best online engineering mastersMany of today’s top-paying careers are in the technical fields, and a master’s degree in Engineering can provide a prosperous and financially secure future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics listing of 20 Highest Paying Occupations of 2019, engineering specialties secure 3 of the top spots. Adding a graduate degree to your resume is also a substantial investment in landing a higher-level management position within the engineering field.

Choosing to complete your engineering degree online offers flexibility on several levels, allowing you to get the education to advance in your area, without actually having to leave the field to do it. Most programs can be completed as quickly or slowly as you would like, with many schools allowing as long as seven years to complete the degree. Best of all, when you choose an online format, you have no geographical limitations- you can get your degree from one of the top schools in the nation, without having to relocate or commute. Selecting an online master’s program from a highly-ranked and cost-efficient engineering school is sure to be a sound investment, and this ranking gives you the information to help you get the best bang for your buck.

How We Ranked the Best Engineering Master’s Programs

We based this ranking on an equal weight of program quality, affordability and institution’s alumni salary expectation. We sourced information from US News & World Report, NCES, and the College Scorecard database for these metrics.

1. University of California Los Angeles (Samueli) – Online & On-Campus

Physically housed in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA, many students pursue the MS in Engineering, Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical degree online.  The course of study, materials, professors, and grading standards are exactly the same as in the classroom.  They are also just as demanding.  The school also offers several certificate programs based on the intended career path of the student.   Certificate programs allow students to delve deep into the specialized study of areas such as systems engineering.  Designed to meet the needs of its students, the program is flexible and can be tailored to meet a variety of professional needs.  HSSEAS-MSOL courses are available via a computer, tablet or smartphone for easy access.  For an online masters in engineering, UCLA’s program is known for its excellence.

Ranked as one of the best online graduate programs by US News & World Reports, UCLA Engineering is known around the world for the quality of its programming.  Professors are recognized and accomplished engineers in their areas of specialization.  Students have easy access to instructors and are continually challenged to explore new concepts and ideas.  While the school has rigorous standards, it strives to build the whole professional in their area of specialization.

Degrees: MSOL in Engineering – Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical

2. Texas Tech University (Whitacre) – Online & Lubbock, TX

Designed for working professionals, Texas Tech University’s Masters of Engineering Degree is a fully online program.  The School takes an interdisciplinary approach to develop well-rounded professionals.  Students can select from several tracks featuring various engineering disciplines.  The other option is to build a degree plan that better suits the student’s career needs.  This is done by combining courses from various disciplines to create a personalized plan.  Completing courses online makes this an affordable option for working adults.  Among online engineering masters programs, this program is extremely flexible and cost-effective.

Texas Tech University began the Master of Engineering program in 1966.  By 1967, the university was delivering educational programming via closed-circuit television to 18 locations around the state.  Since that time, they have expanded their distance learning capabilities for students.  US News & World Report has ranked the program as #93 in their ranking “Best Engineering Schools” for 2020.  They tied with the Air Force Institute of Technology.  The school since its beginnings has striven to remain innovative and up-to-date in both its educational content and the way that it is delivered to students.

Degree: Masters of Engineering

3. University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

The University of Florida offers an MS or MEng in Aerospace, Civil, Computer and Electrical, Environmental, or Industrial and Systems through their distance learning program.  Both programs are completely online and designed for working professionals who are looking to advance their career or explore additional engineering topics.  A non-degree option is also available.  Students have the option to build their own curriculum so that it meets their professional needs and goals.  The courses and instruction are the same as is taught in the classroom.  The MS program requires students to complete three additional courses outside of the department.  Additional courses can come from computer science, innovation, entrepreneurship or other engineering departments.  Students looking for a flexible, online engineering master’s to further their career can find an accomplished faculty and up to date curriculum here.

