At first glance, the idea of having an information technology MBA seems counterintuitive. You might think that the MBA is a degree in business administration and tends to have little in common with information technology. While business and technology are two separate fields, they need each other for guidance, efficiency, and seamless operations. Getting an MBA for IT combines both fields into one degree and enables an individual to exercise their IT and business knowledge for the betterment of the IT department and the organization. Here are some of the jobs that are ideal for someone who focuses on earning an information technology MBA.

A Look at an MBA in Information Technology

The MBA for IT programs tend to be general in that they don’t have a specific focus on technology. An IT manager MBA program teaches students how to handle common management situations that may arise in a variety of settings as opposed to what an IT manager might encounter. The information technology MBA relies on the student having an undergraduate degree in the computer sciences prior to entering a program for an IT manager MBA. 

The core curriculum for an information technology management MBA can include:

These classes help the MBA student understand how to run the business side of the information technology department in an efficient manner. It also helps the student become effective at handling issues such as budgeting for hardware purchases and managing IT staff as well as having the skills to communicate with upper management. 

Finding Jobs After MBA in Information Technology 

Finding employment after getting an MBA in information technology requires focusing on the type of employment that fits the skills learned in college. Some roles will call upon both the IT and MBA education while others will lean more heavily on one side of the education and touch only a little on the other. For example: working in a role such as managing information systems or enterprise systems deployment requires using what was learned during the undergraduate and MBA degree at different times or in conjunction with one another. In contrast, a role such as data analytics management or project management pulls on existing knowledge of hardware architecture and their systems, but requires actively using the business administration education to solve problems such as logistics, deployment, and bringing the system online in a seamless fashion. 

The range of jobs available for someone who’s earned an information technology MBA vary greatly. Students should examine the types of roles available to them and engage in education that fits with their goals. The MBA in information technology is one that can pay off in terms of high-paying salaries, but the student should make sure that their education path is one that suits them best. 

Should I Get an MBA in Information Technology Online?

The short answer is yes, you should get your MBA in information technology online, especially if you’re employed or want to get a graduate degree and are unable to attend a campus. Many prestigious universities offer an online MBA in information technology degree which is advantageous when it comes to employment. The fact that someone earned their MBA in information technology management through online studies does not diminish the value of the degree to a potential employer. Prominent schools that offer an information technology management MBA are going to provide the same kind of education in an online setting that they would in a classroom. 

Going through an online MBA in information technology offers advantages that an in-person setting can’t provide. Most schools allow you to take the classes at times that are convenient to you, you can engage with fellow students in online forums, and you can talk to the instructor online in order to resolve problems or have questions answered. Students do have to deliver their work in a timely fashion in order to meet deadlines as laid out in the syllabus, but students are not tied to regular attendance for learning.

Salaries for an MBA in Information Technology

According to the BLS, in 2018, the MBA in information technology salary averaged $142,350 per year. The BLS states that the information provided reflects the minimal education required to earn the average salary. However, salaries for someone with an MBA in information technology varies from role to role and pay for each position should be investigated prior to applying. The earning potential is excellent and the industry is poised for fast growth over the next 10 years. 

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