Studying for the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a traditional part of planning for your online master’s degree. In many colleges, you need to pass the GRE before you are considered for a graduate program. But one of the greatest benefits of online programs is that they offer greater flexibility in many areas, and that includes the tests you have to pass before you can apply to graduate school.

What is the GRE?

The GRE is a type of standardized test intended to test your preparation for a graduate degree program. Many traditional universities and colleges use the test score to select applicants to accept into the program. The test focuses on your reasoning skills in a variety of subjects. It helps universities and colleges compare students by evaluating the test scores.

Although studying for the GRE or a GMAT is a normal part of preparing for a higher education, universities without GRE requirements give you more flexibility when you apply for their school. You are not required to take the test before they consider you as a prospective student. The key is finding the right university for your master’s degree while also clarifying that you meet the admission requirements.

Finding Universities Without GRE Requirements

That brings up an important question: are there no-GRE masters programs online? The simple answer is that it depends on the university and the program. You can find no-GRE master’s programs online, but the standards and requirements will differ for each online university. In fact, standards for no-GRE master’s programs online may actually be tougher, since they don’t have the easy, clear-cut standard of a GRE score to go on. Without the GRE, it might actually be harder to get into grad school.

Online schools do not always require a GRE or a GMAT score to consider prospective students. They may ask for other tests or other standards, such as work experience, prior college courses, or a written essay. Online universities and colleges set standards for their graduate students. While the online courses allow you greater flexibility, you will need to comply with the standards of the university or college. In most cases, you will need a specific GPA to qualify for admissions. The specific standards of a university will vary; some online schools will require everything traditional colleges with traditional standards would require, while others pride themselves on alternative standards used for admissions.

Getting a Master’s Degree Without GRE or GMAT Scores

Going for a master’s degree without GRE or GMAT requirements will allow you to focus on other standards set by the university. Keep in mind that an online college may set different standards based on your major. In some cases, the university sets standards based on your major, so you will want to look into the details of the university before finalizing your decision. For example, education majors do not always require a GRE or GMAT test, but majors in STEM fields may require more strict standards in some universities.

A master’s degree without GRE or GMAT requirements will set other standards for admissions. You may need to have a grade point average, or GPA, that fits a specific range before they allow you into the online university. Some majors may also require a set amount of work experience before you qualify for admissions.

The GRE is not always required for a Master’s degree. Many online universities may allow you to avoid the test while still providing the education you need for your long-term career goals. When you look at online colleges or universities, you want to consider the standards of the university to ensure that you meet their requirements to apply for a master’s degree without GRE or GMAT scores.