A Masters’s in Homeland Security opens you up to an exciting field with opportunities for high salaries and career advancement. Since 9/11 it’s been a rapidly growing industry and there is a high demand for skilled professionals who can handle the complex tasks required by homeland security jobs. Homeland security careers can be vastly different depending on your field and level of education. It’s a broad category of occupations that range from security management specialists to border patrol agents. The highest-paid and most prestigious homeland security management jobs are within Federal Agencies, but opportunities can be found within local governments and private corporations as well.

Some exciting homeland security careers include:

Each homeland security job description is different and requires unique skills and qualifications. If you’re interested in a career in the field, it’s important to find out what is needed to qualify for the position you’re after and set goals to make it happen. For example, the homeland security special agent requirements are much different than what is required to be a cybersecurity analyst. If you’re interested in security management jobs, you may considerer obtaining a master’s in security studies. Homeland security masters jobs are among the most sought after professions in intelligence and offer great salaries and benefits

What Homeland Security Jobs Can You Get With a Master’s Degree?

Getting a master’s degree in security studies opens the possibilities to a variety of higher-level security management jobs. Most homeland security jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree but certain employers require a master’s in security management or a similar degree. Homeland security careers require critical thinking skills and an in-depth understanding of foreign affairs and threat mitigation. Therefore, master’s in security management jobs tend to be those that require the most reasoning and analysis – such as special agents, intelligence analysts, and security management consulting. Check the homeland security job description to find out if the career path you’re interested in required high education.

Some popular master’s in security studies jobs include:

  • Privacy analyst
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Emergency management director
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Security management specialist

Master’s in security management jobs are those that require a deeper understanding of the field and a handle on the advanced concepts that impact national security. Homeland security management jobs are not easy to get and having a master’s degree will greatly increase your chances of being selected for these prestigious positions. Homeland security careers offer competitive salaries, generous benefits packages, and great retirement options. Therefore, they are sought after by many job seekers with a passion for foreign affairs and security management. Master’s in security studies jobs offer the stability and benefits of a government position, along with the excitement of working for an organization that is solving some of the world’s most complex problems.

What are the Highest Paying Homeland Security Jobs? 

Homeland security master’s jobs pay more than those that do not require graduate school. However, there is a wide range depending on the employer and the amount of experience and seniority an individual has within an organization. The average security management salary in the United States is $94,975.

Although it is not required by every employer, having a master’s in security studies will help your chances of landing higher-level security management jobs, compared to applicants who only have a bachelor’s. One of the highest paying jobs in homeland security is a federal special agent. The homeland security special agent requirements are quite strict because operatives are responsible for investigating major security threats like terrorism, drug smuggling, child trafficking, and arms dealing. However, the typical homeland security agent makes $135,000 per year, on average.

Although not all securities studies graduates will go on to work in the federal government, those that do can expect a high paying job. The average homeland security management salary within the actual Department of Homeland security is $106,121. That is over 10,000 per year higher than the national average.

Homeland security is an industry that is growing in popularity quite quickly because it offers great salaries and the opportunity to work in one of the most complex and exciting fields of government. Those who are interested in intelligence or cybersecurity should seriously consider getting a master’s in security studies because it will open the door to many exciting opportunities to work in this fast-paced and constantly evolving profession. Those with a passion for the field should seriously consider obtaining a master’s degree online.

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