When you decide to study for a higher education, you may consider an online program for your master’s degree. Online master’s degree programs offer greater flexibility and more options when you have limitations on your time, making them ideal for working adults and career changing professionals. If you’re wondering why you should earn a master’s degree, increased salary is at the top of the list. A master’s degree can open up new career paths or advancements that offer a greater salary. The key is focusing on the right education for your goals.

How Credible Are Online Degrees?

Credibility is an important part of finding a job when you finish your degree. That brings a clear concern to mind. How credible are online degrees? It depends on the college or university giving the degree. An online program at an accredited university is a credible degree. If the university or college is not accredited, then it is not a credible degree, and employers will not trust it.

An accredited university must go through an evaluation from a third-party agency, which are designated by the federal Department of Education. The agency sets a clear standard that gives potential employers peace of mind that you have the training and education to handle the job. So how credible are online degrees? As credible as the online school’s accreditation.

Are Online Master’s Degrees Accepted by Employers?

Is an online master’s worth it? Are online master’s degrees accepted by employers? It depends on the university and degree. An employer will consider an online degree from an accredited university in the same way employers view a degree at a traditional university. You will have the same opportunities and options for your career.

If the university is not accredited, then an employer may determine that it is not credible. That means they will not accept the degree or may consider it a mark against hiring you as a new professional. An online master’s degree is worth the time and effort as long as you go through an accredited program and ensure that it meets the standards of potential employers. If the program seems suspicious or you notice that the university does not have a third-party accreditation, then opt for a different online program.

Is an Online Master’s Worth It?

The salary potential for a master’s degree varies significantly between majors and careers. Although a master’s degree average salary differs based on your field of study, you will make more for a position in a company or firm when you have a higher education. In many cases, you can expect your salary to increase by roughly 35%. The average salary for an individual with an undergraduate degree across all fields of study is slightly more than $50,000 per year. When you have a master’s degree, the average salary increases to roughly $68,000 per year.

You should expect some variation based on your field of study and career path. An online degree in a STEM field will usually result in a higher average salary when compared to a degree in education or gender studies. You will want to evaluate specific details for your major and your career aspirations to clarify the exact impact on your salary, but the online master’s degrees have to be accepted by employers.

When you obtain an online master’s degree, you have the opportunity to earn a higher salary. The key is making sure that you complete your courses at an accredited school. It will make your degree credible to potential employers and help you move forward with your career aspirations.