Healthcare Administration Career Guide

This guide is an all-in-one resource for prospective students, current students, and current professionals in the healthcare administration field to find all of the information needed to begin or to move forward in a career in healthcare administration.

In order for healthcare organizations to operate optimally, healthcare administrators lead healthcare teams to meet the outcomes and objectives of an organization in delivering quality, affordable healthcare. Beginning with accredited education, the associations, internships and career positions, social media accounts, and website resources that are available for current and future healthcare administration professionals help healthcare leaders in the delivery of these objectives.

The information in this resource guide also includes helpful links for journals and databases related to the field, information on annual conferences, and training programs for continuing and supplemental education throughout a healthcare administration career.

Accrediting Agencies and Resources for Healthcare Administration Education
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education: The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education provides helpful links for finding programs in education that are accredited.

Association of University Programs in Health Administration: This source provides a network of colleges, universities, organizations, and membership to improve and maintain the delivery of healthcare education in both policy and management.

Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration: The Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration, supported by the American Hospital Association, provides an examination of the historical administration of hospital and healthcare organizations through analysis of past data and case histories.

Occupational Outlook: Medical and Health Services Managers: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the occupational outlook for medical and health services managers provides information on average salary, required education, and overall job projections for the field of healthcare management and administration.

Journals and Databases

Journal of Health Administration Education: The Journal of Health Administration Education is published to guide healthcare administrators in key policy issues.

The Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration: The Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles on a variety of issues related to healthcare management.

Journal of Healthcare Management: The Journal of Healthcare Management is the official publication of the American College of Healthcare Executives with up-to-date articles and information on healthcare management.

Health Care Management Review: From case studies to research, the Health Care Management Review publishes articles related to the practical and theoretical techniques in managing healthcare organizations.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: This database can be used to identify and analyze various nationwide trends in healthcare from quality to outcomes.

Health Management Policy Database: This source of information is updated and monitored by the Healthcare Management Information Consortium.

Professional Healthcare Administration Credentialing and Designation Resources
Credentialed by the American Academy of Medical Administrators: This designation is earned by completing the Credentialed by the American Academy of Medical Administrators exam. The designation demonstrates commitment to and knowledge of the healthcare management field.

Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives: This board certification can help healthcare administrators to advance in their careers.

Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management Designation: The Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management designation is given after successful completion of a course designed for management of healthcare.

Certified Medical Practice Executive Credential: The Certified Medical Practice Executive Credential denotes competency in the leadership and qualities a healthcare management executive needs to successfully manage a healthcare organization.

Certified Professional in Healthcare Management: The Certified Professional in Healthcare Management program is designed for participants to evaluate trends in healthcare.

Certified Revenue Cycle Representative Program: Certification through this program designates knowledge of the revenue cycle of the healthcare industry.

Certified Technical Specialist: The Certified Technical Specialist certification includes skill based programs in accounting and finance or managed care.

Certified Healthcare Financial Professional: The Certified Healthcare Financial Professional designation illustrates knowledge and skill in management of the financial sector of healthcare organizations.

Job Board Sources for Healthcare Administration
Healthcare Source: The Healthcare Source Jobs board includes over 31,000 from more than 2,00 employers in the healthcare industry and includes management positions.

Career Vitals: Career Vitals is a comprehensive resource to search all of the positions in healthcare posted online.

Absolutely Health Care: Absolutely Health Care has job postings, career tips, education resources, and sections to post a searchable resume.

Health eCareers:Healthcare Job Boards provides job seekers with a variety of resources in order to effectively manage job searching.

Healthcare Job Boards: Job seekers at Health eCareers have access to over 10,000 job postings, plus recruitment information and news links for careers in healthcare.

Medzilla: With postings from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, and healthcare industries, job seekers have a variety of types of positions and organizations to apply to.

Advance Healthcare Jobs: At Advance Healthcare Jobs, a large database of job postings, advanced search options, and career advice and tips are helpful in the healthcare management job search.

Healthcare Jobs: Job resources and career information round out the helpful information on this job board site, which includes thousands of direct links to postings for positions in healthcare management.

Healthcare Administration Jobs: Various positions in the healthcare management field with specific focuses are posted on this site, including options such as management engineer, finance manager, and general administration postings.

Government Health Agencies

United States Department of Health and Human Services: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides information on healthcare and all other elements of health standards, regulations, and requirements.

Administration for Children and Families: This agency provides federal funding for the support of children through welfare programs, including health.

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality: This agency focuses on improvements in safety, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of healthcare throughout the United States.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Through various programs and information dissemination, as well as setting standards and creating regulations, the CDC works to serve the public to prevent the spread and exposure of communicable illnesses.

