nutrition masters programs onlineIf you are pursuing an online master’s in nutrition, you will have more options than if you choose to go to school in a traditional setting. Acquiring a master’s in nutrition online can also be a more cost-effective method of obtaining your degree than if you opt to go to school in a traditional sense. This is because online courses are often less costly than attending college in person.

Another thing you should do when looking for the best graduate schools for nutrition is to make sure the school is accredited. An accredited institution will be more reputable and also be taken more seriously by your potential employers. In other words, finding the institute for integrative nutrition accreditation is imperative to your future career in the nutritional realm.

How We Ranked the Best Online Master’s in Nutrition Programs

For the Best Masters Programs ranking of the top online nutrition master’s degree programs, BMP editors focused on legitimate, accredited colleges and universities offering fully online or hybrid programs. From there, we ranked programs according to practical factors like affordability, job market reputation, and student reviews, using data from IPEDS, College Scorecard, and Niche.

1. CSU Global – Fort Collins, CO

For those who already work in food science, the MS in Food Science and Nutrition from CSU Global is one of the best online nutrition masters programs. It sharpens the skills that students have already learned in their nutrition-based careers, and it adds research, communication, and leadership skills into the mix. The program focuses both on nutrition itself and on human behavior, examining how these two things combine. The combination helps students take more active roles in the world of nutrition programs.

CSU Online values all of the same things that Colorado State University itself values. In other words, students learn from talented faculty and staff, they get a research-backed education, and they get a challenging, worthwhile degree. The online schedule, however, gives students a level of flexibility that in classroom learning does not provide. With the help of CSU Online, many students have successfully balanced academics, family, and career. CSU Global has been ranked among the best online programs by US News & World Report.

Degree: MS in Food Science and Nutrition

2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Champaign, IL

The University of Illinois offers an online MS in Food Science and Human Nutrition. This program ranks among the best online masters in nutrition programs because of its deep roots in science and research. As a matter of fact, this program is at the forefront of nutrition discovery, and students often get to see that research at work. Students are taught by world-class faculty as they learn about nutrition gaps, food affordability, and related subjects.

The University of Illinois is a well-known research school, and its online programs are just as worthwhile and effective as its on-campus counterparts. One of the reasons why this school provides excellent online education is because it has never shied away from innovation. The school provides some of the latest in education, which is why its online teaching methods are on the cutting edge of research and technology. Forward-thinking students often enjoy their time here. The University of Illinois is ranked number 14 among public universities in the US.

Degree: MS in Food Science and Human Nutrition

3. University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX

At UT Austin, the MS in Nutritional Science provides flexibility in a lot of ways. For one thing, the program is available 100% online, which makes it ideal for working adults. For another thing, students can tailor their experience to their own career goals. For example, those who already have careers in nutrition and want to take those careers a step further can take a specially-designed two-year track. Those who are working toward medical or pharmacological careers can take the one-year track. In any case, this program provides one of the best online masters in nutrition. It combines challenge and flexibility for an excellent balance.

UT Austin is a large, widely recognized school that can help students make big steps in their careers. The school provides all kinds of resources, and it invites students to dive deeply into their studies. Programs here are challenging enough to stretch students to their limits, but students also receive the support that they need to succeed. Plus, as a large school, UT Austin has large school resources. This school performs especially well in the areas of science and research. US News & World Report has ranked UT Austin among the nation’s best graduate schools.

Degree: MS in Nutritional Science

4. University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI

The Clinical Nutrition program from the University of Wisconsin-Madison recognizes that students will soon need to have a master’s degree in order to take the Registered Dietitians exam. This program instills the competencies that students need to succeed in that exam. The program is backed by current research, and student activities are based on real-world nutrition activities. As a result, it has earned its distinction as one of the best online nutrition masters programs.

UW-Madison is a public university with a passion for diversity, critical thinking, and leadership in learning. This school, especially in its masters programs, focuses on practical career applications. As a result, students can feel more confident in their career pursuits. Teachers here are committed to providing a relevant and up-to-date education. UW-Madison is one of the top 10 universities in research spending in the United States.

