cheapest masters degree in usaWorking adults and mid-career professionals all over the US are going back to school to earn their master’s degrees. It’s not just a matter of showing up your competition on the job market; in many professions and career paths, a master’s degree is a necessity to advance into higher, better-paying positions. In some careers, it may even be an entry-level standard. But if you’re already in the workforce, you may not have time to be a full-time student, or have the money to quit your job and concentrate on school. For you, an online master’s degree – and a cheap master’s degree online – is the smartest choice.

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Where are the Cheapest Master’s Degrees Online?

By far, the best return on investment is going to come from regional public universities. Why are they the most affordable graduate schools? For one, their regional mission is focused on providing educational opportunity for the most people possible, primarily those who live in the area. That means they keep tuition rates low to make their programs more accessible. In addition, regional public universities don’t have the name recognition to charge premium tuition prices, but they still have the resources of a public university or research institution, so the quality of education vs the cost of tuition comes out at a very favorable ratio. For a cheap master’s degree online, then, look to the universities off the beaten path that really care about your needs.

Ranking the Most Affordable Graduate Schools

To decide what universities offered the most affordable graduate programs, Best Master’s Programs didn’t just look to the cheapest master’s degrees; we looked to cheap master’s degrees online that combine low tuition with high quality. To rank the best, cheapest master’s degrees, we used three sets of data:

  • Cost (IPEDs data)
  • Reputation (Niche score)
  • Return (College Scorecard alumni salary)

All of the most affordable graduate schools ranked here are regionally accredited, reputable universities that have proven for years, even generations, that they put students first.

1. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University<Fort Hays State University began in 1902 as an extension campus of Emporia State University, which was then the state’s normal school. While it was originally intended as an agricultural college, Fort Hays became a normal school as well. As a normal school, FHSU, like Emporia State, was focused on teacher training for the Kansas school system, growing from a 2-year program to a full four-year university over the next century. Today, Fort Hays State is a key part of Kansas’ higher education system, as the third-largest university in the state, and offers valuable professional programs in everything from health to business to agriculture.

Fort Hays State’s online degree programs are some of the most affordable graduate programs in the nation, growing from the Department of Continuing Education and Learning Technology. Beginning in 1999, Fort Hays State consolidated its online degree programs into a Virtual College that has become a model for how public universities can meet students’ needs. Fort Hays State works with military students, community colleges, and more, and well over 5000 students attend class at Fort Hays in a fully online format.

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Number of Online Programs: 17

2. Texas A&M Commerce

Texas A&M CommerceEstablished in 1889, Texas A&M University-Commerce is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the state of Texas. Located in Commerce, TX, the university has earned a reputation for offering accredited and highly respected programs for regional students, a factor that saw it enroll upwards of 12,000 students as of fall 2016. The mission of the university is to provide an accessible, personal, quality and affordable educational experience to learners in order to prepare them for innovation, service, and leadership in today’s dynamic world.

The various Texas A&M University-Commerce online master’s degree programs are designed to be affordable and offer prospective graduate students convenience. The school offers the online program in a number of its colleges. Those who wish to pursue their master’s degree at the institution will have the option of choosing between programs that are available in an entirely online format and blended programs. Regardless of the format a student prefers, they will have the skills required to advance or change their career. Although the university has some of the cheapest master’s degrees in the country, the courses are known for their proven job market reputation.

Number of Online Programs: 23

3. University of West Georgia

University of West GeorgiaA comprehensive doctoral-granting university, the University of West Georgia is a public university that was founded in 1906. Situated in Carrollton, the university has been ranked severally among the best by The Princeton Review, owing to the dedicated faculty, academic diversity and a wide range of quality academic programs offered. Therefore, it is understandable that the university remains a leader in providing a higher level education in the United States. University of West Georgia’s athletics teams are commonly known by the nickname Wolves, with blue and red being the official school colors of the university.

University of West Georgia’s master’s level programs are mostly available fully online. The online academic programs allow learners the option of choosing the format that works best for them and fits into their schedule. In comparison to face-to-face sessions, completing the degree online means that students end up paying much less to pursue their master’s. Some of the programs that are available as fully online only include Nursing, Special Education and Teaching, Applied Computer Science, Early Childhood Education and Public Administration. With the affordable tuition fees, all the master’s degrees have a high return on investment for graduates.