Environmental Protection Agency: The Environmental Protection Agency works to protect the environment as well as human health by creating a cleaner, healthier environment.

Food and Drug Administration: Public health is protected by the Food And Drug Administration by ensuring that drugs, foods, and other consumable items are safe and effective for human and animal consumption, along with a variety of other responsibilities.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services evaluate and maintain quality, up-to-date coverage for beneficiaries of government healthcare programs.

Health Resources and Services Administration: The role of the Health Resources and Services Administration is to work to help the uninsured and other groups without healthcare access to coverage.

National Institutes of Health: The National Institutes of Health study living systems to identify ways to improve and extend life by limiting illness and disability.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is focused on providing help for people who have or at risk to have mental disorders or issues with substance abuse.

USDA Office of Public Health and Science: Through analysis of data, the USDA Office of Public Health and Science makes recommendations that concern the Food Safety Inspection Services of the United States in regard to public health.

Professional Associations, Societies, and Organizations
Health Care Administrators Association: The Health Care Administrators Association educates, informs, and engages healthcare administration to stay ahead in the field of healthcare management.

American College of Healthcare Executives: The American College of Healthcare Executives provides a variety of information designed to help healthcare administrators to advance in their careers.

American College of Health Care Administrators: The American College of Health Care Administrators is a non-profit, professional organization for the career development and continuing education of administrators in healthcare organizations.

American Academy of Medical Administrators: The American Academy of Medical Administrators is a professional organization to advance leadership in the healthcare industry through education and career resources.

American Public Health Association: The American Public Health Association is a diverse organization of members made up from all areas of the public health professions.

Public Health Foundation: The Public Health Foundation works to improve the performance and quality of public healthcare with programs, resources, tools.

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management: The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is a professional organization for the healthcare management field, offering several benefits and resources for members.

Healthcare Financial Management Association: The Healthcare Financial Management Association’s goal is to help organizations improve revenue performance.

National Association of Healthcare Access Management: The National Association of Healthcare Access Management has many networking events and resources to promote best practices in the field of healthcare management.

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management: The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management is focused on the advancement of practices and knowledge in patient safety.

Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management: The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management is an affiliate organization of the American Hospital Association.

American Hospital Association: Representing different categories of healthcare organizations from hospitals to healthcare networks, the American Hospital Association disseminates information and resources to its members.

American Medical Association: The mission of the American Medical Association is to improve public health, and the resources and networking of this organization is beneficial for all members of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Administration Conferences
Medical Group Management Association Conference: From exhibits to keynote speakers, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to learn new techniques in management and leadership in one of the largest healthcare conferences in the United States.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Annual Conference: One of the largest conferences for healthcare services in the United States, the HIMSS Annual conference focuses on how to utilize information and management systems to improve the delivery of healthcare services.

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management Conference: To help to build a safer and more secure facility for healthcare leaders, this organization’s conference focuses on various aspects of risk management.

American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration Annual Conference and Exposition: The focus of this organization and its annual conference is on the management of human resources in healthcare organizations.

Helpful and Interesting Twitter Feeds, Blogs, and Websites

@Sync360: Tips and advice on how to stay competitive in the healthcare industry.

@NadeneBradburn: An interesting twitter feed with a variety of information on the use of media and online resources to manage healthcare organizations.

@AxiomEPM: Information on how healthcare organizations can utilize performance management in order to succeed.

@AHIMAResources: Up-to-date information on changes in policies and regulations that affect implementation of management practices.

@HealthNewsPR: Current information about organizations in the healthcare industry.
Healing Hospitals: Maintained by Nick Jacobs, a former hospital president, this question and answer forum has useful advice and tips on leading a healthcare organization.

Life as a Healthcare CEO: Interesting discussions on the responsibilities involved in healthcare management are covered.

WakeMed Voices: Moderated by WakeMed Health & Hospitals, readers are given a look at common issues in healthcare on a national scale.

Leading the Way to Medical Excellence: McLeod’s Health organization president discusses the business of healthcare in this timely blog.

Fierce Healthcare: Fierce Healthcare is an online resource for sharing news on the healthcare industry and healthcare organizations.

College & Research Libraries News: The Association of College & Research Libraries website includes sections on health care management resources, providing leaders of organizations with valuable, insightful information on the industry.

Healthcare Marketplace: An online store for healthcare administrators to find products to help in the management of various organizations.

Explore Health Careers: This website provides information on various careers in the healthcare industry from entry level to upper management.

Modern Health Care: At, health management professionals can look through resources from webinars to research to upcoming events and news.

With these links, students and professionals in the healthcare management field have access to the sources of information, association membership, and credentialing to help secure a successful future in any healthcare organization.

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