Every entity in both the public and private sector are taking cybersecurity very seriously in the modern age. The need for cybersecurity professionals has created several advanced jobs in cybersecurity, which require higher education – specifically a Master’s in Cybersecurity.

Is Cyber Security a Good Career?

A glance at a cyber security careers list will reveal that businesses large and small seek cyber security professionals. The government also makes heavy use of cyber security personnel. Those with the skill, knowledge, and education can find more advanced Masters in Cyber Security jobs out there as well. However, people will want to ask is cyber security a good career. A cyber security careers list may show several jobs from basic to Master’s in Cyber Security jobs. But an applicant will likely want to know what makes cyber security a good career or worth the effort to achieve advanced jobs and salary.

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Cyber security is an excellent and growing career. Cyber security isn’t just one thing, it’s a very diverse field that offers numerous opportunities. The diversity of the field also means advanced jobs can consist of anything from maintaining data integrity to monitoring networks for attacks, and practically anything else involving the protection of important information networks and systems. One of the most advanced cybersecurity careers is cybersecurity management.

What Are Cybersecurity Management Careers?

Cybersecurity management jobs represent elite positions for Master’s level cyber security professionals. As the title suggests, those in cybersecurity management and policy jobs will direct data protection services for government and private entities.

Cybersecurity management jobs will entail establishing cybersecurity management programs, training employees in cybersecurity, and generally making sure the integrity of IT systems remain intact and free from abuse. In some cases, cyber security training for executives or other upper tier personnel will also fall to the cybersecurity management professional.

Cybersecurity management jobs often come from corporations and public institutions who need guidance and expertise. These cybersecurity management and policy jobs come with a lot of responsibility and inherent trust. Because of the importance of these duties, cybersecurity management professionals often earn very good salaries.

Obtaining a Cybersecurity Management Master’s degree is the first step towards a cybersecurity management career. As cybersecurity represents multiple disciplines in one, many curriculums will reflect that. For example, a course can emphasize not just cybersecurity and information systems, but also things like business, criminal justice, ethics, public policy, and psychology.

Specializations also exist. Some cybersecurity management programs have a heavier focus on leadership or risk management, while another curriculum will spend more time on technology and computer engineering.

It can help an applicant to have an idea of what field they would like to work in or what kind of cyber security management jobs they would before they choose a Master’s degree program.

How Much Can I Make with a Cybersecurity Master’s?

What makes a Masters in Cyber Security worth it is the ability to take leadership roles among several available cybersecurity careers. The Masters in Cyber Security salary will still depend on the variances that govern salary for any type of occupation. Demand, location, experience, and other factors will determine a Masters in Cyber Security salary.

So, asking is a Masters in Cyber Security worth it will typically depend. Nevertheless, the main thing that absolutely does make a Cyber Security Master’s worth it is the nature of cybersecurity itself.

Technology changes constantly and the demand for cybersecurity professionals increases each time it does. That alone means no matter what, a Cybersecurity Management and Policy salary will only grow with time and need.

In addition, the value associated with Masters level cybersecurity experts means that an applicant can always find the next job or higher pay, and this is especially true for contractors. As of right now, according to Glassdoor, the average cybersecurity Masters salary sits at $93.3k. In addition, some types of cybersecurity jobs pay far, far more than others.

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