Number of Online Programs: 14

4. New Mexico State University

New Mexico State UniversityHaving been founded in 1888, New Mexico State University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in New Mexico. Over the years, the research institution has grown to become a premier university not only in the state but also in the nation. The university was placed at position 198 among national universities in the US by The US News & World Report. Today, the institution has a main campus and four community colleges, facilities that allow it to offer a total of 58 master’s degree programs. The university that has crimson and white as its school colors focuses on helping students to define the course of their success.

New Mexico State University’s hybrid and fully online master’s degree programs are spread across the different colleges including Arts and Sciences, Health and Social Services and Engineering. One of the reasons why the university is popular among prospective students is because it is known as one of the most affordable graduate schools. In addition, the university ensures affordability without compromising on the quality of education. By the time students successfully complete the courses and graduate, they will have the skills required in the job market to deliver an impressive ROI.

Number of Online Programs: 18

5. West Texas A&M University

West Texas A&M UniversityAn institution that was formerly known as West Texas State, West Texas A&M University is a public university that was established in 1910. Located in Canyon, TX, the university that started as a state-funded teacher college has developed remarkably since its early years. Currently, the institution of higher education features state-of-the-art facilities, decorated professors, award-winning academic programs and vibrant research, all of which come together to ensure proper education. With a total of 39 master’s programs, the institution is a strong community that remains dedicated to its motto “Vision. Truth. Valor.” The official school colors by which the school brands itself are maroon and white.

In terms of low tuition, West Texas A&M University’s hybrid and fully online master’s degree programs are some of the most affordable graduate programs anywhere. This means that there are different ways through which planned instruction occurs and students complete the required coursework. Some of the graduate programs that prospective career-changing professionals can consider include master’s degrees in counseling, educational leadership, engineering, finance and economics, masters of business administration as well as instructional design and technology. Apart from affordability, an online master’s degree at West Texas A&M University will prepare graduates for the job market by equipping them with relevant knowledge and skills.

Number of Online Programs: 16

6. University of Wyoming

University of WyomingThe University of Wyoming is located in Laramie and has been operational for well over 130 years. The institution is made up of several colleges and has sought to distinguish itself as a premier university that delivers its programs through the use of technology. The school is also known for its accredited College of Business as well as the notable alumni that have benefited from the respected academic programs offered at the university. Since 1886, University of Wyoming has been committed to providing an unbeatable student experience through its beautiful campus and cutting-edge learning facilities. The university whose athletic teams are nicknamed cowboys and cowgirls has brown and gold as the official school colors.

Through the University of Wyoming’s online master’s degrees, prospective and current students can take advantage of the opportunities associated with distance learning. Whether prospective students are looking to sharpen their professional craft, rise to administrative positions, learn how to integrate technology in delivering services or advance their careers, the distance education programs will offer them an affordable way of achieving their dreams. Students will cover a wide range of courses and have access to academic support from dedicated faculty. All these factors make this public flagship university a great alternative to cheap private colleges in the United States.

Number of Online Programs: 15

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7. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman's UniversityFounded in 1901 and located in Denton, TX, Texas Woman’s University is a comprehensive research and doctoral university regularly named the top public women’s college in the nation. The university has over 500 full-time faculty spread across all its six colleges. One of the factors that set Texas Woman’s University apart is the nationally recognized academic programs offered at the institution. The different degrees feature relevant curriculum content and are designed to prepare learners for today’s modern job market. With a student-faculty ratio that promotes excellence in education and research, the institution is the largest university in the US that focuses primarily on women. The official colors of the school are maroon and white.

Texas Woman’s University’s fully online and hybrid master’s degrees are some of the cheapest graduate programs in America. With a fully online format, a graduate-level program will be earned 100% online. On the other hand, a hybrid format allows students to cover much of their coursework online, with a few on-campus courses to go with it. Even as learners pursue their courses online, they will have access to curriculum materials and lectures. This makes it convenient and affordable for them to study and complete their chosen master’s degree programs. Low tuition and high ROI make these courses worth considering for prospective graduate students.

Number of Online Programs: 26

8. North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State UniversityNorth Carolina A&T State University is a public and research university and a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina. The institution, located in Greensboro, was established in 1891. Today, it is a well-recognized for the highly respected degrees it offers, research activities, and the employable graduates it produces. The university offers 30 degree programs at the master’s level, enjoying success in the various disciplines. With “Mind and Hand” as its motto, this university continues to adapt to become a school with community-focused initiatives and one that is fit for the 21st century and beyond.