The University of Florida is well known for its online higher education programs.  Both students and faculty come from around the world giving students a broad perspective during instruction.  The student to faculty ratio very low.  It’s three to 1 at the Ph.D. Level.  This gives students direct access to knowledgeable and experienced professors.  The School of Engineering is ranked 45 in the 2020 US News & World Report list of ‘Best Engineering Schools’.  With flexible scheduling and easy access to lectures and materials, students can truly tailor their degree program to meet their professional needs.

Degrees: MS or MEng in Aerospace, Civil, Computer and Electrical, Environmental, or Industrial and Systems   

4. Oklahoma State University – Online & Stillwater, OK

Oklahoma State University offers two graduate Masters in Engineering programs.  They are the MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and MS in Engineering and Technology Management.  The school offers both Masters and Doctoral level degree programs within the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Courses and research emphasize communications, image processing, laser applications, renewable energy systems, electrical power economics and microwave remote sensing, to name a few.  The Engineering and Technology Management degree also offers coursework designed for engineers and scientists to enhance their knowledge and skill base, as well as, advance along their career path. Both give students access to industry leaders and thinkers in the field. For working professionals seeking to advance their career, these online masters in engineering programs are worth looking into.

The College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology at Oklahoma State University offers several engineering and architecture programs. Students are able to access course materials and attend lectures through the online platform. At OSU, the faculty are accomplished professionals dedicated to developing their respective fields. Most students are working adults who are returning to school to further their careers so online learning is a good fit.  In the 2020 ranking of engineering schools from US News & World Report, Oklahoma was ranked 106 in a tie with Tulane, Southern Methodist University, University of Oklahoma and Louisiana State University.

Degrees: MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Engineering and Technology Management  

5. Stevens Institute of Technology (Schaefer) – Online & Hoboken, NJ

The Schaefer School of Engineering & Science within the Steven Institute of Technology offers seven engineering masters degrees including a Master’s in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.  The degree in computer engineering brings in the principles and practices from several other fields such as electrical engineering and computer science.  For students, this brings together sophisticated systems of hardware, software, and algorithms into one course of study.  Professionally, this is useful in material areas like video games, computer-aided design, medical information systems, and networked system environments.  To prepare electrical engineers for their work designing, building and advancing the electronic devices and the protocols they use, the electrical engineering degree offers coursework in robotics, wireless networking, and internet security.  As part of their study, students engage in cutting edge research funded by the National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Laboratory and other prominent institutions.  Students participating in either online masters of engineering programs have exceptional opportunities to advance their careers.

In 2019, the Princeton Review ranked Stevens Institute of Technology as among “The Best Value Colleges” in their listings.  In 2017, they ranked them among the 50 “Colleges the Create Futures”.  Business Insider ranked them 25th in the “50 Best U.S. Colleges for Your Money”.  In their 2020 rankings, US News & World Report ranked the engineering school 75th in their “Best Engineering Schools” listings.  This school offers flexible educational opportunities for an affordable price.

Degrees: Master’s in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering   

6. Oregon State University – Online & Corvallis, OR

Working professionals in any of the STEM functions will find the Oregon State’s MEng in Industrial Engineering Management an option that will advance their career.  The courses give the added benefit of adding organizational leadership, technical management, and project leadership skills to their skill set.  In addition to these engineering foundations, students are able to add coursework to build their business, financial and management knowledge.  This helps those seeking a generalized MBA with an engineering specific focus.  While the program is 100% online, students still have easy access to a renown faculty who are recognized worldwide for their expertise, research, and innovation.  Oregon State University’s online engineering masters help those who are seeking to earn a higher degree without uprooting their personal life or leaving their current job.

Oregon State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.  The quality of the faculty is widely known for their advances in research and leadership in the industry.  They frequently collaborate with respected institutions in the industry to further the knowledge and practices of the field.  Students receiving online studies are held to the same high standards as those in the classroom.  In their 2020 rankings, US News & World Report puts Oregon State University School of Engineering at #73 in their list “Best Engineering Schools”.