Degree: MS in Clinical Nutrition

5. North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC

The Master of Nutrition program from North Carolina State University takes a diverse yet practical approach to education. The program is online. However, it does require additional coursework and an internship or another practical experience. Because of this practical approach, it has become known as one of the best online masters in nutrition programs available today. Students graduate feeling uniquely prepared to pursue the next steps in their careers.

North Carolina State University is an affordable, diverse school with no shortage of academic excellence or relevant education. The school is career-focused but helps students become well-rounded individuals who are able to lead and think critically. Students here excel in a wide range of topics, and the school’s research focus means that it’s on the cutting edge of scientific innovation. Money Magazine ranks North Carolina State University the #1 public university in the state.

Degree: Master of Nutrition

6. University of Georgia – Athens, GA

The Food and Nutrition program at the University of Georgia is one of the best online nutrition masters programs. The reason is because of its broad and flexible approach. Students deepen their knowledge of food and nutrition. At the same time, they learn how to address disparities in access to that nutrition. Designed for both current working professionals and aspiring working professionals, this program empowers students to take on a wide variety of roles within the world of nutrition.

The University of Georgia is a leader in online learning. The school holds itself to high standards, and those high standards benefit students every day. The online platform is highly ranked across a wide variety of categories. The school combines flexibility and excellence for the perfect academic balance. It’s also widely respected, which means that any student would be proud to put its name on their resume. The University of Georgia is home to 24 Rhodes Scholars.

Degree: MS in Food and Nutrition

7. Iowa State University – Ames, IA

Iowa State University offers a Master’s of Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Dietetics. This degree prepares students to take on a wide variety of roles in nutrition. The program is both scientific and creative, creating what is, for many, a perfect balance. As a matter of fact, many say that the school offers the best online master’s in nutrition. It helps students gain confidence and leadership skills as they advance their careers.

Iowa State University is a well-respected public research institution. It is known for applying its research to the state of Iowa and beyond. The school is committed to making the surrounding community a better place, which makes it a great location for those with an interest in nutrition. ISU takes a practical approach to its classes so that students get relevant and career-moving resources. Iowa State University is committed to providing a practical, affordable education that helps people move forward. ISU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ranks among the best in the United States.

Degree: Master of Family and Consumer Sciences with Dietetics

8. Auburn University – Auburn, AL

Auburn University’s MS in Nutrition is designed to provide just as much quality and attention to detail as a face-to-face program. This non-thesis program takes a practical approach to nutrition education, teaching up-to-date information for current and future dieticians. The combination of practicality and flexibility has made this MS one of the best online  masters in nutrition programs available today.

Auburn University is an affordable, widely-recognized school. It’s a research university that puts itself at the forefront of innovation. This energizing school takes students to the limits of their own capabilities. Students here grow and stretch as they sharpen their skills. Employers easily recognize the Auburn University name, which makes this school a good choice for career-focused students. According to US News and World Report, Auburn University is the #1 university in Alabama.

Degree: MS in Nutrition

9. University of Massachusetts Amherst – Amherst, MA

UMass Amherst offers an online MPH in Nutrition. As a nutrition and public health program, this degree empowers students to lead programs and work in a wide variety of settings. It’s an interdisciplinary degree, so it examines how nutrition applies across a range of contexts. On the whole, it’s one of the best online nutrition masters programs available.

UMASS Amherst is a large public research university that has earned a lot of recognition. It’s part of the larger University of Massachusetts system, so it has a lot to offer for students in terms of resources and upward mobility. The school is close to plenty of major cities, which means lots of opportunities for connection, networking, and internships. UMASS Amherst was ranked among the best public research universities by US News and World Report.