North Carolina A&T State University’s graduate online degree programs are designed to help learners grasp the basic essentials of their respective disciplines and lay the foundation for enhancing their careers. Even though students may not attend the traditional face-to-face lecture sessions, the school ensures that they interact to form a community as well as the necessary social networks. By the time students are done with the coursework, they will have both the skills they need as well as shared experiences, ideas and lessons with peers in different locations. With distance learning, graduate programs are more affordable and prepare graduates better for the challenges of the future.

Number of Online Programs: 8

9. East Carolina University

East Carolina UniversityEstablished in 1907, East Carolina University is the third-largest university in North Carolina today. The public research university is located in Greenville and has modern academic facilities in all of its six properties. The university’s School of Medicine has been recognized for its research, while the School of Business has consistently been named one of the best business schools in the nation by The Princeton Review. The School of Business has also ranked highly in terms of quality of education and affordability. The school motto “To Serve,” is a short but very powerful statement that guides activities in the various colleges.

With its online graduate degrees, East Carolina University uses technology to ensure that it ranks among the most affordable graduate schools in the country. These programs are delivered both in the United States and internationally, allowing prospective students to apply regardless of where they live or work. All the online programs are approved to ensure that the integrity of the academic degree is protected and to promote consumer protection for all learners. With a master’s degrees in education, nursing, English, Art, among other concentrations, East Carolina University is a convergence point for quality and affordability.

Number of Online Programs: 51

10. Arkansas State University

Arkansas State UniversityArkansas State University, otherwise known as A-State, is a public research institution of higher education that was established in 1909. The university was founded as a regional agricultural training school but has recorded remarkable growth over the years, with a number of notable people affiliated with the school. Although master’s degree programs started in 1955, the university currently offers a number of degrees at the graduate level. Indeed, A-State continuously embraces the past while imagining the future. With a mission to educate future leaders, enhance intellectual growth and enrich lives, the mission of the school is in line with the school motto “Educate, Enhance, Enrich”.

The online graduate programs at Arkansas State University are designed to prepare learners for the opportunities that lie ahead of them. They are also designed with the working professionals in mind, meaning that they are both flexible and accessible. Whether a prospective graduate student wishes to pursue an education graduate program or a professional graduate program, they will benefit from quality education that enhances intellectual growth. Once the student graduates, they will be in a better position to have a positive impact on the community around them. The good news is that these online courses eliminate the need to commute to and from class, making A-State comparable to cheap private colleges in terms of affordability.

Number of Online Programs: 16

11. Missouri State University

Missouri State UniversityOnce known as Southwest Missouri State University, Missouri State University is a public university that was founded in 1905. A university with a mission in public affairs, MSU is currently the second-largest university in the state of Missouri in terms of student enrollment. The popularity of the higher education institution is partly because of its high rankings in education and research. MSU comprises of seven academic colleges and one graduate college and offers over 100 graduate academic programs. Out of these, 16 programs can be pursued and completed fully online. The university that has over 1500 international students at the Springfield campus has maroon and white as the school colors.

Pursuing any of Missouri State University’s online graduate academic programs means that students will have a number of accredited, flexible and affordable options from which to choose. The university offers over 10 graduate programs at the master’s level entirely online, making for some of the cheapest master’s degrees in the country. Students interested in advancing their careers in Communication, Business Administration, Nursing, project Management among others can enroll and pursue their studies from the comfort of their home. The fact that the programs are accredited means that they are well-respected in the job market and will increase the employability of graduates.

Number of Online Programs: 14

12. University of Nevada Reno

University of Nevada RenoFounded in 1874, the University of Nevada Reno is a public research university that has earned its place as a top research center in the United States. The institution of higher education has five basic science departments that are nationally recognized. The professional and experienced faculty are also national and worldwide leaders in different fields and disciplines. As such, it is no wonder that UNR is ranked in the top tier by the US News & World Report among both private and public universities in the nation. University of Nevada also does well in sports, with its athletics team commonly referred to as Wolf Pack.

The University of Nevada Reno graduate degree programs blend theory and practice. The master’s degrees are designed for experience professionals who wish to advance in today’s challenging job market. In this regard, a good number of the programs are offered online in order to make offer graduate students the convenience they need as they balance their work and studies. Through distance learning, students will also enjoy an affordable way of enhancing their knowledge, skills and experience in their related fields. With individuals from diverse backgrounds, all UNR master’s degrees have a proven job market reputation.

