online health masters programsWhen you want to work in the healthcare industry, a master’s degree in health science offers opportunities to start a career in the industry. The degree program encourages students to learn decision-making skills and critical thinking skills, as well as skills that directly relate to their potential work in the healthcare industry.

An online masters in health science is a good choice for students who have personal obligations or job responsibilities that limit their ability to keep up with traditional classes. The key difference between online masters in health sciences programs and traditional programs is the learning environment. Students in the online courses receive the same education as their peers; however, they are able to work on course material from the comfort of home. It also allows students to work on their degrees when it fits their schedules.

How We Ranked the Best Online Master’s in Health Science Programs

To rank the best master’s in health science online programs in the US, Best Master’s Programs editors focused on accredited, reputable institutions offering fully online or hybrid options for busy working adults. With our initial pool in place, we then ranked programs according to realistic factors including tuition rate, student satisfaction, and salary potential for graduates. Data comes from College Scorecard, IPEDS, and Niche.

1. Medical University of South Carolina – Charleston, SC

The Medical University of South Carolina provides an excellent location to earn a Master’s of Science in Health Informatics. In the Health Informatics program, students become comfortable working with data. They examine data, learn the most efficient ways to work with that data, and then translate that knowledge into excellent patient care. This program makes a great choice for those who want to earn an online master’s in health science.

The Medical University of South Carolina’s focus is exclusively on healthcare. As an exclusively medical school, it has become a great place for students who want to heighten their healthcare knowledge. As a leader in research, the school brings innovative technology into its classes and beyond. Courses are taught by talented faculty members who have plenty of real-world experience to back up their courses. MUSC Health is the #1 ranked hospital in South Carolina.

Degree: MS in Health Informatics

2. University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

The Master’s of Healthcare Innovation from the University of Pennsylvania Is a great Master’s in Health Science online. The program helps current healthcare professionals recognize and analyze trends in the world of healthcare. As a result, students learn how to be proactive parts of the future of healthcare. As healthcare technology evolves, patients will need people who can handle and work with that technology. This program helps to meet that need.

The University of Pennsylvania is a thriving school that values academic challenge, community, and entrepreneurial thinking. The school creates opportunities for its students. The name alone can help students get their foot in the career door, given that it is so widely respected. With thriving science programs, including an excellent healthcare program, the University of Pennsylvania can take student goals to new heights. The University of Pennsylvania substitutes grants for loans, meaning less debt for students after they graduate.

Degree: Master of Healthcare Innovation

3. Excelsior College – Philadelphia, PA

The Health Sciences degree from Excelsior College provides an in-depth look into the technological side of healthcare. What makes this program such a great online Master’s in Health Science option?  One reason comes from the emphasis on communication. Yes, the degree does focus on some highly technical subjects. That said, students also learn how to communicate important healthcare information on a level that patients can understand for themselves. Another reason, of course, is the fact that it simply provides  a deep and challenging education. Overall, this health sciences degree makes a great choice for a lot of students.

Excelsior College is a non-profit, fully online college. It provides a robust learning experience and a connection to fellow online learners. Because it is entirely online, the professors at this school are experts in online teaching. There is no learning curve for these teachers, so students don’t have to experience delays in their education as their teachers get used to the online format. Excelsior College is generous with its transfer policy, allowing certain life experiences and exam credits to count for courses. As a result, some students may find themselves able to complete their degrees faster.

Degree: MS in Health Sciences

4. University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

The University of Nebraska’s MPH in Health Promotion is an excellent Master’s in Health Science online. Public health workers need a unique combination of medical knowledge, communication skills, creativity, and leadership capabilities. This MPH program helps students to sharpen all of those skills so that they can reach their fullest potential as public health workers. Those who graduate from this program move on to become important assets to healthcare in their communities.

The University of Nebraska has four campuses, one of which is fully online. All of these campuses provide rigorous educational experiences. The online campus in particular makes a good choice for those who have to balance their academic lives with their home and work lives. The online campus professors are fully versed in the art and science of online teaching. As a result, students get the most from their learning process. The University of Nebraska is one of the top 30 public universities in the US for research and development spending.

Degree: MPH in Health Promotion

5. Rutgers University – Newark, NJ

Rutgers University offers an MS in Health Sciences, with the Aging track available fully online. This online Masters in Health Science focuses specifically on gerontology and how healthcare technology intersects with this portion of the population. As the human lifespan increases, there is also an increasing need for healthcare providers who understand elder care and communication. This program does its part to fill in the gap and make sure that everyone gets the health care that they deserve.