Degree: MPH in Nutrition

10. George Washington University – Washington, DC

George Washington University offers an MSHS in Integrative Medicine. Though this is an online program, the fact that the GW campus is so close to the home of national policy should not be ignored. Plus, the school is within a reasonable distance to some major research hospitals. As a result, professors here find themselves at the forefront of nutritional and medical Innovation. This puts them in a great position to teach integrative medicine. As a result, this degree is one of the best online Masters in nutrition programs.

George Washington University is a leader in education in a lot of ways. Those who go to school here tend to be goal-oriented students who are passionate about their future. GWU has always been innovative, which means it’s a great school for online education. This school thrives in a lot of areas, including the area of healthcare. As a result, many science-focused students find their home here. GWU Works closely with the US military to create a beneficial experience for military and veteran students. The school has been recognized as a military-friendly university.

Degree: MSHS in Integrative Medicine

11. Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ

The MS in Nutritional Science from Arizona State University is one of the best online masters in nutrition. This program takes a deep dive into the science of how food works in the human body. It empowers students to step up to a variety of roles in the nutritional science field. It takes a closer look at the most current and up-to-date science so that students can take this knowledge into their careers and use it to benefit their own future clients.

Arizona State University is known for combining challenge and innovation to create a unique and energizing educational opportunity. Students at this school learn how to harness their passions and channel them into meaningful work. The school offers plenty of physical and digital resources as well as support from faculty members. Students develop their critical thinking skills and take advantage of connection opportunities. Classrooms at ASU use some of the latest innovations in learning, which means that ASU provides plenty of relevance in education. ASU is ranked #1 in the US for innovation.

Degree: MS in Nutritional Science

12. Tufts University – Middlesex County, MA

Tufts University offers an excellent Master of Nutrition Science and Policy program. This is one of the best online nutrition masters programs for those who want to have an impact on public policy. This program, of course, teaches in-depth courses on the science of nutrition. It also teaches leadership and communication skills so that students can lead effective change where it counts the most. For those who want to make a difference on a macro level, this program from Tufts University proves worthwhile and effective.

Tufts University is a challenging, diverse, and innovative school that seeks to make the world a better place. This mid-sized university is, for many, not too big and not too small. In other words, it provides the resources that students need to thrive. However, it still has a moderately personal feel, even in online classes. Speaking of online classes, these courses provide the flexibility that busy students need to maintain a balance between academics and other responsibilities. Furthermore, they provide just as much challenge their in person counterparts. Tufts University ranks among the top US national universities.

Degree: Master of Nutrition Science and Policy

13. Stony Brook University – Stony Brook, NY

The MS in Nutrition from Stony Brook University is fully online and available with three concentration options. The critical care option enables students to use nutrition as a form of advanced therapy for acute conditions. The integrative nutrition option works best for students who want to use nutrition as part of an overall healthcare plan model, and the sustainable food systems option is for those who want to lead programs or implement better nutrition on a larger scale. All three options rank among the best online nutrition master’s programs in the US, and all three deepen student understanding of food as preventative medicine.

Founded in 1957, Stony Brook is a highly ranked public university. Most faculty members hold the highest degrees available in their fields. These teachers put their knowledge and teaching excellence to good use, helping students benefit from that knowledge. This school thrives in the areas of science and technology, so students in health-related fields have a lot of resources at their fingertips when they need them. Online students, just like on-campus students, get all of the support and guidance that they need. Stony Brook University is one of the top 40 public universities in the United States.

Degree: MS in Nutrition

14. University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL

The arena of human nutrition has gotten more competitive recently, and the MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Alabama helps students compete in that arena. The program teaches advanced nutrition topics and instills the skills that students need to apply those topics on a practical level. The program is designed both for those who want to advance their dietetics careers and for those who want to move on to a doctoral degree. For both types of students, this MS in human nutrition is one of the best online master’s in nutrition programs.

The University of Alabama is both well-known and highly-ranked in a lot of areas. It applies excellence, both to research and to academics, and students see the benefits of both. The Bama by Distance program has always been on the cutting edge of online education. Faculty members put a lot of care and attention to detail into their online classrooms. Plus, online courses are taught by the same professors who teach on campus, so students can rest assured that they’re getting a high quality education. Twelve AU students and alumni won Fulbright awards in the 2019-2020 school year.