Degree: MEng in Industrial Engineering Management

7. George Washington University – Online & Washington, DC

Students looking for a high-quality engineering program will find it at GWU. They offer an Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management or Systems Engineering at the Master degree level.  In addition to the master’s programs, they have a certificate in green gas management.  In the electrical engineering program, students build on core concepts while they are given the opportunity to gain more expertise in more advanced technical areas.  For technical managers, the engineering management degree program allows them to further their education and advance their knowledge of management techniques used by leading technological and scientific organizations.  Students in the systems engineering program gain the knowledge and capacity to design and manage significant engineering projects for governmental entities and corporations.  Regardless of each student’s professional focus, these online master’s in engineering programs provide opportunities to explore and expand as a working professional engineer.

Students at George Washington University enjoy a rigorous education lead by accomplished professionals in the field.  Whether online or in person, the programs are equally challenging and enlightening.  Students have access to industry leaders and can learn advanced concepts first hand.  Additionally, a degree from George Washington University carries a certain cache that indicates quality.  For many who engage in these programs, they consider it to be an investment in their professional careers.  The school also strives to connect students with the alumni base to expand their experience.  The School of Engineering is one of the oldest engineering programs in the country.  In their 2020 listings, US News & World Report ranks the graduate engineering program at George Washington University at 75th in their “Best Engineering Schools”.

Degrees: MS in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, or Systems Engineering   

8. Missouri University of Science & Technology – Online & Rolla, MO

The Missouri University of Science & Technology strives to support working professionals who want to further their engineering careers will distance education opportunities in a variety of engineering concentrations.  Many students come to the university to start working on certificate programs before proceeding into one of the 18 masters level concentrated programs.  Degrees range from Explosive Engineering to Mining Engineering to Industrial Organizational Psychology.  More common degrees such as mechanical, electrical and civil engineering are also offered.  Courses are taught by a world renown faculty and all online coursework is pursued with the same academic rigor as those taught in the classroom.  Courses are flexible in this online engineering program with a focus on the needs of working adults.

The US News & World Report ranks the engineering program at the Missouri University of Science and Technology as #82 in their list of  “Best Engineering Schools”.  For all of its programs, the university works to support students who study at a distance.  The faculty is well known around the world and are established in their disciplines.  With this close proximity to esteemed faculty members, students are exposed to a broader range of ideas and concepts.  This brings value that continues throughout their careers.

Degrees: Numerous Engineering Concentrations

9. Columbia University (Fu Foundation) – Online & New York City, NY

Columbia offers a range of online graduate engineering degrees to students.  These are designed for working adults who want to further their careers as engineers by specializing in a particular area.  Programs at the graduate level begin as broad engineering instruction.  Students then move into areas of particular interest to their career.  Certificate programs are also available.  The goal of the faculty and university administration is to constantly work to build their students into the leaders in engineering whether they participate in the classroom or online.  The involvement of students in cutting edge research is part of what sets these online masters in engineering programs apart.

Students at Columbia have ready access to established, recognized engineering faculty who continue to innovate within their discipline.  As a major research university, students are engaged in projects that will move the field of engineering forward.  While the university is one of the oldest in the United States, the focus of the faculty and students is to understand and embrace new technologies while seeking to understand the application of principles from other disciplines.  This interdisciplinary approach is what sets this university apart.

Degrees: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering   

10. The University of Maryland, College Park (Clark) – College Park, MD

Through the University of Maryland, students can pursue a MEng to form their basic engineering education at the graduate level.  They then move into one of seven different concentrations to specialize.  Many students are working adults who are returning to school to further enhance their skills or are looking to make a shift in their career path.  Students looking for a flexible online engineering masters program will find the support they need to enhance their careers.

The University of Maryland is widely recognized for its standards of academic excellence.  The US News & World Report ranked the university’s engineering program #22 in their listing “Best Engineering Schools”.  As a leading public research university, students have access to world known faculty and are regularly engaged in cutting edge projects that impact the industry.  The online programs give students the same level of attention and quality educational opportunities.  While it is a demanding program, it is an exceptional educational experience for students online and in the classroom.