Rutgers University makes a great choice for health and science students. It has a research and innovation background that serves the students well. This diverse school takes a well-rounded approach to healthcare education. As it uses some of the latest and best technologies, it also fosters community and connection among its students. Students at Rutgers, including healthcare students, grow their leadership skills as well as their academic skills. College Factual 2018 rated Rutgers #1 in Best Colleges to Study Health Professions.

Degree: MS in Health Sciences, Aging Track

6. University of Minnesota Twin Cities – Minneapolis, MN

The online healthcare administration program from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities makes a good choice for students who do not have previous healthcare experience. This master’s degree does cover some of the basics of health and technology. From there, students move on to some more advanced concepts, learning to make good decisions in the workplace. This is a good online Masters in Health Science for students who would like to make a career change.

The University of Minnesota is an active, respected university. The school has several campuses, each of which provide a rich learning experience. It has a strong Health and Medicine Department. This department consistently makes big research strides in areas from dentistry to veterinary medicine and everything in between.

Degree: MHA in Health Care Administration

7. University of Scranton – Scranton, PA

The Health Informatics program from the University of Scranton makes a great choice for those who want to earn a Master’s in Health Science online. A health informatics career exists in the unique intersection between healthcare and technology. This intersection is always evolving and developing. The Health Informatics program at the University of Scranton instills the flexibility that students will need to anticipate new developments and integrate those developments into patient care.

The University of Scranton is a private Jesuit university that invites students to deepen their faith as they deepen their education. In keeping with the Jesuit tradition, the University of Scranton values academic excellence at every turn. It also values community service and human connection. All of these values mesh nicely with healthcare studies. Scranton uses a contextual learning approach that helps students apply their learning to their real-world experiences. Overall, for those who want a blend academic challenge, science, and faith, Scranton makes a good choice.

Degree: MS in Health Informatics

8. University of South Florida – Tampa, FL

The University of South Florida offers an MS in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Health Sciences. Health Science provides a unique bridge between technology and human health. As health-related research involves, the world will need people who understand how that bridge works. This Health Science Program teaches students how to apply the most recent research to critical health topics. This program is a great choice for students who want to earn a Master’s in Health Science online.

The University of South Florida has a strong health department that covers everything from medical research to health advocacy. This school uses the latest technology in its medical research, and students get to see the results of that research firsthand. USF gets students ready to enter the medical workforce with confidence, no matter which part of the workforce they enter. Best Colleges ranks USF’s Health Sciences program at #1.

Degree: MS in Medical Sciences

9. Oregon Health and Science University – Portland, OR

Oregon Health and Science University makes a great place to earn an online Masters in Health Science. Its Healthcare Management Master’s program delves into health topics as well as organization and communication skills. This program is both practical and flexible. However, it’s important to note that 20% of  this program’s classes do take place on campus. Many students who enjoy face-to-face learning but still need a lot of flexibility perform well in this program.

Oregon Health and Science University is completely dedicated  to healthcare and related research. As a healthcare-centered University, it makes an appealing choice for students who want to go into the medical field. After all, all of this school’s resources go directly into healthcare studies. As a result, the school uses some cutting-edge technology and unique Innovations in its teaching methods. Oregon Health and Science University is dedicated to making the world a healthier place. Oregon Health and Science University Is the only academic healthcare center in the state of Oregon. It’s also the largest employer in Portland.

Degree: Master’s in Healthcare Management

10. George Washington University –  Washington, D. C.

George Washington University offers a Health Science degree in Laboratory Medicine. This online Masters in health science covers several topics. These topics are all uniquely focused on medical laboratory skills. In this program, students learn how to conduct their own research. They also learn how to evaluate existing research and to make critical decisions on the relevance and helpfulness of this research. Then, the program includes effective communication skills so that students can bring their findings to the wider medical world.

George Washington University is a unique school, partly because of its Washington DC location. This school exists in the middle of an exciting hub where students can see major decisions in action. Even online students get a first-hand look at how their school makes a difference around the world. GWU students are driven and focused on their goals. The school provides plenty of resources and technology so that students can get the most out of their studies. GWU graduates have a pass rate of nearly 94% for the ASCP MLS board of certification exam. The national average is 73%.

Degree: MSHS in Laboratory Medicine

11. Utah State University – Logan, UT

The online Master’s in Health Science from Utah State University is an MPS in Health Education and Promotion. This program focuses heavily on leadership and effective communication. Students learn about societal healthcare and how to promote healthy decisions in various settings. This program is highly affordable and 100% online, so students who want an education with flexibility and a great ROI often choose this particular program.

