. Seton Hall has been accepted in the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute University program. Only 10% of financial degree programs worldwide hold that distinction.

Degree: MBA in Finance

10. Liberty University

Liberty University’s online Finance Master’s program combines deep financial knowledge with excellent communication skills. The program prepares students to take the next steps in their careers. As students learn, they gain confidence and create connections. The completely online format means that students here get the flexibility they need to balance education and work. For those who want the best online Masters degree in finance, Liberty makes a great choice.

Liberty University is deeply rooted in its Christian values. It’s committed to academic excellence and having a global impact. Most Liberty students are online learners, so Liberty faculty know how to tailor courses for internet study. Overall, students here get a meaningful education. Liberty offers several benefits for military members and veterans, including discounts on tuition.

Degree: MS in Finance

11. Purdue University Global

Purdue Global’s Finance Master’s program covers a lot of ground. This program recognizes that financial experts are in high demand all across the United States. It helps students develop the skills that they’ll need to meet those demands and reach their fullest potential. Students deepen their current financial knowledge as they develop their flexibility and their leadership abilities. That’s why Purdue is one of the best online Master in Finance options.

Purdue Global is completely dedicated to online learning. The global campus has more than 175 degree paths, which means that professors are fully prepared to teach online learners in challenging but flexible ways. This school focuses on personalization and finding innovative approaches to learning.

Degree: MS in Finance

12. Mississippi College

Mississipi College’s online Finance MBA helps students take their careers to the next level. The program is designed to help students gain a competitive edge in the financial world. It covers both theoretical and practical knowledge so that students make the best and most informed financial decisions. The specialized knowledge pathway is one of the reasons why many consider MC the best online Masters degree in finance.

Mississippi College is a Baptist school with deep values and a commitment to learning. Students here pursue academic excellence at every level. This challenging school helps students to grow in ways that they never thought possible. Combining education with tradition, this school takes education to new heights. Mississippi College is the oldest Baptist university in the state of Mississippi and the second oldest in the United States.

Degree: MBA in Finance

13. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has a renowned Finance Master’s program. This MS degree combines theory and practice for critical thinking help. This program offers a STEM-focused concentration, letting students gain even more of a competitive advantage in the financial world. Students gain all sorts of skills in practical finance, analysis, critical thinking, and leadership. As a result, Johns Hopkins is one of the best online Master in finance sources.

Johns Hopkins University is a widely-respected school that’s known for its challenging and dynamic programs. A degree from Johns Hopkins can take you far in your career. Johns Hopkins always stays a step ahead, preparing students for important changes in their fields. JHU alumni are deep thinkers and lifelong learners. They know how to approach problems in unique ways. Johns Hopkins University routinely wins awards and recognitions for its top-level academic programs.

Degree: MS in Finance

14. Concordia University Wisconsin

Concordia University Wisconsin’s Finance MBA program recognizes that the world of finance is always growing. Students will have to adapt to this ever-changing world if they want to succeed. That’s why this program gets students up to speed on the latest knowledge. It also helps students adapt to this changing business by helping them gain flexibility. At Concordia, students learn from the best professors who are experts in their field. With its broad knowledge and deep study, Concordia has what some call the best online Master in Finance program.

Concordia Wisconsin is a Lutheran school that combines faith and knowledge for a well-rounded education. It’s deeply committed to its Christian values. Faculty here are committed to educating the whole person, not just the brain. For those who want to deepen their faith while sharpening their mind, Concordia makes a great choice. Concordia Wisconsin has a 90% job placement rate.

Degree: MBA in Finance

15. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s online MBA in Finance program makes students more efficient and competitive in the job market. They deepen their understanding of finance and their critical thinking skills. This MBA program emphasizes ethics in financial decision making. Students gain an understanding of how their financial knowledge can do as much social good as possible. As a result, many consider GCU the best online Masters degree in finance.

GCU is an affordable Christian university that welcomes students from all faiths and backgrounds. With its challenging courses, GCU helps students reach their full potential. This quickly-growing university helps people develop their leadership skills, take on dynamic careers, and learn how to serve others while pursuing a great education. As of 2018, GCU is the largest Christian university in the world.

Degree: MBA in Finance

16. Regent University

Regent University offers an MBA in Finance and Investment. In this program, students gain the skills they’ll need to work in virtually any financial setting. This program helps students grow their confidence, both in their financial knowledge and their ability to make ethical decisions within the field. The program emphazises strategy, critical thinking, and leadership. As a result, it’s one of the best online Master in finance options for students who want a challenge.

