When a person is looking into options for master’s degree programs for psychology, a student may consider earning a forensic psychology master’s degree or choosing a general master’s degree program in psychology. A person may wonder, “What can I do with a masters in psychology” before he or she enters the program. Fortunately, students may find masters in psychology jobs in various places and earn a lucrative salary.

Where Can a Person Work With a Master’s Degree in Psychology?

Whether a person searches “What can I do with a masters in psychology” or “What can you do with a masters in psychology,” a prospective student will find that a person can work in social services. This career path is a rewarding one for people who are looking for “What can you do with a master’s in psychology” and enjoy working with children and helping improve their lives.

A person with a master’s degree in psychology may work with the government, in schools, for corporations, or with nonprofit organizations. An individual can also further his or her education and earn a doctorate in psychology, so he or she can work as a psychologist, work in research, or teach psychology at a college level.

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Psychology?

For those asking “What can I do with a master’s degree in psychology,” it’s possible to find a job in mental health or social services. These places offer masters in psychology jobs, but a person works underneath the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist. These master degree jobs in psychology allow the person to work with people directly to help them manage their mental health and other problems.

Another option for master’s in psychology jobs is to teach psychology in a school. Master degree jobs in psychology in schools include working as a school psychologist or teaching psychology in a high school or community college. It’s also possible to become a career counselor, college recruiter, or academic advisor. For teaching roles, a student will need a teaching certificate. A person can’t teach in a university or college setting unless he or she has a doctorate.

When a person is wondering what can I do with a master’s degree in psychology, some of the master’s degree in psychology jobs are in government settings. For instance, a person can become a data collector or analyst for a local, state, or federal agency. Sometimes, a person can find jobs with a master’s in psychology for researchers, although sometimes these jobs require a person to have a doctorate.

For an individual who is looking master’s degree in psychology jobs, a person can work with consulting or marketing firms. Large corporations also offer jobs with a master’s in psychology in human resources and project management. A person can opt to earn a specialized degree in psychology and find other jobs with a masters in psychology within management.

In some areas, a person can become a counselor with a master’s degree and an appropriate license or certification.

Salary Potential People Have With a Master’s Degree in Psychology

When a person wants to know about masters in psychology jobs and salaries, he or she may be pleasantly surprised with the earning potential someone with a master’s in psychology has. If a person finds a position as a psychologist, he or she can make around $80,000 per year, which is the same as around $38 per hour.

When considering masters in psychology jobs and salaries, a person has to consider that a project manager makes nearly $90,000 per year. On the other hand, a human resources manager can make over $100,000 per year, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is the same as over $50.00 per hour.

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