Utah State University is a respected research university that values innovation in education. This university puts its students first, focusing on helping them succeed in their careers. Utah State University has earned some high rankings over the years. This school performs especially well in the sciences, often making breakthrough discoveries through its healthcare research. Washington Monthly rated Utah State University the #5 public university in the nation.

Degree: MPS in Health Education and Promotion

12. Oregon Institute of Technology – Klamath Falls, OR

The Oregon Institute of Technology offers a Master’s in Health Science online. This particular program is an MS in Healthcare Leadership with an administrative track. The program recognizes the world’s deep need for healthcare workers, and not just doctors and nurses. The medical world relies on all kinds of experts, and this program focuses specifically on the administrative side of things. The program teaches students how to recognize relevant information, analyze that information, and communicate effectively. Students learn how to work with a broad range of technology as they develop leadership skills.

Oregon Tech offers a dynamic online learning platform for busy students. Now, whether they are learning online or in the physical classroom, students can enjoy the best that Oregon Tech has to offer. This includes exciting technological advances and the most up-to-date education available. The small student-to-faculty ratio at Oregon Tech help students build connections with their professors and with one another. The Oregon Institute of Technology has been awarded several recognitions, both for its affordability and for its online learning platform.

Degree: MS in Healthcare Leadership

13. Florida Gulf Coast University – Fort Myers, FL

The MS in Health Science from Florida Gulf Coast University makes a great choice for students who want to earn a Master’s in Health Science Online. This program provides a broad look at healthcare topics. It’s an interdisciplinary program designed to give students enough flexibility to choose their own career directions. Students develop their analytical, communication, leadership, and technology skills as they learn about healthcare topics.

FGCU is a dynamic university that forges connections between students. It also recognizes that each student is unique, and as a result,  its programs are designed to help students find the path that will work best for them. The programs here are uniquely interdisciplinary, giving students a unique look at how are studies interact with other fields. FGCU also places a high value on community service, so those who want to use their studies to help others and the world around them can find a home here. 90% of Florida Gulf Coast University alumni are working in their field of study.

Degree: MS in Health Science

14. University of Rhode Island – Kingston, RI

The University of Rhode Island has a Master’s in Health Science online. This Healthcare Management degree is designed both for those who have already started their healthcare careers and for those who want to transition into a healthcare career. In addition to covering certain health topics, the program goes into analytics and communication. The program shows students how to take decisive action in improving community healthcare outcomes.

The University of Rhode Island offers a highly flexible online learning platform designed for adults with full-time or part-time jobs. This platform allows them to pursue a meaningful and career-focused education while maintaining their lives outside of school. The university itself has a strong science department,  so it’s often a top choice for those who want to go into healthcare or a similar field. 90% of Recent URI graduates are either employed or in graduate school.

Degree: MS in Healthcare Management

15. Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL

Florida Atlantic University’s online Masters in Healthcare comes from its college of business. This Master’s of Health in administration is a fast-paced program that takes place entirely online. The Master’s of Health Administration program is an interdisciplinary one. It exists in a unique area where healthcare, technology, and business overlap. As students learn relevant topics, they also develop their confidence and leadership abilities.

Florida Atlantic University is a large public research institution. Researchers at this school study pressing issues across multiple disciplines. As a result, this school stays at the forefront of innovation. For those who want to go into a field like healthcare, an up-to-date school like FAU provides vital resources that can lead to career advancement. That innovation extends to the academic side as students learn and stretch their creativity. FAU is the number one most diverse public university in Florida.

Degree: MHA

16. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Edinburg, TX

UTRGV offers a Master’s in Health Science online. This particular program is a Master’s of Health Science with a concentration in nutrition. The program covers an overview of healthcare issues, specifically examining how nutrition plays a role in preventative healthcare. The program is designed to help students widen their potential career choices. It’s an accelerated program, so students can move forward and start their career progression as quickly as possible. As a matter of fact, it’s the only accelerated program of its kind in Texas.

UTRGV is a Hispanic-serving school that offers bilingual resources. It’s part of the broader University of Texas system. As such, it commands respect from potential employers. The school is particularly strong in the areas of healthcare, science, and education. As a result, it can make a good choice or those who want to make a career out of promoting quality nutrition. UTRGV is a student-focused university that blends education with career resources. UTRGV is ranked as the #6 best online university in Texas and the #4 best university in Texas overall.

Degree: Master of Health Science – Nutrition

17. University of Memphis – Memphis, TN

The University of Memphis has an MS in Health Promotion program. This school is ideal for many students who want an online Masters in Health Science and who want to focus specifically on promoting best health practices. The program combines healthcare knowledge with effective communication skills. This fully online program combines theoretical and practical knowledge to provide a solid career foundation.