Degrees: MEng – Seven Concentrations

11. Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

Purdue University’s online engineering master’s programs may be one of the most important innovations in the field in a long time. Ranked consistently as one of the top 5 online engineering graduate programs by US News & World Reports, Purdue Engineering is known around the world for launching graduates to new heights, including the one “Giant Leap” by Neil Armstrong. The College of Engineering offers the following online master’s degrees: Interdisciplinary Engineering, Dual Degree Engineering-MBA, Aeronautics & Astronautics, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The university-wide student-to-faculty ratio is 14 to one, so you will get plenty of faculty support at Purdue.

Founded in 1869 as a land-grant institution, Purdue University offered their first engineering degree just nine years later. Purdue has been offering distance learning engineering degree programs since the late 1950s, but with their acquisition of Kaplan in 2018, Purdue University Global has become one of the world’s foremost online educators. Bringing with it new tools to support Purdue University – West Lafayette’s top-ranked online degrees is a game-changer.

Degrees: 6 online engineering options

12. Arizona State University – Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University has set a high standard for online higher education, and ASU’s online engineering master’s programs are no exception. Online master’s degrees are available in Construction Management, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science (Software Engineering) Embedded Systems, Engineering Management, Modeling and Simulation, Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering/MBA Dual Degree, and Quality, Reliability and Statistical Engineering.

A comprehensive research university, ASU is home to over 77,000 students, including students from over 150 countries. ASU has defined the New American University, measuring its success “not by whom we exclude, but rather by whom we include and how they succeed.” With a diverse student body as well as faculty, prospective students will not only feel welcomed they will be encouraged throughout their academic path.

Degrees: 14 engineering or dual master’s programs available online 

13. University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

The University of Nebraska’s online Master of Engineering Management is one of the best online engineering degrees in the nation, from a university that knows the field. This unique online-only degree prepares students for managerial roles in all sorts of engineering-related areas, from government contracting to technology and R&D. Organization, communication, risk-management and decision-making are the key skills of a leader in engineering, and UNL’s online MEM is fully focused.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln was founded in 1869 and is among the top-tier research universities in the nation. As a land-grant institution, engineering was built into UNL from its very beginning, and the university remains a critical player in STEM research and professional education for the Midwest and nationally. UNL is home to students from every state and over 100 countries, and diversity is among its core values. UNL offers an online graduate degree in Engineering Management.

Degree: MEM in Engineering Management with an optional specialization in
Construction Engineering and Management

14. Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

Ohio State University’s (OSU) College of Engineering offers an online Master of Science degree program in Welding Engineering or Master of Global Engineering Leadership. Each online Masters in Engineering is designed for engineering professionals currently working in the engineering industry or for those seeking to re-train in the welding industry. OSU requires a GRE exam, however, applicants with strong education and professional experience can apply for a waiver. Students generally complete the online engineering masters programs in three-four years, if a student completes about two classes per term.

Ohio State University was established in 1870 under the Morrill Land Act. OSU is also a flagship; sea grant, space grant, and land grant institution of higher learning. The school’s 1,00-acre main campus in Columbus is home to more than 61,000 students, the third largest campus (by enrollment) in the nation. OSU operates several other campuses, Marion, Wooster, Newark, Lima, and Mansfield, Ohio.

Degrees: Master of Science in Welding Engineering and Master of Global Engineering Leadership Degree

15. Worcester Polytechnic Institute  Worcester, MA

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) offers several quality online graduate degree programs in engineering that include Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, and Power Systems Engineering (MEng), and Data Science, among several others. US News recognizes Worcester Polytechnic institute among the top forty online masters in engineering degree programs in the nation. The MBA in Engineering Management program is offered with partner school – WPI’s distance learning platform offers flexibility, convenience, and 24-hour accessibility. Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s student-faculty ratio is an impressive 13:1.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute was established in 1865 and happens to be one of the first engineering technology-focused institutions of higher learning in the country. WPI’s 80-acre campus, located in central Massachusetts, has more 6,000 students enrolled. WPI is most renowned for their engineering coursework and consistently ranks among the top national and international engineering institutions of higher learning.

