Hack Your Education: Essential Technology for the Modern Graduate Student [Infographic]

things to buy for grad school

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Hack Your Education: Essential Technology for the Modern Graduate Student

Today, a successful graduate student needs more than just pens and paper to succeed. Here’s a look at how technology can help any learner gain an edge.

Smart Notebook

Go beyond paper with Moleskine’s Evernote smart notebook, which allows you to take notes with pen and paper and convert them to digital files via an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to organize and access notes, even sharing them with your study friends.

Phone Charging Case

You’re likely going to need to cover a lot of ground, going from class to your study group to work and back home again. It’s not always possible to find an outlet to charge your smartphone, so pick up a phone charging case to help extend the battery life of your phone.

Bluetooth-capable Coffee Maker

Keep yourself motivated with a steady supply of coffee, late into the night — or even when you’re not at home. The market is becoming more populated with coffee makers that you can start or program from afar via a Bluetooth connection and smartphone app.

Heated Travel Mug

Don’t worry about your coffee or tea getting cold on those long trips to campus in the wee hours. Simply plug your mug’s adapter into your car’s dashboard and keep that beverage steaming.

Charging Backpack

Some of the most popular backpack makers are getting into smart technology by way of developing backpacks that can charge other devices. Whether they’re powered by their own rechargeable batteries or even solar powered, you’ll never have to deal with a dead device again.


This may seem like too obvious a choice, but a tablet is simply a must-have for any student. Much more portable than even a small laptop, a tablet can allow you to more easily take notes or browse the Web during class and can even lighten your load by reducing the number of physical books you need to carry around.

Fitness Monitors

All those late nights and early mornings can wreak havoc on your diet and metabolism. Make sure you’re keeping yourself in check with a wearable fitness device that can help you track your sleep, activity and diet habits.

External Hard Drive

Anything can happen to your computer, whether it’s a power surge or virus. Make sure your important documents, like that paper that’s due tomorrow, are safe by backing everything up to an external hard drive.


You already have one of these, right? Well, did you know that it can be used for more than just Candy Crush? Must-have apps for grad students include money management apps and food delivery services.
2 in 3
Americans who own a smartphone

Pen-sized Scanner

Note-taking is made even easier with pen-sized scanners that you can use like digital highlighters.


A great pair of headphones will help you keep your focus on your work but still allow you to interact with the world around you, as many models can interface with your phone.

Virtual Keyboard

A laser-projected keyboard gives you the full functionality of a QWERTY keyboard without having to carry another bulky item with you.


Now that pretty much all the biggest tech companies are offering smartwatches, you can help keep yourself on task and on time, as you view notifications and control your phone, all from your wrist.

Laptop Lock

This may not be exactly high-tech, but keep your laptop, one of your biggest investments, safe by locking it down.

Cooling Pad

Keep your laptop functioning well by using a cooling pad or fan to keep your computer from overheating.

33 years old

Average age of graduate student

Educational attainment by level, Americans 25+

High school graduate: 62,240,000

Some college no degree: 34,919,000

Associate degree: 20,790,000

Bachelor’s degree: 42,256,000

Master’s degree: 17,772,000

Professional degree: 3,148,000

Doctoral degree: 3,703,000


Median monthly earnings, college-educated 24- to 35-year-olds, by educational attainment

Bachelor’s: $3,836

Master’s: $4,772

Professional or doctorate: $5,799