Degree: MS in Human Nutrition

15. University of Alabama at Birmingham – Birmingham, AL

Like its flagship campus, the University of Alabama at Birmingham offers an MS in Nutrition Sciences. This program, however, is for those who have already started their nutrition or dietetic careers. The program is designed to help students take their careers a step further. It’s a challenging degree that combines nutrition with clinical knowledge, making it one of the best online nutrition master’s programs available.

UAB has a lot of similarities with the University of Alabama itself. Namely, UAB is committed to innovation and academic excellence. This school enjoys a lot of resources as part of the UA system, and it also focuses on serving the surrounding community. UAB is home to a well-established teaching Hospital, making it a great location for students interested in medical Sciences and related subjects. UAB’s graduate programs have earned several distinctions from US News & World Report.

Degree: MS in Nutrition Sciences

16. Mississippi State University – Starkville, MS

Mississippi State University offers an MS in Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion. This program empowers students to communicate about the ways in which communities can use food to promote healthcare. In this program, food is examined as a type of preventative medicine. Those who graduate from this program move on to work in various capacities, both in public and private sectors. Many students have said that this program is the best online master’s in nutrition.

Mississippi State University is a large and well-known school with no shortage of student opportunities. Much like its in-classroom courses, Mississippi State Online provides educational excellence. Students are held to high standards and rise to meet those standards. Programs at MSU are deeply student-focused and individualized. Students come to the school to forge unique pathways into their own career successes. Mississippi State University is a top 100 research Institution.

Degree: MS in Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion

17. University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ

The PSM in Applied Nutrition from the University of Arizona is designed for students who already have a health or nutrition related career. That said, those who want to bring advanced nutrition knowledge into their own careers may also benefit from this degree. Those who want advanced nutrition courses often consider this particular degree one of the best online nutrition masters programs. This program takes a hands-on approach to nutrition and leadership.

The University of Arizona helps students take their current potential to a sharper, more advanced level. It hones strengths and teaches students how to apply those strengths, giving students practical applications for their passions. ASU online courses are designed for busy adults in particular, helping these students maintain a balance in their lives while seeking the education that can help them fulfill their dreams. ASU is the #1 ranked university in the state of Arizona.

Degree: PSM in Applied Nutrition

18. University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY

The University of Kentucky offers an MS in Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine. This program is designed for students who want to use nutrition to help patients and clients. It acknowledges that food is an important part of healthcare, and it empowers students to include nutrition in their healthcare education pursuits. Many count this program as one of the best online masters in nutrition programs available. Its science-backed and healthcare-centered approach makes it ideal for a lot of students.

The University of Kentucky is an academically challenging school with a long history of innovative research. The science that comes out of this research benefits students in the classroom. Students receive a science-backed education, so they can rest assured that the education they are learning is effective and will benefit them throughout their lives and careers. Because this university has a lot of programs, many of its individual programs have a distinctly interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Degree: MS in Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine

19. Kansas State University – Manhattan, KS

The Master’s in Dietetics from Kansas State University is designed for students who are already registered dietitians or who are eligible to register in the future. The program takes an even deeper look into the subjects that students already know. It also covers important research and critical thinking skills so that students can stay on top of the latest research and can evaluate that research for themselves.  As a result, these students will be better equipped to serve and inform their clients. That’s why for students who are already professionals, this program is one of the best online masters in nutrition options in the US.

KSU is a distinct school that is set apart by more than its affinity for all things purple.  This school has a passion for innovation and research. Students have some room to personalize their learning experiences, carving out the best pathways for their futures. KSU offers many resources, a deeply academic culture, and a focus on collaboration. This school helps students find the tools and skills that they need to rise to the challenge. The SR Education Group has ranked KSU as one of the most affordable online colleges.

