What can you do with a master’s in real estate? Getting a master’s in real estate may seem like a lot of years to learn to be a real estate agent. However, most masters in real estate jobs aren’t agent positions. There are a number of high-level jobs in the real estate industry that you can get with this master’s. These masters of real estate jobs include real estate asset manager, real estate broker, investment manager and real estate business development manager. 

Real Estate Asset Manager

A real estate asset manager takes on the responsibility of managing a company’s or organization’s real estate holdings. Companies and orgs that rent or own a lot of properties often have these masters in real estate jobs available. The asset manager handles much of the work surrounding renting and owning properties. These include negotiating leases, creating and managing budgets, real estate acquisitions and sales and more. They analyze the financial condition of the real estate assets and give the property owners advice about how the value can be raised to get more when it is sold or rented. It is not legally required to have a master’s for this position, but it is generally looked for when companies are looking to fill this position. 

Real Estate Broker

These jobs that require a master’s in real estate are similar to real estate agents. They work on both selling and buying residential and commercial real estate. They can work independently, or they may have their own real estate agency that employs multiple real estate agents. Real estate brokers are also needed to create property lists of properties for sale. This includes documenting the locations of these for-sale properties and listing the features of each of them. They prepare purchasing agreements and prepare a number of different real estate documents.

Real estate brokers need extra coursework in a number of disciplines, including the study of insurance, ethics, taxes and more. They also have strict licensing requirements that require them to pass a broker’s exam and to become licensed. 

Investment Manager

These masters in real estate development jobs are highly sought-after for their high growth rate and high salaries. An investment manager in the real estate industry provides support for a real estate team by analyzing the process of those investments. A master’s in real estate gives candidates a higher level of understanding of investment significance and real estate values. Investment managers analyze valuation, make financial models and perform a risk analysis that all serve to inform the company of the value of a real estate property. Generally, they expand the company’s investment opportunities. They build networks, use current contracts and help to build relationships between different stakeholders, including consultants, attorneys and brokers. 

Real Estate Business Development Manager

These are also highly sought-after masters in real estate development jobs with high pay and great stability. These jobs that require a master’s in real estate handle many different real estate projects at the same time. They must have excellent organizational skills and must be able to find and suggest improvements to the operation of a real estate business. They work to create and maintain relationships, including those between real estate developers and their tenants as well as other important contacts. They are often the ones who make the first impression with potential customers, and they have to make sure it’s a great one.

They both prepare and review the funding requests that come in, create the ensuing contracts and make sure that the finances are precise and accurate. They have a high level of knowledge of real estate and are perfect for these masters in real estate jobs.

Masters in Real Estate Development Jobs

What can you do with a master’s in real estate? Plenty. There are always companies looking for job candidates that have a high level of knowledge and understanding of real estate ventures. Getting a master’s in real estate sets you apart from the many, many job candidates that only have a real estate license. And with a master’s, you can either work for yourself or work for an established company. You have more choices when it comes to job opportunities and have the knowledge that you need to have to perform those jobs with accuracy. The type of job that you choose to pursue may be all about numbers, it may have a heavy human-relationship component or it may be more about the properties themselves and getting them sold. With your education, you can have the choice.

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