Regent University is a Christian school that values leadership and social change. It teaches every subject from art to business from a Christian perspective. This transfer-friendly school makes education accessible. Faculty and staff are known for their passion and commitment to education. Students enjoy challenging academics and a chance to dive deeply into faith. Regent has been ranked among the top five online MBA programs in Virginia for four years in a row.

Degree: MBA in Finance and Investment

17. Norwich University

Norwich University’s MBA in Finance combines financial knowledge with leadership and team-building skills. Alumni from this program feel equally at home in the smallest businesses and the biggest corporations. This online program does require a one-week residency on campus. Otherwise, the program is flexible and lets students learn from anywhere. With 15 or fewer students per class, this program may be the best online Master in Finance for personalization and individual attention.

Norwich University has had a thriving online program for 20 years, so they understand what online learners need most. Students get the same challenge and quality that on-campus students get, but they also get a layer of flexibility that lets them balance work and education. Overall, this school and its online programs combine excellence and innovation for a full educational experience. Norwich has several programs and benefits for military students.

Degree: MBA in Finance

18. Webster University

Webster University offers an online MS in Finance. This program lets students delve deeper into their financial knowledge. It also exposes students to related fields and shows them how finance relates to those fields. This combination of broad and narrow knowledge helps students hone their skills and thought processes. Students gain an impressive amount of knowledge through this program. More importantly, they learn how to use that knowledge effectively. That’s what makes this school one of the best online Masters degree in finance options.

Webster University is committed to high quality education. This school is uniquely focused on students and their needs. This private school vlaues both classroom learning and hands-on experiences. Students enjoy small class sizes and personalized learning. That’s why they feel empowered to pursue their goals with focus and creativity. Webster was ranked one of the best colleges for social mobility for 2020.

Degree: MS in Finance

19. Queens University of Charlotte

The Finance MBA at Queen’s University Charlotte is a dynamic program. It lets students tailor their education based on their needs and goals. This highly-ranked program can be taken entirely online, so busy students get the flexibility that they need. However, the program does come with a short residency experience. In this program, students sharpen their skills and gain an edge in the field. It’s one of the best online Masters degree in Finance choices.

Whether online or on campus, Queen’s University students gain the tools they need for success. This school always puts the students and their needs above everything else. Here, students become lifelong learners and leaders. They move on to make a difference in the world around them. The Queens MBA program was ranked one of the top MBA programs in the Carolinas.

Degree: MBA in Finance

20. Rider University

Rider University’s online MS in Corporate Finance program provides specific, targeted education. For students who want to build wealth in the business world, this program develops a pathway to success. Rider gives students opportunities to hone and practice their financial skills, making them feel right at home in the business world after graduation. Alumni have the skills and connections that they’ll need to carve out meaningful work, which is why Rider is one of the best Online Master in Finance choices available.

Rider University is committed to providing a vibrant and challenging education. Students here stretch their limits to reach their highest potential. Rider creates meaningful learning experiences for all of its students, including the online learners. This school is committed to getting results for students in the classroom and beyond. The Princeton Review ranks Rider University as a “Best 380” college.

Degree: MS in Corporate Finance

21. Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern’s Finance MBA program covers a lot of ground. This program turns students into financial experts and leaders. With online, campus, and hybrid options, this program provides flexibility. It also helps students make financial decisions from all kinds of angles, helping them hone their critical thinking skills. By helping students grow and succeed, this program has become one of the best online Masters degree in finance choices available.

Charleston Southern is committed to helping students find their purpose. This Christian university has a low student to faculty ratio, a personal approach to learning, and an educational approach that helps students think deeply. Here, students expand their well of knowledge and learn how to use that knowledge in their careers.

Degree: MBA in Finance

22. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University’s online MS in Finance program helps students take their careers up a notch. It provides skills and knowledge that makes students stand out when they apply for jobs and promotions. This program empowers students to bring all of their knowledge together for fast and effective decision making. Since the online program is flexible and convenient, students are sure to get everything they need. That’s what puts SNHU among the best online Master in Finance choices.

SNHU has a thriving online community. This school helps students make the most of their online learning experience. As a career-focused university, SNHU also helps students develop their goals and then make the most of those goals. SNHU is a focused, tailored environment that helps students create meaningful pathways for themselves. The USDLA awarded SNHU the 21st Century Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Technology.

Degree: MS in Finance

23. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate Univesity’s online MS in Finance brings real-world principles into the classroom. Students get to learn from experts in the field. This highly specialized program provides all of the knowledge that students need without any extra fluff. Not only does this program provide plenty of in-depth knowledge, it also provides lots of connection and networking opportunities. The result is that Golden Gate University makes one of the best choices for an online Master’s degree in finance.