Degree: Master’s in Dietetics

20. University of Kansas – Kansas City, KS

This online MS in Dietetics and Nutrition is delivered through the University of Kansas Medical Center. However, it is actually the result of a collaboration between eight different universities. It is one of the best online nutrition masters programs, partly because it delivers the best of relevant knowledge from all of these universities. The collaboration adds to its strength. This dietetics program is available to those who are registered dietitians or eligible for registration. It combines principles of nutrition, research, leadership, and communication.

The KSU Medical Center puts students at the helm of new research and innovation. Here, students can develop their confidence in their ability to analyze research and to communicate that research effectively. The KSU Medical Center has a positive impact, both on Kansas as a state and on the global community as a whole. The KSU Medical Center has 23 accredited residency programs.

Degree: MS in Dietetics and Nutrition

21. University of North Florida – Jacksonville, FL

The MS in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of North Florida is available to students who are either registered dietitians themselves, eligible to be registered, or who hold a bachelor’s degree in health or a similar field. The program lets students choose from one of four concentrations. Each concentration examines nutrition either on a micro or a macro level. With these options, students can better shape their degree to their own particular focus. As a result, it’s one of the best online masters in nutrition programs for those who want something specific and tailored.

The University of North Florida seeks to help students achieve their goals, not just for the sake of the students themselves, but for those who can benefit from those passions. For example, when a UNF student becomes a better critical thinker, that student can use their newfound critical thinking skills as they lead a team or help their client with relevant research. The combination of research, connection, and flexibility lets UNF students find their home at their school, even from a distance. US News and World Report has ranked UNF as one of the top 140 public universities.

Degree: MS in Nutrition and Dietetics

22. Texas Woman’s University – Denton, TX

The MS in Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University is a fast-paced and affordable program aimed at helping students take their careers to a new level. Though the entire program is 100% online, this program also has small class sizes, allowing students to connect more easily with their cohorts and their professors. This high-quality program gives students a lot for their money, and it helps them move forward into a wide range of potential careers. As a result, it is one of the best online masters in nutrition options.

Texas Woman’s University is the largest public university in the country that exists primarily for women. This school leads the way in many areas, producing strong research, and especially thriving in the area of healthcare. The school values academic challenge, personal connections, diversity, and overall excellence in learning. All of the school’s goals are summed up neatly in its motto: “Educate a woman, empower the world.” Texas Woman’s University is ranked number one in Texas for students with children.

Degree: MS in Nutrition

23. University of Rhode Island – Kingston, RI

The MS in Dietetics from the University of Rhode Island is a fully online program with the possibility of an internship track. The program provides academic knowledge that has plenty of hands-on, practical application. Students learn more than facts and figures. They also learn how these facts apply to particular contexts.  Because the program is taught by registered dietitians, students know that they are getting a first-hand approach to education. That is why many consider this particular program one of the best online nutrition masters programs.

The University of Rhode Island is a fairly small school where students are able to think big. Small class sizes mean that students have more opportunities to connect to their professors and get help when necessary. The school is grounded in research and has made several scientific strides over the years. This is a school that values visionaries, and it helps those visionaries to carve out and recognize opportunities. The University of Rhode Island is both a land grant and a sea grant university.

Degree: MS in Dietetics

24. West Chester University of Pennsylvania – West Chester, PA

The MS in Community Nutrition from West Chester University of Pennsylvania is one of the best online masters in nutrition programs today. The program is taught by professors who have corresponding real-world experience. In the program, learners get a deep dive into the science of nutrition, and they learn how to apply that knowledge in a practical way across several spheres. For example, students might take a closer look at sports medicine or diabetes. In any case, the program is both worthwhile and flexible for busy adults.

West Chester University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to connecting students and their passions with practical tools and skill building. Whether students know exactly what they want to do or are still figuring things out, Westchester points students toward helpful resources and guidance.  Because the university is both challenging and affordable, students can get a high ROIi out of their education here. West Chester University has high rankings, both for its affordability and for its master’s degree programs.