Degrees: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Fire Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Power Systems, Robotics Engineering, and Engineering (all MS/MEng)

16. The University of Virginia – Charlottesville, VA

The University of Virginia (UVA), through its Virginia Engineering Online division, offers a Master’s degree in Engineering with concentrations available in Materials Science, Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical engineering. US News has ranked UVA’s online engineering masters programs among the nation’s best, for five straight years. UVA’s online masters in engineering degree programs require the completion of 30-32 credit units; the requirement depends on the specific engineering specialty. UVA permits credit transfers. The maximum allowable transfer credits is dependent upon the engineering program selected. Coursework is delivered in synchronous and asynchronous online classes through their Blackboard Collaborate.

President Thomas Jefferson established the University of Virginia in 1819 UVA holds the distinction as the flagship school for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The school is organized with 3 professionals schools and 8 undergraduate colleges/schools. US News recognizes the University of Virginia as the 2nd best public university in the country. UVA’s 1,600+-acre campus is home to nearly 25,000 students.

Degrees: MS in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Systems Engineering

17. Drexel University – Philadelphia, PA

Drexel University’s College of Engineering (COE) offers a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Engineering Technology, or Systems Engineering that can be completed entirely online. This private school’s COE is recognized as the 3rd largest in the nation. Drexel University’s rigorous curriculum prepares students for exciting careers and opportunities across the world. The interactive distance-learning platform delivers engaging content, every day, all day. Drexel’s online masters in engineering degree programs are taught by experienced professionals; the same educators who have been teaching on-campus for years.

Drexel University is a nonprofit university founded by financier Anthony Drexel in 1891. Drexel University offers a unique cooperative educational experience to its students. While earning their degree, students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience while getting paid for their hard work. The school’s campus in the city of Brotherly Love is home to nearly 25,000 students.

Degrees: MS in Construction Management, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Engineering Technology, Project Management, Systems Engineering 

18. The University of Southern California (Viterbi SOE) – Los Angeles, CA

The University of Southern California’s (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering offers an online Masters in Engineering in a variety of engineering concentrations. The options include programs in the engineering fields of mechanics, aerospace, biomedicine, chemistry, civil & environmental, systems, architecture, and industrial matters. The Viterbi School of Engineering is recognized as the ninth best in the nation. US News ranks USC’s online graduate engineering degree programs second, in the country. Students graduate prepared to choose from many engineering careers.

The University of Southern California is a private institution of higher education that was established in 1880. USC holds the distinction as being the oldest private (research) university in the Golden State of California. USC is recognized as the birthplace of the concept of the Domain Name, among other technological inventions. The school’s urban campus is home to more than 45,000 students and nearly 4,400 staff and faculty members.

Degrees: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical, Materials Science and Petroleum Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Systems Architecting and Engineering, Cyber Security, Green Technologies, Financial Engineering

19. Cal State Fullerton – Fullerton, CA

The California State University—Fullerton (CSUF) offers an online Masters in Engineering degree program in Environmental Engineering. The school’s online masters in engineering program is completed entirely online. Degree candidates must complete 30 credit units to earn this degree, which culminates with a Capstone Research Project equivalent to 1 – 6 credits. Coursework includes Water Reclamation, Pollution Control Engineering, Hydrology for Environmental Engineers, and Fate & Transport of Chemicals in the Environment, among others. Students must complete the program within a 5-year timeframe and have been continuously enrolled at CSUF at all times.

The California State University—Fullerton was founded in 1957. CSUF is one of the 23 member schools organized under the California State University system. CSUF’s 235+-acre urban campus is home to more than 40,200 students, and nearly 4,700 university staff and faculty. The school’s mascot is an elephant, Tuffy the Titan.

