Many people wonder what can I do with an MPA? One of the key aspects of the MPA degree is the versatility of it. MPA jobs exist across the spectrum of industries, and holding an MPA puts job applicants in a good position to take advantage of them.

It’s true an MPA degree typically focuses on the public sector and things like nonprofits. However, MPA jobs in private sector industries are also out there. At any rate, earning a master’s degree is the best way to enhance your career prospects.

What Kind of Public and Private Sector Jobs Can You Get with an MPA?

What can you do with an MPA? For those wondering where can a public administrator work the answer isn’t limited. Some Master of Public Administration jobs and public administration job titles can include:

  • City planners and city managers
  • Local government analysts
  • Marketing specialist
  • Policy analysts
  • Program coordinators
  • Statisticians

Many of these Master of Public Administration careers have a focus in government and other public sector vectors. MPA jobs in private sector verticals can include:

Corporate social responsibility manager
Executive positions
Human resources managers
Management analysts
Marketing managers

Generally, any role that has a corollary between the public and private sector is open to someone with an MPA. Because of that flexibility, MPA jobs aren’t always exactly what people think.

An MPA degree prepares applicants to take on public administration job titles, as well as other positions the degree gave them the skills to handle. In this way, there aren’t many barriers to where can a public administrator work. Applicants must always keep that in mind when looking for Master of Public Administration jobs, since Master of Public Administration careers aren’t limited to just that category.

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How Do You Get a Public Administration Job?

MPA career paths start with an MPA degree. Finding jobs with an MPA will require job applicants to pay close attention to the education requirements of the particular field they’re considering. MPA career paths don’t all have the same requirements and an applicant’s specialization can play a large role.

For example, local government jobs with an MPA may have very different requirements from a federal position or nonprofit MPA career paths. These considerations can become even more important for applicants seeking jobs for MPA graduates with no experience.

Many MPA career paths will require applicants to take part in public administration internships or a government internship program. Even when not specifically required, an internship is ideal for those seeking jobs for MPA graduates with no experience. Sometimes, the internship can exist as part of the graduate program itself.

Applicants who complete an internship while pursuing their degree will find themselves in a far better position when seeking a public sector job with an MPA. Public administration internships or government internship program can also look good for applicants seeking to enter the private sector as well.

Certification is another aspect of gaining certain public administration jobs. Certification is ideal for those who want a career specifically as a Certified Public Manager (CPM). Certification gives the applicant a step up and differentiates them from others who only hold the general degree. Many degree programs include testing for graduate certification as part of the curriculum.

What Are the Salary Expectations in the Public Administration Field?

MPA degree salary outlooks will depend on the sector the applicant plans to go into. With a Master of Public Administration salary can vary from $30k to $60k on average. For those in management or executive positions, the median MPA salary range can start at $90k. It’s one of the best-paying jobs you can get with a master’s degree.

For example, administrative services managers have a median pay of $94k, and that’s with less than a Masters in Public Administration salary. Masters in Public Administration salary will also depend on the location of the applicant. There’s a lot of growth, but that growth changes with location, industry, and position. Top tier earners can definitely see an MPA degree salary over $100k.

This all means that applicants should take a hard look at which industry and position they’re shooting for when considering Master of Public Administration salary. MPA salary can grow exponentially with experience and dedication to an MPA career path.

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