Marketing represents one of those nebulous and flexible disciplines that someone can apply to virtually anything. MBA in marketing jobs span all industries and sectors. Some MBA in marketing jobs can come with an MBA in marketing salary to match. However, it’s very possible for someone with an MBA in marketing to demand their own salary figures.

What Kind of Job Opportunities are Available with an MBA in Marketing?

Some specific opportunities and MBA in marketing jobs include:

  • Advertising Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Market Research Director
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Strategy and Program Development Executive

Applicants may wonder, “What can I do with an MBA in Marketing?” without realizing the degree can open many entry-level doors and just as many executive doors as well. For example, MBA in marketing jobs also include executive-level titles such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Vice President of Marketing.

Since an MBA is still a master business degree, many opportunities that aren’t specifically marketing related are also available to applicants. Because so many possible job opportunities exist, applicants can narrow down their interests to specific industries or types of marketing.

For example, a move into online or digital marketing is a good fit for many, but so is public relations. The answer to the question of “What can I do with an MBA in Marketing,” is anything the applicant sets their mind to. Project management MBAs are their own specialization, but an MBA in Marketing covers many of the same skills, with the addition of marketing expertise.

What is MBA in Marketing all about?

The ability to market, promote, or otherwise sell a brand sits at the forefront of marketing jobs. As this represents a Master’s of Business Administration degree, the marketing aspect is just a concentration. This degree gives applicants the tools they need to navigate any aspect of business, not just the marketing aspect.

Show Me the Money: What Salary Can I Expect With an MBA in Marketing?

The large pool of opportunities make an MBA in marketing worth it, but for those looking for a high MBA in marketing salary, the choices can narrow down some. That is to say, some marketing jobs can start low because they’re targeting undergraduate degree holders. MBA in marketing jobs tend to specifically want those with the proper degree.

An MBA in marketing salary can start at $100,000 and can conceivably hit seven digits for those who stay in the field for many years. Some marketing directors start at well over $100k and grow from there. The Bureau of Labor Statistics finds the median at $129,000, and the BLS isn’t known for exaggerating. It’s one of the top-paying jobs you can get with a master’s degree. The job outlook for all marketing MBA salary jobs show the industry is on a fast rise, so salaries will definitely grow going forward.

Nevertheless, applicants and job seekers must remember that “marketing” represents several options. The marketing MBA salary of one type of marketing-related job isn’t necessarily going to look the same as another. Some positions will have more of a demand than others.

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Some industries or sectors will need more of one concentration than another. On top of it all, those entrepreneurs who choose to start their own marketing businesses will have to tie their possible salary outlooks to the niche or businesses they choose to work with.

The ability to fluidly move between these sectors and industries is another thing that makes an MBA in marketing worth it. If a master’s degree in marketing salary isn’t enough for someone along one career path, they can use their same degree to pursue a more lucrative path if they so choose. Still, a master’s degree in marketing salary will likely look good no matter what path an applicant chooses.

For any wondering what is MBA in Marketing all about, the answers here should help them figure out if the degree is the right one for them. In just about any circumstance, and MBA in Marketing can help anyone in any field do more and earn more.

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