Construction managers are in charge of much more than simply managing a job site. They must be able to schedule and prepare for the delivery of materials, manage laborers, work with independent contractors and continually review compliance and safety guidelines to ensure that all of the work being performed is up to code and meets state and federal standards. Earning an online Master’s in Construction Management ensures that each graduate is able to take on these responsibilities and be an effective leader.

A construction manager’s duties begin long before a project starts. The manager must study the project and make sure that everything is in order prior to the first day of operation. Once the project is in full swing, the list of responsibilities remain in effect until all of the work has been completed and the entire project inspected and approved. Online construction manager degree programs are available that give students everything they need to see a project through from start to finish and ensure that they are valuable members of any team.

How Much Does a Construction Manager Make?

Individuals who have taken the time and initiative to earn a Master’s degree in Construction Management, either online or in a classroom, can expect to make an average salary ranging from $90,000 to $115,000. The earning potential for a new graduate with little to no additional experience may be much lower, but as time passes and they spend more time on the job, their earning potential will also increase. Another way to boost earnings is to return to school and earn a Master’s degree in Construction Management.

Individuals who have been on the job for many years can add to their list of skills and abilities by going back to school and receiving a Certification in Construction Management. For those who want to pursue an actual degree, there are many Construction Management Master’s degree programs that are offered online. The convenience of an online program allows the student every advantage to succeed. Flexible schedules, convenient study times, access to faculty members, and the ability to remain on the job while they are attending school are all benefits that a student will enjoy when returning to class to earn their Master’s degree in Construction Management.

What Are the Benefits of a Certification?

A Certification in Construction Management offers many benefits for anyone who chooses to pursue a career in the construction industry. While most students who choose to pursue a certificate in Construction Management do so to validate their many years of experience, new management candidates often take the certification courses to determine if it is a career they want to continue to pursue. Management within the construction industry is multi-faceted and can be complicated depending on what type of construction you choose to engage in.

For those who have the experience and many of the skills from working in the industry for many years, a certificate in Construction Management can provide them with the credentials they need to move up the ladder and increase their overall earning potential. Certificates are also ideal for helping keep certifications and licenses in good standing. A certain number of continuing education courses are required each year to maintain each one. A certification program can help them accomplish that goal.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Construction Management Degree Online?

Earning your Construction Management Master’s degree online offers a variety of benefits. The flexible schedule allows the student to pursue their education without having to give up their current employment. Earning a degree while continuing to hold down a full-time job allows the student to continually work toward each of their goals without sacrificing one for the other. The earn and learn pathway leads to success at a much faster rate than if a student would have to give up their job to pursue their degree. With the right Master’s in Construction Management degree program, you can pursue almost any management position within the industry.

Another advantage of an online learning format is the option for accelerated learning. Students who choose an accelerated course option means they will be able to complete their degree in much less time than the traditional two years. In most cases, students will be able to graduate in as little as eighteen months giving them an opportunity to apply for higher-paying positions much sooner than if they had waited to graduate from a full degree program. Accelerated degree programs offer the same class curriculum in a more condensed format. Students are still able to study on a flexible schedule and can take advantage of the opportunity to maintain a full work schedule. This makes it possible for them to use the knowledge they learn in class immediately. An online format is beneficial for students at any degree level.

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