Education administrators are the leaders of a school who run the business end of education. Principals, deans, admissions directors and college or university presidents are all examples of education administrators. They are responsible for the staffing, procedures, budgeting and many other daily concerns in a school or school system.

Education Administrator Qualifications Overview

This quick view list provides an overview of the qualifications necessary to become an education administrator:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education (or related)
  • Master’s degree in Education Leadership or Administration
  • Teaching Certification
  • Teaching Experience
  • Principal Certification

Read on for an in-depth look at the field of education administration.

Desired Skills

An effective school administrator will be an expert at time management, have excellent communication skills and a mind for business to grow the school and meet goals. He or she will also need to have complex problem solving skills. Setting, meeting and exceeding goals are huge components of education administration because you will be required to grow the population, test scores and many other aspects of education in your school.


All education administration jobs will require some teaching experience. It would be most helpful if you have a record demonstrating student growth within your classroom. In order to receive your principal certification you will be required to participate in a field experience similar to student teaching as well. Many, but not all, positions in colleges and universities will require experience teaching and leading public schools.

Education and Licensing

To become an education administrator in public schools in most states, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in either education or a major relating to a 7-12 grade school subject you will teach, a teaching certificate or license, a Master’s degree (or higher) in education leadership or administration and a principal’s certificate or license. Most requirements to work in private schools or higher education (colleges and universities) will be the same for education but the licensing requirements may vary based on the organization. Having some experience in public schools may make you a better candidate for either of these fields as well.

Career Possibilities

The types of jobs you can attain as an education administrator include:

  • Principal
  • Superintendent
  • Professor
  • Headmaster
  • Dean
  • Director of School
  • College or University President

The field of education is expected to grow steadily. More and more children are going into preschool and more and more young adults are going to college. These two facts lend great confidence to the field of education administration growing. Salaries will vary depending on the position, location and organization. Principals of a public school can expect to make between $60,000 and $94,000 or more! Working as a professor or dean of a college or university can earn you between $75,000 and $135,000 per year depending on the position. College or university presidents can easily expect to earn six figure salaries.

Final Thoughts

The field of education administration is in high demand and will continue to grow. If you have a passion for education and want to improve it in your local community, this may be the perfect field for you. While the salaries appear high, it is important to remember these are all professions which will require dedication, determination, long hours and lots of problem solving. You will definitely be earning your salary!