Degree: MS Environmental Engineering

20. North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC

North Carolina State University (NC State) offers through their College of Engineering a variety of online engineering Masters degree programs. These concentrations include Nuclear Engineering, Nano-engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Integrated Manufacturing Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electric Power Engineering, Electrical Engineer, Computer Science, Computer Networking, Civil Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. Many of NC State’s online graduate programs in engineering do not require a thesis.

North Carolina State University is a public institution of higher learning that was established in 1887 under the Morrill Land Act. NC State holds the distinction as a land grant, sea grant, and space grant university. NC State is located near Duke University and The University of North Carolina. Together, these three schools create what is known in the education community as the ‘Research Triangle.’

Degrees: NCSU Engineering Online offers you a choice of 16 nationally ranked online graduate programs

21. Villanova University  — Villanova, PA

Villanova University’s College of Engineering offers numerous online Engineering Masters degrees in the engineering fields of Biochemistry, Environment, Mechanics, Electrics, Cybersecurity, Civil, and Computer Engineering. Villanova’s distance-learning ‘E-learning’ program provides convenience and scheduling flexibility for busy professionals. Students can complete the degree generally in three years — when taking one course per term. Villanova University is recognized among the top online graduate engineering degree programs in the country.

Villanova University was established in 1842. The school is a private institution of higher learning dedicated to research that operates with six schools and colleges. Villanova University is affiliated with the Roman Catholic (Augustinian) Church. Villanova’s 250+-acre suburban campus is home to nearly 11,000 students and is about ten miles from downtown Philadelphia. The school’s campus is home to more than 1,500 trees as it was once an arboretum.

Degrees: 9 master’s available through the e-learning program

22. The University of California Riverside (Bourns COE) – Riverside, CA

The University of California—Riverside’s (UC Riverside) Bourns College of Engineering offers six online Masters in Engineering degree programs. These include Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineers, Electrical Engineering, Nano-scale Materials, Bioengineering, and Data Science.

The University of California–Riverside was established in 154. UC Riverside is a space grant and land grant university with two campuses — Riverside and Palm Desert. UC Riverside is one of ten member schools that make up the University of California system. Together, both campuses are home to nearly 23,300 students studying for degrees issued by six schools/colleges and a variety of divisions dedicated to interdisciplinary studies.

Degrees: UCR offers 6 different engineering concentrations online

23. Ohio University (Russ College) – Athens, OH

Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering & Technology offers three online engineering masters degree program  a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Master of Engineering Management, and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. These online engineering masters programs can be completed entirely online. Ohio University full-time faculty members teach online classes, in addition to their on-campus course load. Each Ohio University online graduate degree program is typically completed in as little as 24 months. Qualified applicants may be able to waive Ohio University’s GRE requirement submission.

Ohio University (Russ College) was established in 1804 and the first institution of higher learning to be chartered in the state of Ohio. Additionally, Ohio University is the oldest school in the state of Ohio and the eighth oldest public institution of higher learning in the nation. Ohio University’s student enrollment nears 35,000 across all campuses.

Degrees: Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Master of Engineering Management

24. Mississippi State University (Bagley) – Mississippi State, MS

Mississippi State University’s (MSU) James Worth Bagley College of Engineering offers an online Masters in Engineering in five concentrations. These include Civil, Computational, Aerospace, Industrial & Systems, and, Electrical & Computer engineering programs. Each engineering graduate program has a corresponding doctoral degree program for students who wish to continue their studies. Mississippi State University sponsors/funds student travel for conferences, travel to awards’ banquets, or to represent the College of Engineering.

Mississippi State University was established in 1878 under the Morrill Land Act. Mississippi State University operates with two campuses in Mississippi State and Starkville and from twelve schools and colleges. Together, nearly 22,300 students are enrolled in MSU. MSU offers a lecture series with previous speakers of Condoleezza Rice, Spike Lee, John Grisham, and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. The school offers students to earn a monthly stipend/credit by earning a position in the Assistantships Program. 