The University of Memphis takes a hands-on approach to education that encourages students to grow and take risks. This large school provides lots of opportunities for connection and service among students. The school values excellence, both in research and an academics, and the students see the results. The University of Memphis is also a leader in online education, offering 100% online programs that give students an education with flexibility. US News & World Report has ranked the University of Memphis as one of the best sources of online degrees for veterans.

Degree: MS in Health Promotion

18. Boston University – Boston, MA

The Health Professions Education program from Boston University is an online Masters in Health Science. This program is unique among healthcare programs. It focuses on curriculum development, effective teaching methods, and research in education. It teaches all of these topics within the framework of healthcare. The program is flexible and can be accelerated, so those who want to move forward in the workplace quickly should consider looking into this program.

Boston University has an excellent school of medicine that has garnered respect from all over the nation. Its healthcare programs have pioneered technologically advanced education. As a whole, Boston University has no shortage of student resources. Students have plenty of access to research and support. Highly-ranked and widely recognized, Boston University makes an appealing choice for a lot of students who want to go into health, education, or science. US News & World Report ranks Boston University among the top 50 best universities in the US.

Degree: MS in Health Professions Education

19. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University’s online Masters in Health Science provides plenty of flexibility. The program is designed for those who already have some background in healthcare or business and want to expand their capabilities and leadership potential. The program offers  several concentrations, including emergency medical care, health education, health management, and nutrition. All of these concentrations include core coursework in subjects like healthcare statistics. Many students enjoy the flexibility that comes from this program as well as the fact that they can focus specifically on the areas that interest them the most.

Western Carolina University is an engaging school with a low student-to-faculty ratio. It’s part of the University of North Carolina system, so it does have a lot of resources to offer. However, it also provides individualized educational pathways as well as deep connection. This school creates opportunities for students to learn, grow as individuals, and put their talents to work serving their communities. This school values its impact on its community and the world as a whole. WCU is consistently ranked among the top 10 regional universities in the south.

Degree: Master of Health Science

20. Dallas Baptist University – Dallas, TX

Dallas Baptist University offers its Masters in Health Science online. This Healthcare Management MBA program takes a deep dive into some of the nuts and bolts of the healthcare world.  It emphasizes analytics and strategy, and it familiarizes students with recent tech innovations in healthcare. Though the program is online, it ends with a capstone program so that students can see the results of their studies with a real world application.

Dallas Baptist University is a Christian school that invites students to see the deeper meaning in their educations. The school aims to have a positive impact on the world. Here, faith is a major part of learning, and so is service. With an average class size of only 13 students, Dallas Baptist University provides unique levels of connection among classmates. Dallas Baptist University is a nationally-ranked school with comparatively low tuition rates for a Christian private university.

Degree: MBA in Healthcare Management

21. Cleveland State University – Cleveland, OH

The online Master’s in Health Science from Cleveland State University is designed with flexibility in mind. Of course, the online format  is flexible in and of itself. However, even more flexibility comes from the way that this program was designed. Students in this program come from various work backgrounds, and the program leaves room for students to tailor or specialize their studies based on their own career goals.

Cleveland State University helps students connect their learning to real-world opportunities. The school is appealing for several reasons, including its high ROI potential and its networking opportunities. While CSU provides an excellent education, it  also partners with local businesses and other institutions to create unique opportunities for its students. As a result, students get both practical and academic benefits from this school. CSU ranked #1 in Ohio for social mobility and vital research.

Degree: MS in Health Sciences

22. East Tennessee State University – Johnson City, TN

East Tennessee State University’s Allied Health MS is an online Masters in Health Science for those who already have allied health careers and would like to take their careers a step further The program is structured enough to give students a deeper knowledge of healthcare but flexible enough for students to point their degrees in the direction that serves them best. Overall, this program helps students sharpen their teaching and research skills, their overall healthcare communication skills, and much more.

ETSU sets high standards for its students. Its classes are rooted in a liberal arts background, providing a well-rounded and multifaceted education for all of its students. This school values academic excellence and aims to create a learning-focused community. Its online courses, just like its on-campus courses, live up to these values. The online format lets students earn their degrees in a way that works best for them, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. ETSU has earned national rankings in several areas.

Degree: MS in Allied Health

23. Kent State University – Kent, OH

The Health Informatics program at Kent State University is an appealing choice for those who want to earn a Master’s in Health Science Online. The program combines the technology of healthcare with healthcare structure and communication. This broad but challenging approach helps students achieve career mobility. In this program, students greatly improve their analytical skills, making them assets for decision-making in the workplace.

