After earning a Bachelor’s degree, many graduates choose to continue their education and obtain a Master’s degree. This is an exciting next step toward professionalism, but it can be difficult to decide which college to attend. The following questions can help ease the burden and make finding your dream school a breeze.

Would you like to complete your degree online or on campus?

With the rise of technology, many colleges are offering degree programs online. This is a convenient option for people who already have a full time job or who are raising children. Online programs provide a flexible schedule, often allowing students to complete assignments on their own timetable. However, online programs may suit some learners better than others. They typically require students to do a lot of independent reading and self-teaching. Without being able to speak with a professor face-to-face, some students find learning the material a challenge. Of course, this is a personal preference. Many students enjoy learning from books and do not feel they require the lecture hall component. Ultimately, you will need to determine your learning style and what you need to succeed.

Where do you want the school to be located?

If you have decided to go to classes on campus, you will need to decide where your ideal school will be located. Think about where you live now and if you are will to move, then you can begin to seek out schools that meet your regional criteria.

What is your price range?

Unfortunately, this may be the most important question of all. College is a very expensive undertaking, and while a school may be an excellent fit for you academically, it may not be your ideal school financially. You will need to decide how much tuition you can afford and whether or not you are willing to graduate with large student loans.

What is your end goal?

You will need to determine in what area you would like to earn a Master’s degree. Many people choose to continue in their Bachelor’s degree area, but others take a completely new path for their Master’s degree. After you have decided what your major will be, you can begin seeking out schools that offer degree area. Sometimes, it is easier to work backwards, ask yourself what your dream job is, and then figure out what degree you will need to obtain it.

Once you have answered these questions and have narrowed your list of potential schools, you will need to research the schools more specifically. Visit the college’s website and read about what they can offer you. If possible, attend an open house or schedule a campus tour. Visiting the school is the best way to determine if it is a good fit. It will also provide you with the opportunity to talk with students and faculty. If you are unable to visit the school in person, request they send you an information packet. This can often be done through the college’s website, but may require a phone call.

Ultimately, the decision is yours; have fun and good luck.