Number of Online Programs: 5

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13. Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State UniversityKennesaw State University, a public and research-oriented institution, has two primary campuses in Kennesaw and Marietta, GA. The university that was established in 1963 is also part of the University System in Georgia and also one of the 50 largest institutions of higher education in the United States. The institution offers a multitude of academic programs in different fields and has been polled among top universities that have made innovative and promising changes to faculty, students, facilities and academics in general. Kennesaw State University is recognized for its reputation as a leader in innovative teaching and learning.

In order to cater to the needs of prospective graduate students across the nation and the world, Kennesaw State University’s online graduate programs have grown greatly in recent years. The online master’s degrees are available for anyone wishing to advance or change their career in business, computing and software engineering, education, engineering and engineering technology, nursing and social sciences. In addition to low tuition fees, students who pursue these graduate programs can also qualify for financial aid. The university offers students numerous benefits, a factor that has seen it ranked 17th top online college. For students looking for the most affordable graduate schools, KSU is worth considering.

Number of Online Programs: 15

14. University of Nevada Las Vegas

University of Nevada Las VegasThe University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) is located about a mile and one-half from the famous Las Vegas Strip. UNLV strives to provide a diverse and daring educational experience for each student. In 2017, the student body exceeded 30,000, of which there were about 4,400 graduate students. The university includes the only law school and dental school in Nevada. UNLV is a great option for those searching for the most affordable graduate colleges. The certificate and degree options are plentiful and cover topics like Public Policy and Leadership, Crisis Management, Nursing, Engineering as well as Environmental and Occupational Health, among others

UNLV’s online degree programs essentially eliminate the more rigid scheduling of on-campus programs, and by doing so, creates a flexible schedule to earn your master’s degree. For those who prefer to learn online and on-campus, UNLV has an optional program based upon a hybrid concept. UNLV participates in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements(SARA) program, but each student should determine if his or her state qualifies.

Number of Online Programs: 6

15. Wichita State University

Wichita State UniversityWichita State University (WSU) was established in 1895 and began with a mission to become a Midwest version of the preeminent school, Vassar College. Currently, WSU is one of only three research schools in the state of Kansas. WSU offers over 100 specialty areas within their 44 master degree programs. With its strong reputation for regional education, WSU is key to professional study and research in the state, providing the Kansas professional workforce with experts in a wide variety of field. WSU offers an immersive online learning experience taught by their celebrated faculty.

Students interested in completing Wichita State’s online accredited master’s degrees will find Blackboard learning platform affordable, adaptable and convenient. The Blackboard learning tool includes a seamless line of communication between a student and professor. Online students receive full-time support from WSU’s Student Success Team. WSU’s online programs are consistently refined using detailed analytics as well as student feedback. Wichita State University’s online learning platform provides learning tools to enrich a student’s master’s degree digital learning experience. The school uses Quality Matters (QM) and Smarter Measure – a readiness evaluation for incoming online students.

Number of Online Programs: 10

16. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State UniversitySam Houston State University (SHSU or SAM) was established in 1879 and is currently the third oldest public institute of higher learning in the state of Texas. SHSU’s 270+ acre campus is located in Huntsville TX, about 70 miles from Houston’s bustling downtown. Sam Houston State University is home to more than 21,000 students. SHSU offers 59 master degree programs, which includes 27 online master’s degree programs. Although some online programs require a lab or class attendance, many other graduate degree programs can be earned exclusively online.

Those applying for SHSU’s online master’s degree programs, do so in the same way those students applying for a more traditional higher education learning programs. Sam Houston State University recognizes the immense investment one makes when financing their graduate studies, and has regularly been named a best value. Sam Houston State University has designed a nationally ranked online master’s degree program at a cost that is considered one of the cheapest master’s degrees in the country. SHSU online master’s degree credit hours are priced the same for part-time, full-time, in-state, or out-of-state students. SHSU online and on-campus programs deliver the same accredited master’s degree.

Number of Online Programs: 27

17. University of North Texas

University of North TexasThe University of North Texas (UNT) is located in Denton TX. This public university includes eleven colleges. UNT was originally founded in 1890 as a private teachers’ college. Eleven years later, the state of Texas formally adopted the school as a university. UNT’s campus is situated within the metropolitan boundaries of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. UNT’s 1200-acre campus is home to about 38,000 students. The school offers significant scholarships – for example in 2011 UNT provided over 2,100 graduate scholarships. In addition to UNT’s intense research mission, the school offers an accredited online master’s degree.