Golden Gate University was built with adult learners in mind. As a matter of fact, their primary objective is to educate people who have to balance work and life. They understand the challenges of pursuing a degree as an adult, so they’ve designed their program around adult needs. This school combines flexibility with academic challenge to create a meaningful education. GGU’s online programs have a 98% satisfaction rate.

Degree: MS in Finance

24. Brenau University

Brenau University has a great MBA in Finance program. This program sharpens students’ financial knowledge. It also enhances their leadership, management, critical thinking, and decision making skills. The robust courses provide students with a challenging and dynamic education. However, the online format gives those students the flexibility that they’ll need to balance their educations with work and home life. For a lot of students, Brenau is the best online Masters degree in finance.

At Brenau University, faculty and staff know that education can change the course of a person’s life. This school combines career prep and liberal arts education in a perfect balance. Founded as a school for women, Brenau now accepts students of all genders. However, it maintains its rich legacy of women’s education in several of its programs. With a low student to faculty ratio and thriving online programs, Brenau provides a personal and efficient education experience.

Degree: MBA in Finance

25. University of Saint Mary

The University of Saint Mary’s online Finance MBA program lets students earn an advanced degree in as little as one year. It’s a good choice for those who need an accelerated pace for their courses. The program prepares students to take on the finances of all kinds of businesses. Since all businesses rely on their finances, the University of Saint Mary prepares students to get involved in virtually any business environment. The program is challenging and fast-paced. For a lot of people, that makes Saint Mary the best Online Master in Finance choice.

The University of Saint Mary is a Catholic-founded university that excels in business and science. This school is dedicated to holistic education, meaning that they educate the mind, body, and spirit. At Saint Mary, education serves the whole person, not just the brain. Online education is a big part of this school, so distance learners know that they’re getting a high quality education. The Princeton Review has included Saint Mary on its “Best Midwestern College” list every year since 2005.

Degree: MBA in Finance

Will Employers Trust an Online Master’s in Finance?

If you’re thinking about online master in finance programs, you may be apprehensive about whether future employers will trust an online degree.  While some employers may not have trusted an online education program in the past, this is not the case today. Online master in finance programs are becoming more and more common. Employers know that a master in finance online program can provide employees with the same high-quality education they’d expect from a traditional classroom.

When you choose to earn your online master’s in finance while you’re also working a full-time job, future employers are likely to appreciate your ability to manage tasks and manage your time. Furthering your education while also working a career can be hard, but it can pay off in dividends in the long run.

Will an Online Master’s in Finance Help Me Get a Job?

In a word, yes – there are lots of master of science in finance jobs! Jobs for finance masters degree are numerous. Masters in finance job opportunities for people who earn their degree online are most relevant to people who are already working in finance and want to advance their careers. When you’re looking for masters in finance jobs, you’ll likely notice that many jobs for masters in finance require years of experience. For this reason, it’s important to have a few years of finance work under your belt before you start applying to graduate school to further your masters in finance jobs opportunities.

Masters in finance jobs can include financial analyst, investment banking, private finance, personal financial advisor, wealth management, accounting, and more. Jobs for masters in finance are available in both the public and private sector. Master of finance jobs vary widely, both in terms of duties and salary.When you’re earning your degree, it’s important to start thinking about the types of jobs with a masters in finance that might be interesting to you. During your graduate school education, you can talk with advisors who have been in the field, working at master of finance jobs, to get the inside scoop on which jobs with a masters in finance would be the best fit for you. There are lots of options for jobs for finance masters degree, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore master of science in finance jobs during your time earning your degree.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Finance?

Your master of finance salary starting rate can depend on many different factors. On average, most people with a master of finance salary starting pay is around $73,000 per year. Your master of science in finance salary may be higher or lower than this, depending on the cost of living in your area, where you work, and any previous experience you may have. But a master’s degree will almost always mean more money.

When you manage others, your master of finance salary will tend to be higher than when you work alone. Many people find that their master of finance degree salary increases when they work for private companies, as opposed to public organizations. Your master of science in finance starting salary may be higher if you work with a company at which you’ve previously completed an internship. Your master of science in finance starting salary may be higher if you have years of work experience, even in a different sector.

Master of finance salary starting can range from $58,600 and $83,900 right out of graduate school. The master of finance salary range can be negotiated with your employer. As you work your way through graduate school, working on projects that show your business acumen can be a great way to increase your master of science in finance salary after you get a job. Your master of finance degree salary will be in accordance with your professional experience. When interviewing, be sure to ask about your master of finance salary range, so you have an idea of where you’ll start.

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