There are many types of data science jobs, and they are some of the highest-paying careers possible with a master’s. Data science as an industry also includes jobs in big data analytics: Data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engine, and data science generalist. These jobs run the gamut between data science and data analytics. Data engineers and machine learning engineers develop the questions that are needed when trying to resolve certain situations. With the right questions in place, a solution can be found that allows companies to use the data a company has to its best advantage.

What Are the Most Popular Jobs in Data Analytics?

IT systems analyst, operations analyst, data engineer, data analytics consultant, and digital marketing manager are big data analytics jobs that are increasing in popularity. Data analysts, no matter what form they take, work to help companies use the data they collect to find effective advertising strategies, organize records (especially helpful in the legal and medical fields), and finding ways to analyze data that is collected through research and come to a viable conclusion. A generic data analytics job description would be someone who sorts, categorizes and applies information that is gained through the questions asked in a digital environment.

What are the Most Popular Entry-Level jobs in Data Analytics?

Data analytics consultant and project managers are just two of the entry-level data analytics jobs that can kick start your career in data management. Digital marketing managers work with strategists to find the best possible advertising and marketing plans that will provide the best results for each product. An operations analyst evaluates the processes within a company and analyzes the data they collect to fine-tune the process making it more efficient and more productive overall. The best part of entry-level jobs in data analytics is that you can work at these jobs and gain experience while you are taking classes for your Master’s degree online.

What Are The Best Jobs in Data Science?

Data scientists, data architects, and data engineers are three of the best jobs in data science. Data scientists work to create questions that will produce the data that is needed to the answers that are needed to complete whatever the task is that is being worked on. Data architects build the systems by integrating components that are capable of collecting and storing data that is produced through the analyzing software. Data engineers create large processing systems that use the data that has been collected to produce the answers that are needed to complete the project.

How to Get Jobs in Data Analytics and Data Science?

Even if you don’t have a Master’s degree in data science, you can still gain an entry-level position if you have completed the college classes you need to at least move forward with your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. The key to getting the best jobs in data analytics and data science is to pursue an online degree program and find entry-level jobs in data science and analytics and apply for them. The more experience you gain while you are working your way through your college degree program, the more opportunities you will have for advancement once you graduate and receive your degree.

What Are the Top Salaries for Jobs in Data Sciences?

Salaries for many entry-level jobs may vary but when your biggest difference will come when you choose between a career in data analytics and data science. For example, data analysts can make anywhere from $42,000 to $82,000 depending on their experience and their level of education. Data scientists, on the other hand, can make anywhere from $66,000 to $120,000, again based on both experience and level of education.

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