Degrees: 7 engineering master’s available through distance learning

25. Kansas State University – Manhattan, KS

Kansas State University’s (KSU) Carl R. Ice College of Engineering offers numerous online Masters in Engineering in the following fields — Operations Research, Civil, Chemical, Nuclear, Software, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, and Engineering Management. When eligible, students are permitted by KSU to transfer up to 10 previously earned college credits. US News recognizes Kansas State University’s online graduate engineering programs among the top twenty in the country. Each student is given six years to complete the 30-credit unit coursework required for graduation. The majority of students who complete this program, do so, by taking one or two classes per semester.

Kansas State University is a public institution of higher learning established in 1863 under the Morrill Land Act. KSU holds the distinction of being the first higher learning institution in the state of Kansas. The school is a flagship, space grant, Land Grant University that is home to nearly 22,300 students. Manhattan, KS is an urban college town. The school’s mascot is Willie the Wildcat.

Degrees: 9 engineering master’s available online

Will I Make More Money with a Master’s in Engineering?

Students finishing their bachelors in engineering may wonder if a masters in engineering worth it regarding the time, investment, and salary potential. Those holding their MBA, Masters of Business Administration, stand a better chance regarding earning upper-level management positions and higher salaries. The masters in engineering salary you receive, however, is dependent on a variety of factors. For example, when looking at the factors for mechanical engineering salary masters vs. bachelors, they include whether you opt for a bachelor’s or masters degree in engineering. Other factors include your career in engineering, how many years of experience you have and your location.

According to PayScale, those who hold their masters in mechanical engineering earn an average masters in engineering salary of $83,000 annually. If students opt to stick with their bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, Payscale reports that they’ll earn an average of $78,000 per year. While some may not believe the master’s in engineering salary isn’t that much higher, there are many opportunities for career growth in comparison to those holding their bachelor’s degree. For example, some of the career choice for those holding their bachelor’s degree may see a top pay of $84,000. However, a master’s in engineering salary could amount to as much as $135,900 depending on the job title.

What Will I Learn in an Online Master’s in Engineering Program?

When students enter the online engineering degree program, they don’t have to worry about there being a lack of quality. They’ll find this is especially true when they spend time researching the best engineering masters programs. Students can find the best engineering masters degrees online by first deciding what area they want to concentrate in, and then looking at what the schools have to offer. For example, when looking at the masters in engineering requirements, they should be in-line with the student’s educational goals, objectives, and outcomes. If they aren’t, then it’s possible the student isn’t looking at a school offering the best engineering masters for them specifically.

What are some potential masters in engineering requirements, as well as common courses? When researching the best engineering masters degrees online, students will find that specific courses will depend on the degree program’s focus. For example, online students participating in Arizona State University’s online Master of Science in Engineering Program who have a concentration in software engineering are required to take three core courses, a course for their concentration, electives, and complete a final thesis or an applied project. Those earning Oregon State University’s online master’s degree through Ecampus’ engineering management program take classes with a broader focus on engineering, as well as those that teach them management skills. Students receiving this degree find it valuable if they’re pursuing careers as engineering managers or chief engineers.

Do I Have to Have a Bachelor’s in Engineering to Get a Master’s?

If you’re a non-engineering student, there are engineering master programs for non-engineering majors available if you have a science background. For example, the LEAP (Late Entry Accelerated Program) is one that makes it possible for students who have non-engineering backgrounds to receive their online engineering masters no GRE. Those who pursue this degree typically hold undergraduate degrees in business, psychology, education, natural sciences, English, music, fine arts, and other diverse fields. LEAP students will work with college administrators to build an engineering foundation that may include some undergraduate coursework. That way, students can prepare themselves for moving forward to working on their online master of engineering coursework.

If students are looking at a different online master of engineering programs, they’ll find that many schools offer what is referred to as bridge programs to non-engineering students. That way, these students can get up to speed before entering the master’s program. Each of these programs varies in length and can take up to two years to complete. What’s more, those who participate in a non-engineer major program will receive the same masters of engineering degree as those who obtained their undergraduate degree in engineering. Therefore, students who participate in engineering masters programs for non-engineers will find the same benefits.

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