Online Christian masters degrees offer a level of flexibility and affordability, while fulfilling course credits in an accredited online graduate program. A Christian masters degree online is an excellent option for those individuals who are looking for academic excellence that syncs with their career direction or focus. Online Christian programs are not just for those students who want to become pastors. Missionaries, or other religiously oriented career options. Students pursue online graduate degrees from Christian colleges and universities across a wide range of topics and areas of concentration.

Why is the Online Christian Masters Degree So Popular?

Approximately 66% of graduates from college identify as Christian, according to the Pew Research Center. Christian colleges and universities have been on the rise, with a 18% upsurge over the last few decades according to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Reports from US News & World Report show that the increase in enrollment to online Christian graduate schools point to several important factors. Here are just a few of the reasons online Christian graduate degrees are on the uptick.

Affordability: The cost of education is always a factor with any online graduate programs, with online Christian masters degrees. Christian universities and colleges offer many options for affordable online degree programs in Education, Communications, Fine Arts, Business, International Studies and Languages, and Social Science. In many cases, the cost for online graduate programs at Christian colleges and universities is below the national average.

Technology: The latest technology supports fast and reliable connection for online learning. With a knack for troubleshooting and online networking, students who pursue a Christian masters degree online gain a level of knowledge and experience that is useful in nearly any area of career focus or concentration.

Affiliation: The identified religious association is a factor in why students pursue Christian online graduate degrees at certain colleges or universities. The choice of a Christian college or university can relate to a career direction or focus, but other factors may involve lifestyle preferences and ethical decisions. Christian colleges and universities typically accept students regardless of religious affiliation or belief.

Primary Education: There are about 2.5 million students in homeschooling, and the numbers are on the rise. Particularly with faith-based homeschooling situations, the students are statistically more likely to pursue a Christian masters degree online. An online graduate program is a good option for those students who prefer an alternative learning environment. That preference may have first been identified with the homeschooling experience.   

Academic Excellence: The quality of an online Christian masters degree has continued to improve, which has further contributed to the increasing popularity of online Christian graduate schools. The professor are experts in their fields of major study, and the programmatic focus of the Christian graduate degrees support the student’s preferred career trajectory.

Flexibility: Online Christian graduate degrees offer flexibility, so that students can pursue their advanced degree while working and fulfilling their other personal and professional responsibilities. The online programs also make it possible for students to attend classes from virtually anywhere in the world at any time, with accelerated learning options available.

Networking Opportunity: When students pursue a Christian masters degree online, it’s an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who are pursuing similar goals. The best online Christian colleges and universities are leaders in distance learning, with decades of dedication in training future leaders.

Online Christian graduate degree programs are flexible and dynamic virtual classroom experiences. They are designed to facilitate lively discussions. Online coursework requires a higher level of motivation, but it also translates to greater opportunities for personal development. Savvy students can take full advantage of the unique online circumstances.

What are the Most Popular Online Christian Graduate Degrees?

The most popular Christian online graduate programs in Liberal Arts and Humanities are located at Grand Canyon University, Wayland Baptist University, The General Theological Seminary, Simpson University, Santa Clara University, Houston Baptist University, Denver Seminary, University of Notre Dame, and Stanford University. Most of the 980 colleges and universities with religious affiliations are independent institutions. Churches that support affiliated colleges include Lutherans, Nazarenes, Southern Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, United Church of Christ, Disciples, and United Methodists.

The online Christian masters degree programs support a different kind of educational experience, one that informs the housing options, curriculum, and other aspects of the setting and services. The right online graduate program for each student will depend not only on the career direction they would like to explore, but also the type of experience, setting, and curriculum.

When a student pursues an online Christian masters degree, a certain number of religious courses may be required to be eligible for graduation regardless of the person’s beliefs or church affiliation. Some Christian colleges and universities have morality and character requirements. The online programs support the type of religiously focused experience represented by the school’s mission and purpose.

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