Have you ever wondered, “what jobs can I get with an MBA in International Business?” If so, the answer is many different, high-paying jobs!

Those that pursue an MBA in international business are typically working professionals who have already received their bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue their master’s degree. They may be looking to build their skills in business analytics, decision-making, economics, and communications.

These skills open up a variety of jobs for MBA in international business graduates. If you are wondering, “what jobs can I get with an MBA in international business,” just take a look at a small sampling of positions available:

Having an MBA or a Ph.D. in international business will expand opportunities and increase the salary of those willing to go back to school to get their degree.

What Can I Do With an MBA in International Business?

The easy answer is anything you set your mind to. Achieving an MBA can change your career and improve chances for high-level job promotions on a global level.

According to Forbes, America’s Class of 2017 had 13,000 MBA graduates. Most of these graduates had at least four years of work experience. Many graduates find that they have 95% of elevating their job after their MBA. The Graduate Management Administration Council reported that an average income for graduates hovered around $115,000 based on a study in 2018 of 10,882 graduates.

The International business MBA jobs market is extraordinarily strong, and many companies are currently looking to add new hires this year.

With the increased demand for MBA business graduates, there are many impressive opportunities in many diverse fields.

Career Specific Jobs for MBA in International Business

There are many jobs available for MBA graduates, below are ten top options for those considering pursuing their MBA in International Business:

1. Risk Management Director

Risk management directors report and analyze liability claims throughout the world following natural disasters, fire, and cybersecurity issues. They are safety specialists who are responsible for identifying and thwarting threats, developing emergency plans, preventing financial losses, lead recovery efforts and procure emergency cleanup assistance.

The median salary is: $131,000

Job growth is: 7%

Course work includes: Enterprise risk, asset management, and casualty insurance.

2.Corporate Auditing Director

With economic crimes increasing many global organizations have been hit hard, at a financial impact of around $50 million according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. This is increasing international business MBA jobs. Corporate auditing directors are needed to oversee and review internal financial reports to find inaccuracies and fraud.

They are also responsible for:

  • Watching cash flows
  • Developing internal and external financial controls
  • Coaching newer auditors
  • Following GAAP standards
  • Advising policy changes

The median salary is around: $141,000

Job growth expected: 11%

Course work includes: Taxation, fraud prevention, and data mining

3. Real Estate Development Manager

When thinking about MBA in international business jobs, most do not think about real estate. But all over the globe, property sales are booking. Key areas include India, United Arab Emirates, and Morocco. A report conducted by Grand View Research shows that the global real estate market will go beyond $4.26 trillion by 2025. As real estate development managers, MBA graduates will:

  • Negotiate fair pricing on deals
  • Arrange for leases or mortgages
  • Assess properties and negotiate renovations
  • Hire contractors

The median salary is: $111,000

Job growth is: 8%

Course work includes: Investments, contract law, valuation models, and real estate

4. Marketing and Sales Director

Marketing jobs for MBA in international business is on the rise! The research firm, Smart Insights estimates that global marketing spending will go over $1.3 trillion by 2020, though this may have changed due to COVID-19. The ongoing reign of mobile devices has grown marketing budgets to now include global coverage. Marketing and sales executives with their MBA can expect to develop and implement events, meet with influencers, oversee market research needs, distribute press releases, media announcements, and alerts and generate media coverage for their clients.

Median annual salary: $114,000

Expected job growth: 7%

Additional courses include: Marketing, communications, public relations, and journalism

5. Government Affairs Director

Available jobs for MBA internal business graduates include government affairs director in areas like Hong Kong, Australia, Bahrain, Ireland, and Canada. Government affairs directors make sure that global organizations and businesses are staying compliant to set forth rules. They learn local laws, tax implications, learning foreign trade guidelines, reviewing new legislation, and helping to stop unethical practices.

Median annual salary is: $108,000

Expected job growth: 7%

MBA Courses to Add: Business Law, Regulatory Affairs, and Policymaking


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