Over the last decade or so, a national college trend has developed that offers students an opportunity to earn a master’s degree online following a one-year curriculum format, instead of two years. This redefined; streamlined format has become so popular, that these accelerated programs are now offered in a variety of disciplines. As a result, students now ask themselves: “How will a master’s degree benefit me?” and “Why is a master’s degree important?”

Value of a Master’s Degree

The reasons to earn a master’s degree are well-known and frequently stated (including our own “Why Earn a Master’s Degree?”). The reasons, to make a long story short, include:

  • Higher Pay
  • Promotion
  • More Career Opportunities
  • Greater Command of your Profession

A master’s degree sets a job applicant apart from their competition because the degree implies expertise. In comparison, a bachelor’s degree simply reveals a student’s proficiency for the subject matter.

But what if you don’t have two years to spend on a master’s degree? Well, in the internet age, there’s a faster option – the quickest master’s degree online can be less than a year!

Accelerated Online Master’s Degrees Save Time

The ability to earn a master’s degree quickly is a great benefit for working professionals who want to advance their careers by earning one of the many one-year online master’s programs available. Students who choose to fast track their master’s degree in one-year, apply themselves intensively but for only half the time than students who follow a more traditional path.

Reducing the amount of time required to earn a master’s degree allows graduates to re-enter the job market twelve months earlier that those that complete a graduate degree that follows a 2-year traditional format. This gives one-year degree candidates a jump start on the competition who who will complete their degree in two years.

One-Year Online Master’s Programs Save Money.

Most students vying for a master’s degree would agree that the cost to obtain the degree is expensive. However, reducing the time required to earn a degree, reduces the costs associated with the degree. For those students that require student loans, the cost of tuition (and related expenses) will ultimately reduce the debt load they must carry upon graduation – an important value of a master’s degree.

Additionally, students earning their graduate degree by studying full-time, typically choose to take a leave of absence from work. In doing so, not only is a graduate degree candidate’s salary suspended, they must find a way to finance the cost of tuition and housing expenses without the benefit of a steady income stream .

Accelerated Online Master’s Programs are More Convenient

The reduced time required to study for a fast track graduate degree is one of many reasons to get a master’s degree in twelve months. A one-year master’s degree is possible because the curriculum adheres to a shorter-term format – measured in weeks rather than months.

1 year master’s programs online are designed with convenient accessibility that allows students to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transform Your Career With the Quickest Master’s Degree Online

Are you still asking yourself

“How will a master’s degree benefit me?”


“Why is a master’s degree important?”

The answer is simple: one-year online master’s programs give you all the professional and financial benefits of a master’s degree, and even save you time and money. If you’ve considered how a master’s degree could benefit you, there are no more excuses.