Degree: MS in Community Nutrition

25. Simmons University – Boston, MA

The MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Simmons University combines science and creativity. The program teaches students how to forge their own paths as they take nutrition advocacy into the world. Students learn the core components of counseling others while addressing the most common issues that people and communities face when it comes to nutrition. This approach has made the program one of the best online masters in nutrition.

Simmons University has nationally-recognized graduate and undergraduate programs. This school places high value on community in education as students support one another. Students are also encouraged to engage in their community. This diverse school puts students first, preparing them for the future. Simmons University has an 8:1 student to faculty ratio, which makes it a good choice for those who prefer small class sizes.

Degree: MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion

Why Should I Get My Master’s in Nutrition Online?

If you are considering getting a master in nutrition online, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Better School Options: By opting to get a master in nutrition online, you will be able to choose from virtually any school that offers online courses. On the other hand, if you are interested in attending school in the typical fashion, you will be limited to only the schools in your area or schools that are in an area you would be willing to temporarily relocate to.
  • Cost-Effective: Besides lower tuition rates, by going to school online, you will also be able to save money on expenses such as transportation, textbooks, takeout, and other expenses that are associated with going to school.
  • Career Advancement: Another great benefit of online masters in nutrition programs is that they allow for career advancement. Especially if you have become a registered dietician, you will be capable of getting hired for management positions, as well as research and/or specialized clinical positions. Moreover, given that having the ability to conduct research also boosts your potential to pursue better-paying jobs as well.
  • Keep Your Day Job: Additionally, by getting an online masters programs in nutrition, you will be able to continue working while you earn your degree. Although being able to focus solely on your schooling is often ideal, it is not practical for many advanced-level students. However, by enrolling in a master’s in nutrition programs online, you will be able to work part-time or even full-time while earning your degree in the comfort of your own home or office.

How Do I Choose a Good Nutrition Master’s Program?

If you are looking for high-quality nutrition graduate schools, there are a few things you need to do in order to choose the perfect program for you. Some of these steps are as follows:

  • Curriculum: One of the best ways to select an institute of integrative nutrition accreditation is based on the curriculum. Depending on what your educational goals are, you should only be applying to schools that will allow you to learn the knowledge and skills you are seeking.
  • Accreditation:  In order to ensure your chosen school is accredited, you should check with the accreditation council for education in nutrition and dietetics. The ACEND is the accreditation for education programs created for students who are prepared to pursue a career as a registered dietitian nutritionist or nutrition and dietetics technicians. This organization will make it possible for you to ensure you are attending an accredited institution before enrolling.
  • Technical Requirements: Additionally, many online programs require students to have computers with a certain technical capacity. Make sure that you are able to meet the minimum requirements before enrolling in any of your favorite nutrition graduate schools.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Nutrition?

If you are interested in acquiring masters degree in nutrition, you have various options in terms of a masters degree in nutrition salary. While, the average salary for those with a masters degree in nutrition is around $58,000 annually, there are plenty of positions that pay more. Some examples of a potential masters degree in nutrition salary are as follows:

  • Nutritionist: Working as a nutritionist involves using diet and nutritional sciences to help groups and individuals, such as sports teams, companies, families, etc. optimize their health and general well-being. The median salary of a nutritionist is approximately $60,370.
  • Exercise Physiologist: Another example of a masters in nutrition salary is an exercise physiologist. This career involves designing fitness and exercise programs to help groups and individuals to remain as healthy as possible. Moreover, this job also involves helping people to overcome their own unique hurdles that are preventing them from becoming more physically fit. These positions have a median salary of approximately $49,090 with the top 10% earning upwards of  $78,810.
  • Community Health Worker: Becoming a community health worker is also another great example of a potential master in nutrition salary. These positions involve addressing potentially hazardous health patterns in particular communities. Additionally, community health workers also collaborate with community health educators in order to better understand the causes of these eating patterns as well as to find the best methods of fixing these issues. Those who work in these positions earn a median salary of $39,540. More experienced people tend to make $66,000 or more annually.

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