Traditional Creative Writing MFA programs were elite, exclusive clubs where writers were trained to publish and teach writing. Today, though, a changed world of publishing and content have made online MFA creative writing programs a choice for thousands of aspiring writers, journalists, poets, and more. A Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is an advanced degree that focuses on the practice of writing in all its art forms. What is a Creative Writing MFA worth in the 21st century?

What Jobs Can You Get with MFA in Creative Writing?

There are many MFA in creative writing jobs, including a marketing director, creative director, executive director, assistant professor, editor, and more. Jobs for MFA creative writing graduates vary based on where the person is located and the type of work they want to do. It’s always important to weigh the pros and cons of getting any degree, but if writing or working in that world is a passion, it’s important to pursue it. Here are a few things to consider if you are searching for MFA creative writing job opportunities:

What’s the end goal? It’s always important to figure out why you want a creative writing MFA and what you wish to do with it. Although this goal should be clear before getting the degree, it’s never too late to figure it out.

Where will your writing style fit? Do you write to teach others? Are you a novelist? Does editing make you smile? All of these are factors to consider when having the creative writing MFA. Your writing style makes all the difference in the type of job being pursued.

What is the risk? There is a chance creative writing MFA jobs aren’t necessarily what someone imagined. It’s important to know and understand how to pivot when things don’t work out as planned. Is the individual willing to risk their training to step out on their own and do something different? The program may not be the type of preparation the student is looking for. These are considerations to think about.

How Long is a Creative Writing MFA Program?

This depends on the school and area of concentration the student chooses. In most cases, this degree can be completed in two to three years. This program is designed to demonstrate to students how to be critical in their reading, experiment with different types of stories and languages, hone their craft, use their imagination, understand the publishing industry and receive feedback on the styles and types of writing that interest the student.

Writing as a Profession

You’ll find a number of students with creative writing MFAs working in writer’s rooms and other areas. While this degree may be seen as one that helps students attain their dreams of becoming an author, the jobs for MFA in creative writing people seek may not be as available as others. The MFA in creative writing is just a foundational tool for individuals who want to take up space in the literary industry in some capacity.

The great thing is, there are a number of roles that aren’t in the literary industry where this degree can be beneficial. Consider working in a technical capacity where individuals write manuals and other things for governmental agencies. Additionally, copywriters work for all industries – this is a great segway into doing that in a professional capacity. Copywriters also have flexibility and variety in what they do.

One of the greatest things about writing as a profession is that words are EVERYWHERE. No matter what industry it is, there is a position that needs someone who has a creative flair and a way with words. From advertisements to blogs and other articles, someone with a creative writing MFA would fit in. There are also opportunities for these degree holders to work as advisors on what to write, how it should be written, and the way the audience should be reacting.

Is an MFA in Creative Writing Worth It?

For individuals who want to work in publishing or have a desire to become full-time writers, the MFA in Creative Writing is a good path. Many individuals with this degree also become instructors at the college level. There are pros and cons to having any degree, but individuals who want to remain in the writing profession or literary field in some capacity can’t go wrong.

There is never a shortage of opportunity for individuals who have a creative writing MFA. While many people don’t understand the types of opportunities available, this can be a very lucrative career path that utilizes the skills learned from being in a creative writing MFA program. Foundation is the first step in being successful, and this degree provides the concepts to critically think and help position organizations to do things differently.


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