The University of North Texas’s online graduate programs are available in a variety of disciplines that include business, education, health and public service, liberal arts, and hospitality, among others. UNT’s online learning platform provides master’s degree programs that meet the national excellence education benchmarks. Additionally, the University of North Texas offers certain online graduate degrees on an accelerated track for those who wish to speed up the time it takes to earn their graduate degree.

Number of Online Programs: 23

18. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic UniversityFlorida Atlantic University (FAU) is a public institute of higher learning with an 850-acre main campus in Boca Raton, FL and six satellite campuses throughout within three South Florida counties. The Carnegie Foundation has categorized FAU as a research school with elevated research activity. Florida Atlantic University was established by state legislation in 1964 and now holds the distinction as the first public institute of higher learning in southeast Florida. Its current student enrollment exceeds 30,000 and they represent students from every state and 140 different countries. The average age of a graduate student is 33, with 53% of graduate students completing their degree in six years of less.

In addition to the seven campuses, Florida Atlantic University offers graduate online programs in the disciplines of nursing, science, computer science, engineering, business, education and design and social inquiry. FAU’s online graduate degree programs are specifically designed for working professionals who currently hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. FAU’s graduate tuition differs from in-state and out-of state students.

Number of Online Programs: 21

19. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyThe University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) is a relatively new higher learning institution established this century – 2013 to be exact. UTRGV offers 49 different master’s degrees (and 64 different undergraduate degrees) to a student population that exceeds a ratio of 80% Hispanic (88.8% in 2015). Prior to his presidency, in early 2008, President Barack Obama took time out of his busy life to speak to the student population – on campus – regarding the concept of tuition assistance and how to reach for higher paying employment. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley now offers a variety of certificate programs, undergraduate degree and master’s degrees online. Some of the degrees can be earned exclusively online.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley online master’s degree programs are some of the cheapest graduate programs in the Southwest. Students can choose a full access online program track for a traditional sixteen-week semester or a tremendous variety of affordable master’s degrees on the accelerated track covering seven weeks. Impressively, UTRGV is ranked in the top ten online master’s degrees in Business Administration In Financing Planning in the entire country. UTRGV hosts conferences where industry leaders discuss the annual review of online learning excellence. The UTRGV credit hour fees are guaranteed to remain constant for the four years following the student’s start date.

Number of Online Programs: 24

20. Dakota State University

Dakota State UniversityDakota State University (DSU) was established in 1881, eight years before South Dakota even received its statehood. Initially, DSU was founded as a teaching training school on a 64-acre campus just 50 miles from the state’s most populous area, Sioux Falls. From its humble beginnings, DSU has become the home to some of the finest technological driven graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Dakota State University embraces this philosophy in their school motto: “Embrace Innovation.” The DSU campus includes the Smith Zimmermann Heritage Museum.

The Dakota State University online graduate degree programs come from the exceptional online educational division. In 2017, the Dakota State University received the honorable award entitled the Students Before Profits Award. The very same year, SDU ranked as the Best Online Master’s in Health Informatics in the country. DSU’s online learning platform is reputable, convenient, and a low-cost option – especially for students with a great need for a flexible schedule. 76% of DSU’s students receive some sort of financial aid.

Number of Online Programs: 7

21. University of the Cumberlands

University of the CumberlandsUniversity of the Cumberlands (UC) is a private school located in Williamsburg, KY. The school was established by the Kentucky legislature in 1889 as Williamsburg Institute. Until 2005, the school was known as Cumberland College and was considered one of the best affordable private colleges in and around southern Kentucky. Its name is derived from the school’s locale near the Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Falls and the Cumberland River. The University keeps faith-based principles at the heart of its mission to appropriately prepare professional leaders to serve their community. UC’s campus is about 70 miles to the north of Knoxville, TN and about 200 miles to the south of Cincinnati, OH.

University of the Cumberlands online master’s degree programs offer their traditional classroom excellence using an online format. The online graduate learning platform is affordable, flexible and convenient for students with tight schedules. Online academic programs of the graduate level fall within the disciplines of education, business, health science, counseling, IT, criminal justice, and ministry, among others. The cutting-edge learning platform provides modern and practical learning experiences from a nationwide recognized curriculum. UC’s tuition rates are competitive, but vary based on the program. Competitively priced private colleges are hard to come by, but Cumberlands has affordability and value.