Kent State University is a large and diverse community of students. The school fosters a culture of mentorship, letting students make connections with each other and with their professors. KSU excels in both research and academics, making it a coveted choice for students interested in healthcare sciences. KSU has also gained a reputation for its excellent online programs. Kent State University has been ranked among the top national universities by US News & World Report.

Degree: MS in Health Informatics

24. Jacksonville University – Jacksonville, FL

The Health Informatics program from Jacksonville University gets students ready to succeed in a fast-paced and quickly changing world. This online Master’s in Health Science culminates in a real-world work project that gives students hands-on, relevant experiences. The program can be finished in as little as one year, so students who are looking for a quick dive into greater healthcare knowledge should look into this particular program.

Jacksonville University is a leader in health, science, and technology, making it an ideal choice for those who want to go into health informatics. This school provides a strong academic foundation on which to build a thriving career. The graduate programs are especially designed to sharpen career skills and help students move forward. US News & World Report has ranked Jacksonville University among America’s best colleges for more than 10 years in a row.

Degree: MS in Health Informatics

25. University of Central Arkansas – Conway, AR

The MS in Health Promotion from the University of Central Arkansas is a fully online Master’s in Health Science. This program is designed to build on current health knowledge and help students take on supervisor and leadership roles. Students can take either a thesis or non-thesis pathway. Either way, this program instills healthcare and leadership knowledge as well as the confidence to put those skills to work.

The University of Central Arkansas is a place of academic excellence. The small class sizes let students dive deeply into their studies while forging connections with their cohorts and their professors. This school places a high value on creativity in scholarship, a value that encourages students to think outside the box. The University of Central Arkansas has earned high rankings for several of its programs.

Degree: MS in Health Promotion

Would a Graduate Certificate in Health Science Help My Career?

The key to finding the right graduate programs for health science is clarifying your goals for your career. You want to set clear goals for your career to make decisions about the right program to provide the education and training you need for your situation.

A graduate certificate in health science is not the same as a master’s degree program. It takes less time when compared to a master’s degree and it may have a more concentrated focus on specific specializations within health science.

Health science certifications are useful in your career due to the extra training you receive. It can help you advance in your job or get a raise in your work. While it does have some benefits, you should be aware that it is often a preparatory tool to help you determine if you want to pursue a master’s degree.

It does not have the same level of training as a master’s degree. It may offer a specialized concentration that helps with specific career goals, but you will need to pay attention to the details of the certification to determine if it fits your needs. You should also be aware that certifications do not always offer the same value. Look for accredited certifications or well-known certifications to ensure that it is an appropriate option for your career.

Is the Job Market Good for a Master’s in Health Science?

When you are looking into masters in health science jobs for your career goals, you may find that you have a variety of opportunities. Master of health science jobs ranges from community health specialists and health service managers to physical therapists and physician assistants.

Since health science masters jobs offer a variety of support positions within the healthcare industry and related fields, you may find that the job outlook for the degree is positive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that jobs with a masters in health science focused on healthcare support services have a higher growth when compared to average, so students can find a variety of positions after finishing their degrees.

Jobs with a masters in health science offer a variety of opportunities that help students focus on reaching their career goals. By focusing on a masters degree in health science jobs that work within the healthcare industry, students can take on leadership positions or support positions to help medical professionals. It also offers opportunities in other industries like education and community health, so students may have flexible options for their long-term goals.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Health Sciences?

Masters in health sciences salary potential differs significantly between positions and roles within the healthcare industry. Students who are looking into a master’s in health science salary will find that the position and job greatly impact potential income.

Individuals who decide to take on a leadership position or management position within a medical facility may earn as much as $96,000 per year. In the case of community health specialists, the potential income is much lower at roughly $37,000 per year. For students who take their degrees and pursue more specialized areas of health services, such as working as a physician assistant or a physical therapist, may find that salary potential increases with specialized skills. A physician assistant makes roughly $101,000 per year and a physical therapist makes around $85,000 per year on average.

You should also keep in mind that your location impacts your salary potential. Large urban areas with a higher cost of living will often offer a higher salary or better benefits to employees. Smaller localities may not have the same budget, so you can expect slightly lower salary potential; however, the cost of living may also be lower when compared to a large city. You will also notice that your salary potential increases as you gain experience, build up specialized skills, or improve in your education. A master’s degree offers greater salary potential when compared to a bachelor’s degree, even if you focus on more generalized skills that can be used in different settings or environments.

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