Number of Online Programs: 26

22. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech UniversityTexas Tech University (Tech, or TTU) was established in 1923 and is located in Lubbock, TX – a metropolitan regional center that provides a central hub in the matters of health care, education and economy for the northwestern Texas area. Impressively, the endowment of TTU exceeded the $1 billion benchmark in 2014, and continues to grow each year. A large portion of Tech’s 1839 main campus is listed as a property recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. Tech has over one hundred master’s degree programs offered on six different campuses in Texas and one in Seville, Spain.

Texas Tech University online graduate degree programs offer an eLearning experience that falls within the most affordable graduate schools classification. The eLearning platform provided by TTU includes educational programs from kindergarten to high school as well. TTU offers more than 25 online graduate degree programs in the fields of: education, engineering, public administration and data science, among many others. Texas Tech’s online master’s degree programs are supported by Blackboard Learn 9. TTU’s eLearning experience has been ranked as #1 by two industry online oversight companies. Additionally, Texas Tech is recognized as a preferred online school for disabled students.

Number of Online Programs: 31

23. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Northwestern State University of LouisianaNorthwestern State University of Louisiana (NSU) was established as a public school in 1884 by the Louisiana legislature. The school holds the distinction of offering the first ever nursing and business degrees in the state of Louisiana. 2018’s enrollment exceeded 11,000 – the largest in the school’s history. Northwestern State University is the home of first and biggest eCampus (eNSU) in the state of Louisiana. In 2018, five of eNSU’s online programs ranked within the top ten national online schools in the realms of affordability and quality. The eLearning experience offered by Northwestern State University is consistently recognized on a national level by college journals and online guides.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s online graduate programs are generally considered one of the cheapest master’s degrees in southern United States. NSU’s in-state and out-of state students pay the same graduate per credit hour. eNSU’s electronic campus offers flat rate tuition for those students studying online exclusively. eNSU’s offers eight-week courses as a part of the traditional semesters of spring and fall. Summer courses are offered in both four and eight week sessions. This provides the flexibility required for eLearning students.

Number of Online Programs: 30

24. Columbus State University

Columbus State UniversityColumbus State University (CSU) was originally founded as Columbus College in 1958. Seven years later, CSU began offering four-year bachelors and master’s degree programs. CSU’s main campus covers 132 acres in Columbus, GA, with a satellite campus on the edge of Fort Benning. Columbus State University is an approved school through the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). CSU is a partner school within the University System of Georgia’s collaborative effort (eCore) to establish guidelines and improve accessibility for an accepted electronic core curriculum. eCore curriculum is offered by Columbus State University as a sure way to expand and enhance CSU’s online curriculum.

Columbus State University’s online master’s degree program tuition rate (and technology fee) is the same for both out-of and in-state students. Currently, CSU offers nearly 50 different online graduate degree courses. A partial list of disciplines includes: cybersecurity, nurse educator, public administration, education, physics and criminal justice, among many others. CSU’s degree programs are designed to complete the professional certifications of the relevant Georgia licensing board. CSU’s online graduate degree programs are a good fit for working professionals who wish to advance their career while working full-time.

Number of Online Programs: 26

25. Emporia State University

Emporia State UniversityEmporia State University (ESU) was established a few years after Kansas received its statehood, in 1861. The state constitution called for the establishment of a state university. The Princeton Review has ranked ESU as one of the Best Schools in the Midwest. ESU offers many and varied scholarships and about 65 percent of those who wish to earn a master’s degree are the recipient of some kind of need-based financial assistance. Emporia State University’s distance learning options are designed to provide a flexible scheduling option to fit into a grad student’s busy life. There are 31 master’s degree programs taught exclusively online.

Every student studying the intense online curriculum is supported by an online tutoring platform. The online master’s degree programs include Health, Physical Ed and Recreation, Instruction and Curriculum, Special Ed or Early Childhood Ed, plus another 17 online graduate degree programs to choose from. Graduate degree credit hour fees differ based on the student’s residency and specialized programs. ESU offers one of the affordable graduate schools online with a comprehensive and respected list of programs offered at a graduate level.

Number of Online Programs: 30

What About Cheap Private Colleges?

Sure, there are plenty of affordably priced, even cheap private colleges. There are a lot of reasons a private college can keep tuition prices low, such as a large endowment so the school doesn’t depend on tuition revenue. In other cases, tuition can be low because students pay their way by working for the school, or because the college offers generous grants and scholarships. Cheap private colleges are hard to find though; the most affordable graduate schools are usually going to be public.